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I got all 7 Dragon Balls AGAIN

This time it was in Budokai Tenkaichi. I actually beat the entire game (except for the hidden battle gate) without knowing how to collect a Dragon Ball. It wasn't until I checked a FAQ to get that last one that I realized they're just lying around the stages. It also told me you could pick up the same one over and over and it would count, so I chose the one it recommended.

It's lots of fun rushing in reverse, destroying Kami's house, getting the Dragon Ball, then beating up Buu with powerful Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. Especially because he gave me loads of trouble with those darn "survive until time runs out" missions. Not nearly as repetitive as some of the things you have to do for Dragon Balls in the other Budokai games, plus when you get them all the game lets you choose from a list of all possible unlockables, instead of giving you three random ones, some of which you might not even want right away. The first one I chose was the last battle gate, because that's what I wanted anyway, then I'm going for the hidden characters and then the password feature last. I didn't write down any of my Budokai 3 passwords anyway.

I got DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi and Sonic Gems Collection today

I haven't started playing Sonic Gems yet, so I will post about it when I do. But I have started Tenkaichi, and have found that it isn't as hard to get used to flying as I thought. But what is hard to get used to is the different emphasis on special moves. In the regular Budokai games, it's quite possible to beat someone easily using no special attacks at all. But in this one, you can use the ONE hand-to-hand button all day, and do very little damage. The game is all about charging up your ki and using finishing moves. Your opponent can be a little dot on the far side of the screen, and as long as you have enough ki to use a finishing move, and they don't teleport away or something, that's no problem. It makes the game easier in a weird way, but I'm sure on later stages it's not as easy to take advantage of this.

Wal-Mart had the game for $20, and the game store had it for like $18 used. I got the used one, even though it was only $2 difference. That's a day of eating at work (80 cents for a bowl of cereal and milk). The guy in the game store was like they have a lot of copies of it, which should have been my tipoff, but eh, it's alright so far. The cut scenes are probably the best I've seen yet, and being able to fight on Kami's Lookout alone is probably worth it. Plus it'll be fun to compare it to Super DBZ when it comes out later next month.

LOL Mario and Akuma in Soul Calibur III

I played a little Soul Calibur 3 last night for the first time in a while, and decided to amuse myself by trying to make some edit characters based on a create-a-character FAQ. I've tried a few of these before, and they're always a little off, just enough to be funny.

So first I tried Mario. There were two versions of him in the FAQ, and I ended up using a composite of both. I used "Saint" for his job, because I was editing over my "Blanka" (yes, the green-skinned one) edit, and I suspect Blanka was a saint because he was edited over my previous saint character. Anyway, I gave him daggers as his weapon, and he looked strangely appropriate with them. If only you could edit weapons so the daggers were wrenches. I played through the entire game as black-haired Mario before I realized neither Mario edit gave Mario his brown hair, so I changed it to brown, and noticed a more realistic brown-haired black-mustached Mario doesn't look nearly as weird as the stylized Nintendo one.

Then I made Akuma. I tried both versions in the FAQ for this, but the one I used was substantially based on the first version, with his shoulder armor removed because it looks stupid (I think they were trying to make it look like he ripped his arms off his gi). It's a very young-looking Akuma, but it is funny (and strangely appropriate) seeing him wield Nightmare's Soul Edge (I made him a Barbarian).

I started to make a third edit, but decided 2 was enough for one playing session. I might just replace all my edit characters with my version of other series' characters. Before I just used character edit to make alternate versions of myself (like Bronzebeard was me as a Pirate, Hiseijikomo was me as a Samurai, etc.)

I've decided to randomize my gaming experience

I have this tendency to play a game to death until I've unlocked everything, then never play it again. That's alright for rentals, but it's making actually owning my games kind of pointless. Why even buy games if I'm going to play one game for like 2 or 3 weeks at a time? I might as well sell my games and just get a subscription to Gamefly or something.

So I've decided this week I'll keep it random, by playing a couple of sessions of one game, then switch to another one. Maybe I'll have a "staple" game from my Now Playing list that I play after every 2 or 3 other games, or maybe not.

If I still like doing this after about a week, maybe I'll keep at it, or maybe I'll start some long involved RPG or something.

So I'm an "Ikari Warrior" now

I used to think these "my level increased" blogs were so corny, but I'm doing this one for a couple of reasons. One, I really like Ralf and Heidern in KOF. And two, I spent most of today hanging out with my friends, and tonight is "Fox Animation/Adult Swim" night, so I probably won't have anything particularly interesting happen to me gaming-wise except maybe playing some Alpha Anthology with the sound off while watching TV.

Yes! I collected all 7 Dragon Balls!

In Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure on the GBA.Now I can play as characters like General Blue and Tien in Extra Mode!

It's not as good as I expected though. Like the game won't let you take bonus characters into the World Tournament, and when I tried fighting Yamcha vs. Yamcha in the desert, both were the exact same color. I was looking forward to seeing everyone's alternate colors, but it seems most characters don't have them. :(

I got Street Fighter Alpha Anthology!

Yes, it came out here a day earlier than they said it would, and now I've unlocked both secret games and have beaten every game once with 1 character.

I used the Color Edit in Alpha 1 to swap Rose into her "pink" outfit from Alpha 2 (I thought I was going to have to make it, but it's already there!) and beat that with her, then played Alpha 2 with a purple Evil Ryu edited from his red outfit, then Alpha 2 Gold with alternate Cammy (she has 6 colors, including a couple from X-Men vs. Street Fighter for Saturn, but I always liked her alternate in A2G), then Alpha 3 with Vega with yellow pants and a blue sash. I actually lost to M. Bison, but the game counted that as a "finish" anyway, so that unlocked Alpha 3 Upper, which I beat with a darker purple Evil Ryu edited from his default color. Then last I beat Pocket Fighter with a blond Akuma in a purple outfit, and that unlocked Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, which I played a match of vs.-ism Evil Ryu vs. Ken and 4 random vs.-ism matches with.

I really like this game, and only have a couple of gripes. A few of the secret options from the Japanese version like 1-button throws for Alpha 3 seem to be missing, and there appear to be no demo modes for the Anthology or Hyper Alpha, just title screens. Apart from that, it's all good!

Oh my dear sweet Lord no!

I was just on the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology board, and lots of people say the game has come out where they live, but is in limited supply. I've been told it comes out Friday here, but I'd better call and recheck. I might have to reschedule my shopping plans this week. I cannot miss this game!

I am now the proud owner of Mortal Kombat: The Album

It's on cassette, so I can't listen to it, unless I can find some old cassette player around here, but how could I pass up the opportunity to own such a magnificent work of art for only 25 cents?

I've seen these song titles on the internet before, but I never guessed they were from an OFFICIALLY licensed MK products. But then again I never was that heavy into MK collectibles. All I have are the games, the movies on VHS and DVD, the first movie soundtrack on cassette and CD, and poseable figures of Shang Tsung and Smoke. And of course now the album!

Played a game of Castlevania III

I needed a screenshot of Sypha for my Myspace, so I played through to when you get Sypha for the pic, and I was having fun, so I went ahead and finished the game.

I think I might actually play through 2 more times, teamed up with Grant then Alucard. It doesn't take nearly as long to beat that game as I thought it did. :P