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BustSeishiro Blog

I'm getting excited for KOF 2006!

Otherwise known as "KOF Maximum Impact 2." It comes out in like 2 weeks, so I'm playing other KOF games in anticipation of it.

I have a ritual, which I may have mentioned here before, where I walk to Wal-Mart or the game store to pick up new games when they come out. But it's like 100 degrees outside these days, and I'm drinking like 2 2-liters a day, and I'm not sure if I'm up to it this time. This might be the time I order the game online from amazon or something.

I'm really quite bored

I always get like this after unlocking everything in a game (in this case, Super Dragon Ball Z). I think that should be a serious psychological condition, Post-Game Boredom Disorder. I have 3 games here I haven't even opened, Return of the King, Jak II, and I-Ninja. I haven't opened Jak II because it needs a save file the size of a "Sims" save, and I just don't have that much room on my memory cards (I deleted a "Sims" save to play Midway Arcade Treasures 3). And I haven't opened Return of the King, even though I heard it's a really good game by most accounts, because I'm thinking of reselling it. I did this with Viewtiful Joe 2, too. Bought it for $2. I'll probably never see it for that price again. But I just HAD to resell it because I wanted that profit. I-Ninja, I don't know why I haven't played that one yet.

I think "Super Dragon Ball Z" is my new favorite DBZ game

I wasn't planning to buy it today. I wasn't really expecting it to come out until later this week. But I went into Wal-Mart, and it was there, so I went ahead and got it. They hadn't even put a sticker up for it yet.

This is the first DBZ game I've bought new. Usually I wait until they're a "Greatest Hit." There is absolutely no story to it, but there is an arcade mode of sorts, which DBZ games have long lacked. I was frustrated at first, because I knew you need to collect 7 Dragon Balls to unlock new features, and I didn't know how to get them. I thought it was going to be like Budokai Tenkaichi, where you have to smash things open and collect them. But it turns out you just need to play with an edit character, and you'll automatically earn one Dragon Ball after each fight. I was playing with non-edit Goku, which is pretty much identical to playing the arcade version.

I've unlocked a couple of secret characters, and several alternate colors. I'm playing as Goku, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, "secret" Gohan, and "secret" Vegeta. Once I level them up a bit, I'll start playing randomly with other characters.

Gaming in the rain

Not IN the rain. I don't think I've ever gamed IN the rain, except maybe when I was walking and played Gameboy, but I even put that away when it's raining too hard.

I was playing under my carport, and it was raining on the carport. I put my TV on a milk crate, and my PS2 on top of that. It's their first time ever being played outside.

I think next time it rains, I'll play my Gamecube out there, then my Saturn, and so on until I've played every console under the carport while it's raining.

Even when it's not raining, I might play out there, because it's much cooler outside than in the house, in this weather.

So yesterday was my birthday...

Somehow I didn't end up here, despite gaming much more than I've been doing for the past few weeks.

I played a few rounds in every game in the Dragon Ball Budokai series backwards from Tenkaichi to Budokai 1, and alternated that with Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, KOF 2002, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

Today I did the same thing, only playing all those games alongside just Budokai Tenkaichi.

I'm still not sure whether I want to buy Super DBZ next week, or wait until it's a "Greatest Hit" like I usually do. I really need to save my money for "KOF 2006."

Is it wrong that I called Vikings "rednecks"?

I was playing Civilization II, and I was forced onto one tiny island about the size of England for most of the game, and the Vikings came on my island and founded ONE lousy city there, and I tried taking it around 1945, and the Vikings went buck on me. They brought out all their troops and sacked Rome and a couple of my other cities, and by the time I finally got Rome back it had gone from size 19 to size SIX. Then they conquered it AGAIN. So I got mad and called the Vikings rednecks and started a game of Civ III.

So I'm getting back into Civ II again

I bought a new external DVD drive last week, and although it only plays DVDs at 0.7 speed because it's not plugged into a USB 2.0 port (don't have one), it does play CDs just fine, so I'm playing all my old CD games, and some new ones.

Tonight I've been playing Civ II. I've got Civ III too (haven't bought Civ 4 yet), but I decided to start with II. It's what I grew up with playing on my high school history teacher's computer after school.

I'm playing as Romans, because I always start as the Romans, and I hope I'll finally be able to play as every civilzation at least once. But it won't be easy with this Romans game, because apparently they put me on an island about the size of England, so I have to invent boats before I can pretty much go anywhere.

Bam Margera has an exclusivity contract for underarm hair

My created character in Tony Hawk's Underground isn't wearing a shirt, and I noticed when I did his "props" taunt that he doesn't have any underarm hair, just shadows under his arm. That's pretty normal for a 3D game.

But then I played as Bam Margera, and he has some. Why? It's not fair!

No one else has any either. I checked. Why is it only him?

I might be about to have to play some games "ghetto style"

I.E. without a memory card. My order from Circuit City came in today, in 2 huge boxes. The first box I opened had nothing inside but Tony Hawk's Underground. That worried me, because it's such a waste of packaging material, plus what if the other box only had 1 game in it? I ordered 6!

But the other box had all my other games. It seems they could have left out one little air pillow thing and put in THUG with it, but whatever.

But both my memory cards are nearly full, so I'll probably have to play these without a card. Maybe I could gain enough space for ONE save if I put all my PS1 saves on my Gameshark Pro, but probably not. I'll have to get another memory card, which is nearly as expensive by itself as all these games combined (they were discounted, which is why I bought them).