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All Time Low.

This site has become a toilet. Actually it happened long ago. I don't want to insult hard working or creative people like Synthia or Danny O, but good folks like them are rowing against the tide.

What was once a great database, review outlet and haven for hardcore gamers has become System Wars: The Website and a click baiting tabloid for the industry. Even the reviewers now carry a whiff of activism or inject what is currently intellectually or politically fashionable into their content, particularly if the release is high profile. Rather than take games as they are, there's some movement to be a kind of vanguard for the art form and a sense of trying to govern where it goes next. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's ever increasing.

Poignant comments are lost in a din of encouraged negativity. No, not my comments; I'm an idiot and admit it freely, but I do see others make good points only to be drowned out by dick jokes and competitions for King Troll in whatever comment section. If you go to the site, Alexa, you'll see the far and away winner for browsing location is "school". That's telling. To be honest, this has made me want to be combative and insulting, but in the end, I'm usually not. What's point? Why degrade myself?

I guess I've stuck around this long to keep loosely in touch with folks from the "old" site, mostly in the hopes that they'll occasionally check in (which they sometimes do). But it'll never be the way it was. It was yet another time and place, fading to black & white in my memory. I even prophecized about it here. Damn, was I fucking. Spot. On. Please try to read it.

And for the record, sorry for the wall of text. I did make paragraphs back then... yet another GS glitch.

Sorry to sound so "Eeyore", but it's the truth: This place sucks.

I think I might be done.

For those who might still give a shit, you can hit me up on Steam (jmad71) or PSN (jmad71) or XBL (same).

PS3/360 owner new to home computers and bitcoin mining. Good card?

So I went to Microcenter after reading a news item on yahoo. Apparently people are making lots of money with bitcoin, so I said this to the Microcenter sales person and he said a 7950 (I asked him to write it down) or R9 would work best for the money I could spend.

They didn't have anything matching that number and R9 cards were very expensive, so he said craigslist or ebay might have these cards.

On craigslist I found a 7950 for $400 and that was about $100 cheaper than the other cards he mentioned, so I bought it. It's a 7950 GT model and the guy I bought it from said it's like cars and GT means a sports model, and is better than normal. Considering bitcoins are $600 and this is $400, it was a bargain!

How many bitcoins can I make in a day with this card?

No Caption Provided

Thanks in advance for any info!

A Wise Man Once Asked Me:

"Is the f*cking you're getting worth the f*cking you're getting?"

It applies to most of life as well as, or perhaps especially, the literal meaning of the words.

Marinate on it for a while.