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I'm so bored of A-Levels

Im currently trying to do ICT coursework, and I'm so bored I'm alt-tabbing between it and GameSpot. Its made me realise - Im bored of all this school stuff. I have taken 4 subjects - Maths, History, Geography and ICT.

 I always doubted ICT from the start. Even before we started school, I knew that computing was my first choice instead of ICT, but due to timetable clashes I had to take ICT instead. I dont know why they call it ICT, because it bears no resemblence to what I want or expect from an A-Level subject supposidly based around computers. So far the subjects is basically Business Studies whilst sitting at a computer. We learn about how businesses work, not computers, and different types of business, not different types of computer languages. The coursework, although not very challenging for the most part, is so long. Im bored out of my brain already, and I have only been doing it for about an hour. Its print-screen after print-screen, and then you have to explain everything. Dont get my wrong, I like typing, but this is about Access. How unbelievably boring.

 Maths is frankly impossible. Im currently, quite bluntly, close to failing the subject altogether. By the time I realised that the subject was 100 times harder than I anticipated, it was too late. I couldnt switch subjects. At the moment Im struggling to pass in my exams, and the sheer length of my ICT coursework means that I cant revise maths at all. I havent even opened a text book yet, and I have three maths exams in a couple of months.

Geography is in the middle. On one hand, its not fascinating stuff sometimes. Rivers, as always, is boring; and salt marshes, coastal erosion, and sand dunes are pretty dull. There is, however, some consilation. Although not as interesting as it could be, the Rural and Urban side of the subject is ok. We learn about human geography, which is pretty interesting, and involves employment, rural deprivation and other such topics.

History is my only consilation in this. As always, I find what we are learning about reall interesting, and almost as fascinating as WW2 we learnt about in GCSE. I have two good teachers, nice classrooms, and a small class. I am currently on an A grade, and it is therefore my only good subject at the moment.

If it werent for History, I would be completely bored out of my brain with school. I was hoping for interesting topics, small and regular exams, and good teaching. Instead, I have got boring topics, large exams (despite the assurance of 'modules' in maths, each module does in fact contain 10 dfferent chapters of work) and some pretty poor teaching. Quite frankly, I have a pretty poor teacher for ICT. In the recent exams about 70% of the people who took ICT got U's (thats less than 40% in the exam) despite everyone thinking the exam was easy. This apparently happened last year, and makes me wonder whether the ICT teachers at our school are capable. I know my teacher, at least, knows quite a lot. She used to be a "database manager" - a supposidly rather complex and well-paid job. However, that doesnt make her a good teacher, and I fear that is the problem. The whole of the ICT department seem to have a "get on with it yourself" approach to things.

Hopefully I will turn my Maths results around. All I want is a pass, Im dropping it at the end of the year regardless. I pray that next year is more interesting. Theres no ICT exams, and History is about the Russian Revolution (which could prove interesting).