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I too am missing the old collection format and features. It was a function of the site that I thoroughly enjoyed. I understand that the new site rollout is in it's early stages, just wanted to express my interest toward bringing back a similar functioning collection system!

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Pretty cool to see all the kind words for Kane and Lynch 2. I both heard and read a lot of negative comments toward the game, but when it was on clearance for $6, I was definitely going to give it a shot. Blasted through the game with my brother in two days (not trying to brag here, I know the game is pretty short :P). I was very surprised, the game was much better than I had been led to believe and I couldn't be happier I gave it a chance. The game wasn't spectacular in my opinion (sorry TC), but it was a lot of fun. The mechanics blended together really well and the game didn't outstay it's welcome. I actually wanted more by the time the credits rolled, which is a good sign. Nice to see it getting appreciated, definitely liked the weight and impact of the gunfights.
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That is something that annoys me as well, in a lot of cases either the game is genre-defining or one of the worst games ever released. In my opinion, a '0' indicates that there is no way to have any enjoyment out of the game (usually because something major is broken...controls anyone?) so therefore I have never given a game such a low score. I've yet to come across a game that has been literally unplayable, lacked any fresh ideas or any ounce of fun whatsoever.
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You buy refurbished/resurfaced discs? I'm not entirely familiar with that process, but possibly some of whatever solutions are involved in that process? That's the only option my mind was able to come up with so far. I haven't noticed it myself though, sorry. :P
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Oh man, listed a lot of my favorites TC. :D I'd also like to say the Syphon Filter games helped out quite a bit, if I remember right they were fairly good sellers and Logan's Shadow specifically is one of my favorite PSP games of all time (I feel like I've mentioned that here before? o.0). Here's hoping for a new Syphon Filter on the PSV to finally end the's only been what....five and a half years since the PSP release?
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[QUOTE="logicalfrank"]The service is called UMD Passport and is only available in Japan. According to Sony this is because our PSP downloadable games are already cheaper to begin with. timstevensonori
I dont know why sony wouldnt give that feature to other countries aswell. poor decisions can cost.

...but the memory card prices put me off.

can the old psp memory cards be used?

You cannot use the Pro Duo cards, unfortunately, the PSV uses a new card similar to the size of a MicroSD.
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Shoot, Blackrock is dead? Pure and Split/Second were two of my favorite racing games on the 360. Brought a lot of ideas to the table, some newer than others, but I think they really fleshed out the game mechanics to make them more than a selling point. That's disappointing news. Good thread TC.
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The Vita's screen is a lot better in a lot of ways. The basic details are the size and resolution, but also the contrast is a lot sharper and I haven't noticed any ghosting like I did on my PSP 1000. I know the 3000 supposedly fixed that, but the downside is that had scanlines, also which are gone with the Vita's screen. If you don't remember what the PSP's screen was like, it might not be as huge of a change as you might expect, but it is definitely a huge improvement.
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At first I thought perhaps you hadn't charged it enough, because while you DON'T need to charge it for 8 hours before use, if the battery is below a certain level the unit won't turn on until it has enough of a charge. However, if you charged it for at least 7 hours (heck, anything longer than 30 mins is enough) then it sounds like a faulty unit to me.
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I am honestly surprised to see so many responses that say there isn't any screen tearing! I swear I am not hating on the game, I played the first and loved it and I am making my way through the second and loving it as well, screen tearing, however, it is not free from. It's certainly has been reduced compared to the first game, but especially in the Sanctuary area, I personally notice it quite a bit. As I said it's not too bad, but it is there, or else I'm going crazy. :P