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If you think its worth your money please back it

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Probaly been posted on here a few times but what the hell it desevers another posting.

I pulled this artical from The Kickstarter page if you wish to read it there heres the link.

Theres also a few videos explaning more about the project on the kickstarter page.

Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken" is the sequel to the award winning "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident" released in 2005

  • Launched:Sep 28, 2012
  • Funding ends:Oct 28, 2012

About the Original Game

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Best Tactical Space Game Ever. Fresh idea and amazing graphics. Battles on an Epic scale. The only game that is worthy of the backdrop of space! - Metacritic 77% average critic score, 90% average user score

This gem of a space tactics offering is everything that fans of the genre have been waiting for - Gamespot, 83%

It's delicious to watch. Nexus' whirling space charts and system-spanning ships slip past spiraling asteroids, fend off the shadows of "Homeworld", and make your head spin- PC Format, 84%

Nexus pleases like a deep space production on the scale of a Roddenberry saga- PC Gamer, 83%

Despite being published nearly 8 years ago, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident still remains a landmark in space-based RTS games.

It was a game for Admirals, not Project Managers; there were no factories to build, construction queues to manage, or resources to gather. The players sole responsibility was to lead a fleet of giant spaceships into pitched battle, where the only route to success was tactical brilliance, quick thinking, and bold strategy.

Visually, it was a glorious game, and even today it is fondly remembered for its sprawling cosmic panoramas, against which mighty dreadnoughts of unthinkable size and power lumbered into battle, filling the void with scintillating blasts of energy weapons and the smoky trails of missiles, whilst the ship crews struggled frantically to maintain their shields, repair damaged systems, and keep their vessels in the fight.

Since its launch, no other space game has been able to match it for the crispness of its gameplay, the magnificence of its spectacle, or the depth of its tactics

Until now.

Welcome to Nexus 2!

The creators of the original game now have a unique proposal for you to participate in the development, by pledging funds that will allow us to begin production of the next instalment in the Nexus story.

Our vision is clear: we have a full design for a truly worthy successor to the original game, one which will take forward the story of mankinds expeditions to the hostile reaches of interstellar space, and bring it up to date with state-of-the-art visuals and even richer gameplay.

The Plot

It is 25 years since peace was brought to the solar system, thanks to the inspired leadership of Marcus Cromwell, Commander of the Allied Fleet. It was he who defeated the forces of the soulless mechanoid called the Entity and, with the help of the mysterious artificial goddess known as Angel, threw off the shackles of slavery from mankind.

Peace and stability have returned to human space. The devastation of the Entity War shut the Star Gate that led mankind into contact with the fearsome Gorg and other former foes.

Something strange has happened in the meantime, however. Following the Entitys defeat, a change has befallen humanity. Throughout human space, children with strange powers are being born, who can affect the fabric of time and space through the power of thought alone.

Known as Psis, these supernaturally-gifted individuals are feared and hated by some, but keenly sought by those who wish to harness their abilities as powerful weapons; a single Psis involvement in a fleet battle can mean the difference between glorious victory and crushing defeat.

When the impact of the Psis becomes clear, squabbles arise amongst the Solar System corporations, as they seek to dominate and control these powerful individuals for their own good. Old friends and alliances are forgotten in the lust for power and control.

Amidst these tensions, something stunning occurs. Mechanoid ships, long since thought defeated, start appearing in human space, and unleashing surprise attacks on any ship which has a Psi crewmember aboard. Many Psis are killed, and panic reigns.

The aged hero Marcus Cromwell watches these happenings with dismay, fearing a return to the dark days of the past. Then, just as his despair is deepest, he is contacted once again by the mysterious Angel, who once again calls upon his assistance to counter foes more numerous and powerful than even he could imagine

The Game

The gameplay of Nexus is everything the discerning Space Admiral could desire. Alongside improvements and polish across the board to existing graphics and gameplay, there is also a wealth of new features to expand and enrich the gameplay to ever-greater heights.

Psis: a new angle to gameplay

The Psis are a new class of NPC, who can be added to the crew of certain ships. Each Psi has a unique power, allowing them to influence the course of battle, and turn a lost cause into a triumphant victory.

Examples here are the Micro Jump, allowing instantaneous short-range teleportation, or the Psychic Clone, whereby the Psi creates an illusory decoy ship to draw fire away from the real one.

State of the art graphics

Nexus 2 will be made with the Unreal Engine, the industry gold standard for top-quality game visuals, which has been used in countless AAA games, and which is simply the best, most professional tool available to us.

Using their lavishly-developed tools, we will be able to raise the bar on Nexus 2s visual appearance to a level we could only dream of when developing the original.

The searing planetary eclipses, undulating asteroid fields, dazzling energy blasts and titanic, roiling explosions that are the keystones of the Nexus experience will be brought to life like never before.

Modular Ship Design

The upgraded game engine will permit ships to be created from combining multiple modules, allowing a much wider range of ship customisation.

In battle, this feature means that individual parts of a ship can be destroyed, resulting not only in a tactically-richer game experience, but also one which is highly pleasing graphically.

Capital Ships and Space Stations

Using the Modular system, we can now build ships of a larger scale than ever before. Nexus 2 will introduce monstrous capital ships that will dwarf anything seen in the previous game, as well as immense space stations, bristling with weapons and defensive systems.

Truly, these will be opponents that will test the player to the very limits of his ability.

Squadron Customisation

One of the criticisms of the original Nexus was that the player couldnt customise the load-out of the various gunboats, bombers and fighters under his command. In Nexus 2, you will have full control over every weapon and system choice, allowing you to develop completely new tactics and battle plans.

Why Kickstarter?

It is a new era in video games development. Traditional publishers are struggling in the age of digital distribution, and are becoming increasingly risk-averse in terms of the products and the budgets they are prepared to consider.

Scared by the size and range of the modern games market, they choose to put their money only into projects they consider safe which usually means copying a recent successful product, and results in a glut of very similar and uninspiring products.

In an environment like this, classic game genres are easily neglected, as publishers fall over themselves to sign the next gritty combat FPS, or epic RPG thats heavy on cut scenes and feather-light on gameplay.

A game like Nexus 2 is just too challenging a prospect for modern publishers. The lack of any recent comparisons for market performance means that they propose a budget thats insultingly small, or want to throw away the rich, deep tactical fabric in favour of brainless space shooter gameplay.

We at Most Wanted have realised that, if we want to make the game of our vision, then who best to turn to for support than the sophisticated gamers who share our passion for the genre, and desire to see it continue.

Kickstarter gives a voice to you, the neglected consumer, to make your opinion heard, and to support the production of games that you want to play.

The Creators

Most Wanted Entertainment was formed when a band of Hungarys hottest games talent joined forces with Dutch games company HD Interactive to create one of Central Europes longest-lived and most prolific game developers.

We have launched games across many platforms, including PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, iPhone/iPad in all sorts of genres.

Strategy and tactical games are our greatest love, however, with products like Joint Task Force and Nexus: The Jupiter Incident being some of the titles we are most proud of.

With our ranks still numbering most of the original Nexus development team, no other developer can match the experience, insight or love we have for this classic game.


Its our baby:

No developer in the world could make a Nexus game faster, better or more economically than us, because nobody has the relevant insight, experience or resources we do, plus the personnel to exploit them for maximum effect.

We can still call upon the original games Producer, Lead Designer, and many of the senior artists, programmers and designers, in our mission to deliver you the truly authentic sequel to Nexus.

Plans are already laid:

One of the most challenging and open-ended parts of any game development is the initial design phase. Here, we are in an excellent position, in that we already have a full design document prepared and ready to go.

Once funds are in place, then well be hitting the ground running.

A headstart on assets:

Development will also be eased by the amount of assets we can re-use from the previous game. Lots of the art we have was made to such a high quality, it is still re-usable today. Where improvements do need to be made, we have all the original design sketches and models, so improved versions can be made quickly and reliably.


High Fund Goal:

Making a quality video game is an expensive undertaking, especially when youre trying to deliver as much to the player as we are.

Our fund goal is ambitious, but represents the least amount of money wed need to make this project viable.

Can we deliver on time?

With the best will in the world, video game development can be a fraught business, with any number of unforeseen bugs and problems ready to raise their heads and derail plans. Delays arising from these sorts of issues can afflict any development team.

However, we are a highly-experienced and professional team, who have negotiated paths like this very often, and only set our release dates after meticulous planning.

The situation is also eased by the fact that well be working on a product we know very well, which allows us to make very accurate estimations about project length, and gives us high confidence in addressing any issues that may arise.

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Everytime I go to Gamespot Fuse I have a nice message at the top stating:

Hmmmyou seem to be using an older browser.

GameSpot Fuse is built for modern browsers that embrace the latest features in HTML5 and CSS3.
We recommend upgrading your browser for the best experience.

I did ignore it for a while even ignored the pop up asking me to download Google Chrome that pops up everytime. But now I'm just getting annoyed and I'm already using Internet Explorer 9 as my browser which if I'm not mistaken is the new one from what those ads show when I watch videos on Gamespot.

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I would like to play this but I don't own a Wii.

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I would like to play this but I'm dont own a Wii. Maybe some day.

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Trailer was weak hope they make the game alot better, I hope the delay allows them to make a better game.

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Rapelay was made by Illusion, was a bit much of a game but the same can be said of most of Illusion games. I think I'll maintain playing The Witcher which the 2nd one was far more giving then the first one.

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Kinda sad It dosent have to do with a new game, It has a pretty good concept to it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>It had a good story the end just sucked your best bet would be play all the way up to the end and then dont go into the light. Just stop playing there and you won't have to endure the end. You will be free to wonder how it ended, free from knowing your choices across three games really meant nothing, free from understanding all the pointless banter about the end.

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I only played it to get the good ending, "Thou it depends on your definition of good" Thou there are those people that all they do is play a games multiplyer have you seen some of the Kill counts for any cod game there just insane.