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Mario Kart

Playing Mario Kart DS on the geography trip has rekindled my obsession with all things mario kart. I got Mario Kart Super Circuit out of my GBA bag and I have playing it quite a lot in the past few days. I have also been playing Mario Kart 64 loads. Mario Kart is a truly addictive concept.

I cant wait until I get my DS Lite with Mario Kart. This new online play will mean I'll always have someone to play with :D

"Great success!"

I have finally completed my ICT coursework. But its only task 1. At 39 pages, Im sure it will cover enough to get me a good mark. Handing it in seemed to be an accomplishment in itself.

But I still have task 2 to do, as well as 3 tasks in Unit 2...

The South Coast, part 2

OK, most things went smoothly. I certain person staying in my room had a bit of trouble from another person and was loud about it :lol:, but that was it really. The air horn was a lot easier to handle after being warned about it.

There were actually other people staying there. They didn't look amazingly tramp-like because they had clean clothes and bags full of stuff. Only thing that confused me was that they were adults, and it was a youth hostel.

My attempts to avoid certain people succeeded on the most part, although running to the other side of a group of 5 people evidently wasn't enough to escape him. I'll need to be more cunning next time.

I actually got some sleep! I was expecting the odd naps every now and then. But, after the aforementioned loud incident, everyone went to sleep through fear of being reprimanded.

"Great success!"

The South Coast, part 1

Tomorrow and Friday will largely be taken up by a school trip to the South Coast of England - Dorset to be precise. Its in aid of our Geography A Level, and I’m not looking forward to it on the most part.

I have already learned that the two minibuses our school own have broken down and are "out of action", but then they were barely in it when they worked. Because of this, I’m starting to wonder how exactly they will secure us transportation on such short notice.

However, if the trip does go ahead (which I hope it does seeing as I have to wake up at 5am) then there will be both good and bad points. On the positive side, I have over 9 hours of music on my MP3 player to keep me occupied on the way there and back, and the actually geography may prove to be interesting if there is a storm the night before. Its also useful and, so we are told, can add an extra grade's worth of knowledge to our final result.

But, and there is usually a “but”, there are problems. Firstly, our accommodation. I suppose beggars can't be choosers, but then I will probably be able to ask them when I get there - it is a Youth Hostel, after all. Secondly is the fact that we have to stay there, and I'm slightly worried that "toilet" wasn’t listed on the features section of the hostel's website...

We have also discovered that only one geography teacher can drive, and they don’t look the aggressive type, so it may take several hours. There's also a good chance that someone will be late and hold us up, so we may end up sitting on the M25 for an hour or so. Fun.

I’ll post how it was when I get back Friday night. Wish me luck.

Respects at the Cenotaph

Yesterday was the 11th of November and was therefore Rembrance Day. It is a day to commemorate the sacrifice of veterans and civilians in World War I, World War II, and other wars.

Today was Remembrance Sunday - the second Sunday in November.

The Queen, the Royal Family, politicians and cheifs of staff laid weaths in an official ceremony. After this some 8,000 war veterans marched past the Cenotaph to pay their respects to their fallen comrades.

ZOMG he was in

Despite not being in for over a week, my maths teacher finally got rid of enough of his illness to come in and teach. Thats fine, but I wanted a free lesson. I have gotten used to missing his lessons, as the last lesson I had with him was Halloween (coincidence?) which was nearly 2 weeks ago


Sims 2: University

It has been out for ages and was the only proper expansion pack that I hadnt got. However, after some information from noblead16, I finally got into it. I was pleasently surpised. I found a whole new wave of items, features and Sims. Its a good expansion pack and, along with Open For Business, the best one yet.

People say that Nightlife is the best, but I'm not convinced. Its good, but I cant be bothered with the switching between Downtown and normal neighbourhoods all the time. Too much loading, too much hassle, not enough gaming. At least with University you can just play in the University and leave your normal neighbourhood alone until your Sim graduates.

Why didnt I get it before? Well, because of lack of research on my part, I thought that all sims would become a Young Adult when they got past Teenager, and I didnt want this. I didnt want it because it would prolong them entering Adulthood. But I have since realised that Sims only become Young Adults if they go to University, and come out Adults at the end.

This has gotten my back in to The Sims 2, as I havent played it much for a few months. I think a few amendments to my "now playing list" are needed.

Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

Just thought I'd remind you :)

UK teenagers are the worst in Europe

A recent study has shown that teenagers of the UK are by far the worst in Europe. Apparently we top pretty much every league table there is for measuring negative aspects. And I'm not surprised.

As with many of these reports, the hoodlums of our society are in the miority, but what a noticable minority it is. Many areas of the country have problems every day with teenagers commiting crimes or hanging around in big groups. This may not sound like a lot, but if you're an 85 year old woman who lives alone, a big herd of teenagers dressed in hoodies hanging around near your house is very threatening.

You only have to watch Crimewatch to see the effects these people are having.


It was halloween last night, and it seems as if less and less people are getting involved in it. Sure, its an American "holiday", but we seem to copy pretty much everything else they do, so why are there less people trick or treating?

Of course, people are more concerned about their children's safety, so less children are allowed to do it. There is also a significant change in the racial make-up in areas like East London. The constant influx of asian and black families means that there are less people participating in events that have occured in this country for years.

But most people are glad there is less emphasis on Halloween because it seems to bring more anti-social behaviour every year, striking fear into the hearts of old people and those who live alone. As usual there were a few eggings, but a lot less than previous years, as I didnt walk past any nice cars covered in silly string or egg shells.

Maybe people are losing interest?