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UCAS Higher Education Convention

So today our school, along with all other colleges in the country, attended the UCAS Higher Education Convention. Its basically a very large room full of booths from different universities around the country, and a few from other countries. The purpose of it is to go round to the universities you hope to go to and ask questions to the people there, who either attend or work at the university. They also hand out books about the university and the courses it provided After looking through a few of the prosoectuses I got from some of the universities, I decided that doing anything to do with computers is no longer my first choice. I have decided to do something with History or Politics, or possibly both in a joint-honours degree. I have been browsing through the different books I got today since I got home about an hour ago. I have also been looking through, so far, Queen Mary University's website. Its politics department seems really good, and the topics it covers look interesting. I still need to do a lot of research, as there are several universities within London who have good History and Politics departments. I plan on going on some open days in the next school year to give me a better idea of things. At least this whole thing has strived me forward a bit in terms of school. I'm now slightly more hopeful and positive towards school than I was when I wrote my last blog post. Most universities need 300 UCAS points, and I have been told an A is wirth 160 at A2 level, so there is some hope if I keep doing well at history.