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AS-Level exams

I finished my first AS-Level exam a couple of hours ago. It was history, and, touch wood, it went pretty well. Thats my best exam over with, as the rest of my exams are worse. Next week I have two maths exams, and an ICT exam (I think that's next week). Maths, as I have said previously, is unbelievably hard. Im just hoping for a pass. ICT seemed easy last time, to everyone, and most people ended up getting a U (thats a fail, at less than 40%). Hopefully I can improve on my E grade from last time. My best chance of getting an A or a B is through my pre-released task, whereby I have a prepared piece of work that they give to you in the exam. I have to finish that off this week to submit it. After that is Geography. Most of geography isnt particuraly difficult in itself. The main problem is remembering it all. We didnt do an exam in January, so everything we have covered this year we take in June. Plus the two exma papers - rivers and coasts, and rural and urban - are right after each other. So I have to revise everything for one day. My last exam is perhaps the most difficult - statistics. Its one of the most boring subjects imaginable, but at least its on the 5th of June, so I have about 8-10 days gap after my Geography exams. This should allow me to revise full-out, and hopefully pass it.