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Going daily, eh?

OK, so...being the theorist and all I have, as you might expect, been cooking up some theories. I noticed that there are usually things to talk about in terms of news, events, what have you; every day. Because of this groundbreaking discovery I made 20 minutes ago, I think I'll make this blog a daily one, even if it means posting a completely uninteresting paragraph if nothing interesting happened. Or I could always waffle my way through a blog post...

I just hope there will be news tomorrow or this whole thing will go to pot...

First entry

OK so this is my first entry. Never done a blog before, so if it all goes horribly wrong, you've been warned. So...what shall I do it on? Well news seems to be a safe option for my first blog entry so I'll go with that.

Most of the UK will have watched or read about the recent pandemonium that has come about because Jack Straw said he would prefer it if muslim women removed veils covering their faces. There has, of course, been a whole shed-load of uproar against it. But is he so wrong?

Many muslims have said that they understand where he is coming from. I also think that there is reason behind this request (not demand) because it is far more difficult to have a true conversation with someone if they have something covering their face. It just is. Described as "self promoted segregation", it does have a hint of seperation to it, whether the person intends to put across that message or not.

So we maybe should undertand his thought behind the request instead of taking the first chance to shout accusations against him. But we all know that that wont happen.