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Dontay Bankston did not take my last blog very well.

Godfather, Dontay Bankston, logged onto facebook, where he saw a link to al my blogs today. He was shocked. But you know we must not tell lies and be able to face the truth all the time. Dontay has decided to not take my last post very well. He says he is going to pay me back, but what can I say? Pay me back for the truth? Now that is bs. People need to learn to accept the truth in this world for what it is. Dontay says "That was cruel" and decided to flip me off. Well we will all learn the truth sometime or later.

Dontay Bankston to be pronounced nerdy this weekend.

Godfather, Dontay Bankston, 36, has been pronounced nerdy by his godson Brandon Wise. As Brandon was doing the top three geeks in the world, Dontay came in number one position, followed by Jamie Falkenstein, and thirdly Ashley Rangel. It has been confirmed by the Associated Press as well that he is nerdy. But the question is book nerdy or street nerdy? We have confirmation that it is street nerdy because he always needs help, but when it comes to his concerts he is always on top and doing his research! What do you think? Did he deserve the number one position for the three geeks in the world. You decide.

Returned from seeing HP and the Half-Blood Prince: An IMAX 3-D Experience

I was originally going to go down to IMAX with Tracy Falkenstein and Kelly Falkenstein, along with my godfather Dontay Banston for IMAX. That all changed once my mom realized her oil change light went on and didn't think putting 250 miles on her car would make it that long. So I waited one week, and my Aunt Kelly, also known as AK decided to go. It was an experience I will never forget. Imax was simply awesome. I wish I could sware on here, but i know gamespot won't let me. I do want to get the game for the wii, but right now I am low on money. I do wish to go to the Wizarding World of HP, when it opens in Orlando in 2010. I think that will be a memorable experience. I do plan on going back with my mom and aunt and godfather, bestfriends Ashley Rangel and Conner Roberts as well. The next movie, Deathly Hallows, will be a lot better i bet, but it is split into two parts. That is what sucks.

Departing for Savannah, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia

I will be departing North Olmsted, OH, this Sunday morning and going on a drive to Georgia with my best friend, Jamie Falkenstein. We will be going to tons of attractions including the mall of georgia, the aquarium there, a very famous park located in georgia and more. That is just for Atlanta. We will then be heading south for Savannah, Georgia which we will get a nicer hotel there and will be heading towards the beach and a nice pool there. I will not be here from the 13th of June all the way until the 20th of June. I will return all mail messages when I return unless there is a computer located at our hotel, I will reply to messages in Georgia. Please look forward to seeing many pictures from there. I am planning on having tons of fun on this trip.

37 Days before the anticipated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie.

As you guys may know, I am very obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I live in Northern Ohio and I am going down to Columbus which is a two hour drive to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am very excited for this. I am taking many of my friends down with me to see this spectacular movie in IMAX 3-D. This sadly will be one of the three highlights of my summer. I also do plan on going to Cedar Point and Georgia for my summer. But, on to the movie. I think this movie will be one of the darkest and best Harry Potter movies so far because it talks about Tom Riddle's past, which is Voldemort as a kid. I think this movie will be very interesting and entertaining. I am also looking forward to the game to be released on Tuesday, June 30. I think this game will be very much like the movie, but don't get me wrong! I will not play the game before I see the movie. I also do not get why they just don't release them both at the same time so it doesn't ruin the movie but whatever. I can't wait to see this movie, it is going to be really awesome!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I am so excited to have this game come out. As many people know I am overly obsessed with the Harry Potter series and I am hoping that this next game will be amazing. I cant wait to see it and play it. I am going to play it non stop until I beat it. I hope warner brothers and ea games do a great job making this game and that it is like no other. I love harry potter, that series is amazing and it will be best if the game is really fun. I have seen pictures for it already and it looks like a pretty cool game, I am just hoping that the game will be sweet.