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Death of the PS3

Well can it really be long until Sony themselves admit defeat in this round? Seriouslyit can only be a matter of time, can't it?

Lets face a number of facts the PS3 is not going to take over as the market leader for a number of reasons, one mainly being the price compared top the Xbox 360, not even close there even picking up an Xbox 360 Elite bundle is getting cheaper, Sony can't even offer that many exclusive games any more as most are now going multi format, or worse some are going to other systems Capcoms Monster Hunter 3 is now a Wii exclusive, may have been better to go to the Xbox 360 with that slowly taking over the dominant position.

Lets face it even the one thing that the PS3 has going for it in the Blu-Ray player is soon to become an add on for the Microsoft market leader, For once Sony can't compete with either Nintendo or the future of the industry Microsoft I guess it had to happen for their almighty arrogance, long live the new kings of the gaming industry MICROSOFT!!!

Bruce is back

you can all be safe in the knowledge that Bruce is back and will be telling it like it is because Bruce is right.

Panic amongst Fanboys

I have never quite seen this much panic amongst both Nintendo and Sony fanboys over reviews, mainly Nintendo ones and that is over the Zelda score here on gamespot. I Don't know why a lot of you are saying it's the wrong score as my guess is many of you haven't been withing two feet of the game. It's just a review which is based on opinion.

Saying that I do think Gamespot seems to be quite harsh on both the PS3 and Wii games they are reviewing at the moment, but again opinion is something not everyone is going to agree with.

Lick a Midget

I hope some of you aren't easily offended, because Bruce has a very sick sense of humor. What some people wont do for a few dollars, I may get my own midget and see what people are willing to do, I do have the money to try it.


ok people

Since I have so many people tracking me I want as many of you to start commenting on things I say in my blogs and rating my reviews if you have played the games, dont be shy. I will also posting some videos when i get to level 10 so you will all see how sick my sense of humor is.

Ok Bruce is back

My stalker problem is sorted now it's time to sort those midgets out.

I have to say i am planning on adding many things to these pages over the coming months really make ever one here realise just how right Bruce's opinion is and all that.

Bruce in hiding

For all those wondering why good old Bruce has not been around I have been in hiding as a certain, person has  been seeking Bruce a little too much for his liking, and thinks they need help. So Bruce being the kind person he is has been searching for the help this person needs.
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