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Mortal Kombat 4

I like the endings in this game. They're MUCH cheesier than the MK Gold endings, but somehow that works for MK. Like in Raiden's ending, he flies up to talk to an Elder God, and it looks like some kind of Robot Chicken segment. And in Reiko's ending, he just conjures up a portal and steps through it. That's it! No putting on Shao Kahn's helmet or anything!

Pokemon Stadium

The copy I bought today has all the gym leaders cleared up to the Elite Four! But I doubt I'll ever get that good at Pokemon battling, as I keep losing to Burglar in the Pika Cup.

It does make me want to play the Pokemon Gameboy games, though.

I noticed something SHOCKING about the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe title screen

The first thing I noticed is the blue letters spell "URB," like that "urban" Sims game The Urbz. Which is weird, because apparently Nintendo invented The Urbz several years before Wil Wright did.

The red letters spell "EAR," which is a lovely part of the human anatomy.

Then they start getting more mysterious. The green letters spell "SOO," which I'm sure means something in Japanese, but I can't imagine what.

The orange letters spell "RM.," which I suppose means "room." But there's no room number!

Finally, the YELLOW letters spell "PIS." Piss! In a game rated E! For everyone! I don't know about you, but I don't want my kids to know about piss until they're 16!

I had a dream about Samus Aran getting married

There was this new Metroid game, and I played a good bit of it in the dream, but all I remember is the last 2 bosses. The next-to-last boss was this huge thing that moved around on rails and Samus had to duck a lot to avoid its beam attacks. Then there was a really weak boss of some bloblike creatures that were supposed to be failed Metroids or something, I guess. They had like 10 hit points total, and when one of the pair was destroyed, another one came out, but that one and the other one were destroyed like right after that because they were so weak. All during the battle, I thought this feels like an easy fight before the real fight type battle, but it turned out I was wrong, because Samus took their soul (yeah, I know awake that's from Castlevania, but maybe it was partly inspired by the X in Fusion), and the ending started.

Samus was getting married, and the wedding was shown in these black-and-white stills like the start of Super Metroid. She was out of her suit and in a wedding gown, but the gown had her "S" Samus logo on the chest. She was marrying some hippie she was romantically involved with in the game, but I can't remember that part of the story. Then she wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

The previous owner of my new Gameboy Camera was a pothead

I'm not just saying that because he took a picture of his Bob Marley poster and included a shot of him and 3 of his friends with "4:20" in the middle. I'm saying it because, in case those hints were too subtle, he helpfully included a shot of some guy actually smoking a joint.

I also picked up a used Gameshark 2 for PS2. I'm hoping it'll support some codes my Action Replay won't, but probably not.

Damn, someone bought my Mario Kart 64!

The one I bought at a thrift store for $1, someone bought it online for $15. You would think I would be happy making 1400% profit, and I am, but I want to play it too! This is a cartridge, and a rare chance to actually play the game I'm selling. And it's one of my favorite games too. Usually I don't get to play the games unless they don't sell, because they're new and it's important that I don't take them out of their wrappers, because that lowers resale value. But this time, that wasn't an issue, but I only got less than a week to play it before someone bought it! I guess I'll spend the rest of the night playing time trials, because I won't have the game anymore after tomorrow. :(

Super Smash Bros. Melee

 I went shopping for discounted games yesterday, and saw Smash Bros. Melee in Wal-Mart for like $20. They're rereleased it again, and although it took the last of my cash on hand, I just had to have it. There was a time in my life I was so hard up I pawned (not pwned) my Gamecube, and a couple of the games for it, and I thought I made sure not to include Smash Bros. Melee when I did that, but I guess I was wrong or I misplaced it or something, because I haven't seen it since. But now I have a new copy, and last night I played all 3 1-player modes with Dr. Mario and Mario, and played a 64-man tournament as Falco (I lost about halfway through).

I have this thing about not wanting to unplug consoles when I go to all the trouble of plugging them in, so I figured while I've got it plugged in, I might as well play some Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance on Gamecube, seeing as how I'm playing Deception on PS2 and Armageddon is coming out soon. So I'm playing through my favorite mode, Konquest, playing a couple of missions for each character. Sometimes I really miss characters like Mavado (what did they ever do with that whole Red Dragon storyline?), Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and Nitara. Good thing they're all back in Armageddon!

Playing Mario Kart 64, and the memories are starting to come back

The previous owner of the used copy I bought yesterday had earned some cup in most races, so what I'm doing is running the time trial with every character once before I start trying to win the other cups (I had them all on my original copy, so I feel no urgent need to re-earn them). Playing the snowman stage, I remember playing this stage while listening to Wings' "Silly Love Songs." What a random memory, but that's the one that came back.

Other memorable video game/music juxtapositions I've experienced? Playing Cruis'n USA and World while listening to Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, and beating Kirby Super Star while playing "Return of the Mack" the entire time.

Hooters! And some old thing called an "N64"

I work at a thrift store, and I saw it yesterday while testing video games for them, but it took them like 5 hours to get it out on the floor. I waited around right up until it went out. I must have put more new books out there than they usually put out in like 3 days. But after a few hours and a lunch break where I bought the games for it, the N64 went out, and I clocked out before someone could grab it, and scooped it up for myself. Some woman out there thought she'd totally scored with a Super NES, heh, I guess she'd never seen an N64 before.

I sold my N64 some years ago with my entire library of games online, including such favorites as Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy (the N64 version of which arguably had the worst selection of characters [no bosses or MK1/2 characters] but which did have virtually no loading times). But now I have one again, with Mario Kart 64 again, Tony Hawk 1 (never played it before, enjoyed the soundtrack while testing it yesterday), and Starfox 64 (never played this either, despite it being something of a cult classic). I could have had Mortal Kombat 4, but instead of buying it when I came in while it was still out there before I clocked in, I figured no one would buy it before my lunch break, and was proven quite WRONG. I have MK Gold for Dreamcast, which is basically MK4 with over 5 new characters, but I don't like 2 things about it. To wit: 1) Sometimes it glitches and freezes in the middle of a game, and 2) Endings are pre-rendered FMVs instead of rendered in real time like in MK4, which means they look better, but characters wear only their default outfits in them instead of the alternate outfits they wear in MK4's endings if you beat the game wearing an alternate outfit. It's a minor quibble, yes, but I'm willing to pay $1 for it.

Because I wanted those games I missed so very badly, I looked for them in 2 pawn shops. One had NO N64 games (sometimes they do, but not today), and the other pawn shop had plenty, but was charging like $8 each for them. Even the overpriced chain game store doesn't charge that much for them, so that's where I'll probably go. This is the same pawn shop that has a Dreamcast in the back for $50. RIP-OFF! I LIKE the Dreamcast, but if you are paying over $30 for one, you are getting ripped off unless it still has the original box or something. They charge $20 for Midway Arcade Treasures 3 on PS2. It cost that much NEW (bargain game).

Speaking of bargain games, I bought a lovely little intellectual PS1 pursuit called "Hooters Road Trip." I could have had Goldeneye 64 or Duke Nukem 64 or even WCW Mayhem for the same amount, but NO, I'd heard of them before. I hadn't heard of the Hooters game, which I thought meant it was rare. It is not. I hadn't heard of it because it sucks. It has graphics comparable to Cruis'n USA on N64, with control reminiscent of Rad Racer for the NES, interspersed with video footage of Hooters girls that might have been appropriate for like Season 5 of Married... with Children. The sad part is, I'll probably end up playing through the whole game (at least on Easy difficulty), wondering the whole time why I'm not playing some better racing game like Muppet Race Mania.

WTF at people kvetching at cost of the Wii

Nintendo announced that it would be LESS THAN $250, and people are complaining about this. COME ON, it's the most backward compatible console in the history of mankind (unless you count a gaming PC, heh heh); it emulates every Nintendo console up to the Gamecube, and plays Gamecube discs. Granted, you could probably easily buy all those consoles for less than $100, but YOU KNOW everyone's going to be nuts about Zelda: Twilight Princess. Those Gamecube fanboys who have been all antsy about the GC getting a REAL Zelda will kick their console pride to the curb when they get a load of the Wii, which no doubt will be a popular demo item in stores like the N64 (fun fact: I nearly beat Mario 64 playing it in the old Wal-Mart every day after school, until SOMEONE cleared the data). You can FISH with the Wii-mote, for God's sake! Not just regular boring old casual redneck gamer fishing, but ZELDA fishing. I'm sure you can catch Rupees or Jabu-Jabu or something.