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I finally finished my ICT homework, although not until about 10pm last night, hence me missing yesterday's blog post.

I spent from around 11am to 11:30pm on Saturday (with some small gaps) and  from around 10:30am to 10:00pm on Sunday (also with some gaps). Overall I spent around 22 hours on it, which drained me both physically and mentally.

Next time I have to start it earlier, doing one section each day. After all that time spent on it on the last two days, I only had time to History homework during the lesson before it, and I still have Maths homework in for Wednesday that I haven't done yet.

O the fun :(

More hwk

Thats right, as usual, I have a ton of homework over the half term holiday. Becuase I actually did some early (for once) yesterday's blog post slipped my mind, and today's isnt gonna be a great one.

I should be done with my ICT coursework soon :(

Water water everywhere

As is usually the case, it absolutely chucked it down today while I was playing golf. I managed to get the 1st and 2nd holes done, then the rain came. 16 holes with rain...nice.

Today made me realise, never open an umbrella downwind.

So much for a holiday...

I was hoping to have a break to go golfing in real life and on the PS2, but now it doesnt look to hopeful. I have a history exam question, 5 maths exercises, a geography presentation and ICT coursework.

Homework on the holidays should be banz0red :(

ICT coursework

Seeing as the majority of my day outside of school has been taken up by ICT coursework, I thought I would write a bit on it.

If you are considering taking GCSE ICT, dont. Its not as useful as computing, and has coursework whereby you have to analyse a leaflet in excrutiating detail. I have written about 3 A4 pages of size 12 writing on 2 sides of a tiny A5 leaflet.

This seems bad enough, but I have 5 other documents to analyse in the same way:cry:


Seeing as I have increasing amounts of work from school, Ill do the blog bi-daily (every other day) from now on. Its just easier.

Gore FTW

Al Gore's book "An Inconvenient Truth" has won a Quill literary award. It won in the "history, current events and politics" category.

The book, which is also in the form of a film, highlights in some detail the problems we are causing for our planet through global warming. Gore has said he wants to make ordinary people aware of the "terrifying" reality of climate change, and demand action from their political leaders.

If you havent read the book or seen the film, you should do. Its well worth it.

Game developing is becoming more difficult

Back in the 1980s games were made by teams of a few people and many were developed in people's houses. Costs were low, and it met the size of the demand at the time.

According to Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios "It's not two people now, it's a 150 people that make a game". Moluneux and a friend developed Populous on their own, which became a hit game.

Today games are developed by huge teams of people resulting in high costs and the need for high sales. This creates a risky business for small companies. Ian Livingstone (Edios) said "You get two or three titles wrong, and you've spent £5m to £10m  each on them, you're out of business in a hurry."

This means games are now being made less often because of the costs. Does this mean that less games will be released? If so, surely this will mean only good games, or games that are likely to be successful, will be released. Let's hope so.

Fire alarm

OK so there was a fire alarm in out school today. You're probably wondering why Im basing a whole blog post on this. I managed to miss the last 15 minutes of History, which is a result.

But the whole situation was made even better when I heard that one of the teachers didn't let the class out until they had all written their homework. I remind you that nobody was certain it was a drill as opposed to the real thing.

Something about today was lurking in the back of my mind all day. Its Friday the 13th.

Half of NHS trusts 'must improve'

It has been said, by a financial watchdog, that half of all the NHS trusts in England must improve their financial managemenr and/or their services.

This part of an ongoing finding that the NHS is seriosly in the red and needs to be sorted out - fast. It has now got to the extent whereby only hospitals in the country are ranked as excellent in both categories. This assessment included hospitals, ambulance trusts, primary care trusts and mental health trusts. And still only 2 hospitals, out of 570 total bodies, were rated well.

210 out of the 570 were in financial trouble, and 78 offered poor services. Comapre this to 19 being rated at excellent financially, and 24 fated as excellent in terms of service.

This needs to be fixed quickly. Management needs to sort its life out and stop wasting money on things that arent needed. This will leave money spare, improving their financial status. This would also allow them to spend money on their services to improve that too.