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Hacks and Cheats; The new Gaming Era

It was the release day of Pokemon SS and HG and I had my eyes set to buy the new game to bring back memories of my younger childhood, back when Silver and Gold impacted the community hard. As I stood in line, a conversation sparked between me a kid that was either 12 or 14 years old and as he began he mentioned the fat that his game was hacked, broken to achieve much of the games progress as well as using the action reply to retrieve certian items to beat his game. This ignited a spark of anger within me and I began to wonder why?

Has today's society of gamers been reduced to hacks and cheats? Can we not play one fair game of COD or beat a game without hacking it or cheating it? It's hard to imagine how many gamers got to that point, dimishing the worker the companies put into the game to create an awesome experience where every successful step feels like a great achievement? Recently hacks and cheats have taken over the gaming world, shrouding many gamers minds in what a true gaming experience is. This, as it is already shown, is a huge pet peeve of mine; the fact that games like COD MW2 are played with hacks ruins the fun for most players in the lobby. But is there a right time to use hacks and cheats?

Hacks sometimes, if it is used on single player games and only after you have beaten the game on it's highest difficultly and achieved much of its rewards. On multiplayer games, NOT AT ALL! Sure hacks are fun to mess with, giving players the higher advantage to annoy ahated or stupid player that won't shut up but the fact is, what good does it do? People that hack are no better then the people who cheat to beat a game because it doesn't use their true powers obtained through years of training and playing that game. Hacks are like steriods if compared to any real world item, it makes you better but it still illegal and against rules of friendly play. Yet many still do it, hacking MW2 accounts to reach 10th perstige and for what reason? Titles and the cool emblem? No thanks, I'd rather spend a year reaching that perstige and feeling statified in the end rather then getting everything and beijng leftwith just the gameplay.

Now on to cheats. Cheats were popular back in the early 21st century because it unlocked many hard to get rewards and sometimes secert ones. Now there is the action replay, a device that plugs into the hand helpd DS and allows the player to modify the game so they may get 999 master balls such as in Pokemon or 999,999,999 bells in Animal Crossing. So is it alright to use them? To an extent yes. An example is the famous Pokemon games. Anyone who has used the action replay has used it to capture the legendary event pokemon, because the fact is, no one will travel across country for an exclusive pokemon. Most of us can't even afford it and wouldbn't waste the money. So yes in this case it would be alright but only if the game has been beat. Now to obtain hard to get items, sure it can be used but my recommendation is to beat the game first, by doing so, players test their true potential in such games. Its useless afterwards but then why waste money on a game you might not be able to beat fair and square? In this case save your money.

Lastly, this one wasen't included in my list but I would like to add it, mods. Rigged controllers are good to have in 1st person shooters because it gives the player within seconds to shoot twice or triple the shoots it would normally take. Still are thet good to use? Again I would avoid this entirely. SUre it's nice to have, but why risk suspension from xbox live for example? Again play the game the way it's meant to be played.

To wrap it up, I feel that today's gamers are being bad examples the younger gen. Who knows how the nexty gen. will turn out, maybe cheating so much that games won't be played the same way again. Although a radical though think about what today's games are played like. Now thing of the old classic games, back when skill was needed to beat games such as sonic and super mario. Tell me what happened to those times?

Why don't we apprciate the Campaign in MW2!

It's been like what 2 weeks since the release of MW2 and I have been playing it everyday! I remember playing it the first day it came out, and unluckily for me I had no Xbox Live which left me pretty pissed. This, on the bright side, let me play through the campaign (Which I beat in like 5 hours) and I was just blown away by the plot. I mean (SPOILER) Allen dies because he's discovered and then Ghost and Roach die thanks to Shepard's treachery. The ending was just "wow" keeping meon the edge of my seat till Soap managed to killShepard withthe knife thrusted into his chest.

But enough with me view on the campaign, what I really wanted to let out was why many gamers just don't appreciate the campaign? I mean sure it was a small trip but what a trip thatwas! It's basicallysaying that the gamers thatdon't like the campaign are just greedy, that they want more. I learned through my experiences that taking to much of one thing ruins that thing in the future. I believe that IW did agreat job in keeping the campaign short, it kept me wanting more, whichwill make the third installment feel that much better (and yes I do believe there will be a MW3,just look at the ending).I just don't see the point in pointing out that the campaign is short. I mean gamers wanted the game mostly because of the online play (about 70% of the people I know haven't even touched the campaign because they justwanted the multiplayer), it's useless and for those that have played the campaign and are just disappointed there is a bright side, we crave for more and when the 3rd (if there is a third and do believe there will be a third) comes out we will be much more satisfied. So my point is just see it positively, not negatively like many reviewers have pointed out.