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Back from suspension

I have just returned after a seven day supension. Once again, as far as I can tell, it was for a strong of "offences" and so-called "disruptive" posting. What a different a week makes.The past week has been quite close to a nightmare. Besides being banned from the GS forums, which is bad enough, my USB flash drive cottupted before my very eyes while I was using it! On tuesday, during and ICT lesson, I was attempting to print my 101-page coursework, but it only printed upto page 29. So I tried again a few times, and Word just kept freezing and restarting itself. Then, all of a sudden, all of the documents on my USB are in werd symbols. It cant open anything. It just went corrupt on me. I managed to save my ICT coursework to "My documents" but I lost everything else on it. Any work past about February 2007 is now lost. That includes electronic copies of all my History essays, lots of Geography case study details, and a whole ICT coursework unit (which luckily I already gave in). Somehow I doubt it, but I'm hoping there's a way of recovering the information on it. Some of it was really important. I have been re-typing my whole geography coursework since it happened from about 20% of it that was printed out. :(