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GameSpot BETA

It looks like GameSpot have released a BETA for viewing some of the website. You can get to it here: I think it looks pretty good. The current layout could do with a change, and an update wouldn't hurt.

AS-Level exams

I finished my first AS-Level exam a couple of hours ago. It was history, and, touch wood, it went pretty well. Thats my best exam over with, as the rest of my exams are worse. Next week I have two maths exams, and an ICT exam (I think that's next week). Maths, as I have said previously, is unbelievably hard. Im just hoping for a pass. ICT seemed easy last time, to everyone, and most people ended up getting a U (thats a fail, at less than 40%). Hopefully I can improve on my E grade from last time. My best chance of getting an A or a B is through my pre-released task, whereby I have a prepared piece of work that they give to you in the exam. I have to finish that off this week to submit it. After that is Geography. Most of geography isnt particuraly difficult in itself. The main problem is remembering it all. We didnt do an exam in January, so everything we have covered this year we take in June. Plus the two exma papers - rivers and coasts, and rural and urban - are right after each other. So I have to revise everything for one day. My last exam is perhaps the most difficult - statistics. Its one of the most boring subjects imaginable, but at least its on the 5th of June, so I have about 8-10 days gap after my Geography exams. This should allow me to revise full-out, and hopefully pass it.

Back from suspension

I have just returned after a seven day supension. Once again, as far as I can tell, it was for a strong of "offences" and so-called "disruptive" posting. What a different a week makes.The past week has been quite close to a nightmare. Besides being banned from the GS forums, which is bad enough, my USB flash drive cottupted before my very eyes while I was using it! On tuesday, during and ICT lesson, I was attempting to print my 101-page coursework, but it only printed upto page 29. So I tried again a few times, and Word just kept freezing and restarting itself. Then, all of a sudden, all of the documents on my USB are in werd symbols. It cant open anything. It just went corrupt on me. I managed to save my ICT coursework to "My documents" but I lost everything else on it. Any work past about February 2007 is now lost. That includes electronic copies of all my History essays, lots of Geography case study details, and a whole ICT coursework unit (which luckily I already gave in). Somehow I doubt it, but I'm hoping there's a way of recovering the information on it. Some of it was really important. I have been re-typing my whole geography coursework since it happened from about 20% of it that was printed out. :(

Stabbing in my road

People who live in the UK, particuarly those in London, will know that there has been a lot of gun and knife crime recently. Lots of people have been stabbed or shot to death in the past couple of months, mostly in East London. Well it happened again last week in my road. A man was stabbed in the back down my road. Luckily the woman who lived in one of the houses near where he was stabbed is a midwife, so she was able to help whilst her son called an ambulance. As far as I know, he survived. It just makes you realise how far this country, particuarly parts of London, has gone downhill. A recent study showed that crime has gone down, but I'm yet to see it. Where I live, Barking, was never a particuarly great place. The town centre, which is about 15 minutes walk from my house, is pretty much a no-go area at night. Not that you would go there anyway, the shops and the people aren't worth the trip. But recently, its got worse. Problems seem to be increasing, and yet I don't see the police trying to reduce the problems. Only last week someone hung themselves in the local park. I must admit though, the local council are at least doing something. The alleyways behind the houses in the area now have gates on them, and the alleyway/footpath at the end of my road will hopefully be closed (pending the responce to letters sent around to nearby households). But still, as with many of these crimes, you don't expect it to be near you. I mean, its down my road - 30 seconds away. I walk past the spot 2 or 3 times a day. It makes you think how close this sort of stuff can be to you. I only hope that further measures by the council help get rid of this sort of crime. Although, saying that, we will probably move as soon as my youngest sister gets into Secondary school.

UCAS Higher Education Convention

So today our school, along with all other colleges in the country, attended the UCAS Higher Education Convention. Its basically a very large room full of booths from different universities around the country, and a few from other countries. The purpose of it is to go round to the universities you hope to go to and ask questions to the people there, who either attend or work at the university. They also hand out books about the university and the courses it provided After looking through a few of the prosoectuses I got from some of the universities, I decided that doing anything to do with computers is no longer my first choice. I have decided to do something with History or Politics, or possibly both in a joint-honours degree. I have been browsing through the different books I got today since I got home about an hour ago. I have also been looking through, so far, Queen Mary University's website. Its politics department seems really good, and the topics it covers look interesting. I still need to do a lot of research, as there are several universities within London who have good History and Politics departments. I plan on going on some open days in the next school year to give me a better idea of things. At least this whole thing has strived me forward a bit in terms of school. I'm now slightly more hopeful and positive towards school than I was when I wrote my last blog post. Most universities need 300 UCAS points, and I have been told an A is wirth 160 at A2 level, so there is some hope if I keep doing well at history.

I'm so bored of A-Levels

Im currently trying to do ICT coursework, and I'm so bored I'm alt-tabbing between it and GameSpot. Its made me realise - Im bored of all this school stuff. I have taken 4 subjects - Maths, History, Geography and ICT.

 I always doubted ICT from the start. Even before we started school, I knew that computing was my first choice instead of ICT, but due to timetable clashes I had to take ICT instead. I dont know why they call it ICT, because it bears no resemblence to what I want or expect from an A-Level subject supposidly based around computers. So far the subjects is basically Business Studies whilst sitting at a computer. We learn about how businesses work, not computers, and different types of business, not different types of computer languages. The coursework, although not very challenging for the most part, is so long. Im bored out of my brain already, and I have only been doing it for about an hour. Its print-screen after print-screen, and then you have to explain everything. Dont get my wrong, I like typing, but this is about Access. How unbelievably boring.

 Maths is frankly impossible. Im currently, quite bluntly, close to failing the subject altogether. By the time I realised that the subject was 100 times harder than I anticipated, it was too late. I couldnt switch subjects. At the moment Im struggling to pass in my exams, and the sheer length of my ICT coursework means that I cant revise maths at all. I havent even opened a text book yet, and I have three maths exams in a couple of months.

Geography is in the middle. On one hand, its not fascinating stuff sometimes. Rivers, as always, is boring; and salt marshes, coastal erosion, and sand dunes are pretty dull. There is, however, some consilation. Although not as interesting as it could be, the Rural and Urban side of the subject is ok. We learn about human geography, which is pretty interesting, and involves employment, rural deprivation and other such topics.

History is my only consilation in this. As always, I find what we are learning about reall interesting, and almost as fascinating as WW2 we learnt about in GCSE. I have two good teachers, nice classrooms, and a small class. I am currently on an A grade, and it is therefore my only good subject at the moment.

If it werent for History, I would be completely bored out of my brain with school. I was hoping for interesting topics, small and regular exams, and good teaching. Instead, I have got boring topics, large exams (despite the assurance of 'modules' in maths, each module does in fact contain 10 dfferent chapters of work) and some pretty poor teaching. Quite frankly, I have a pretty poor teacher for ICT. In the recent exams about 70% of the people who took ICT got U's (thats less than 40% in the exam) despite everyone thinking the exam was easy. This apparently happened last year, and makes me wonder whether the ICT teachers at our school are capable. I know my teacher, at least, knows quite a lot. She used to be a "database manager" - a supposidly rather complex and well-paid job. However, that doesnt make her a good teacher, and I fear that is the problem. The whole of the ICT department seem to have a "get on with it yourself" approach to things.

Hopefully I will turn my Maths results around. All I want is a pass, Im dropping it at the end of the year regardless. I pray that next year is more interesting. Theres no ICT exams, and History is about the Russian Revolution (which could prove interesting). 

Going for the Bio emblem

forumla1racer has kindly posted my badge here. Please visit the website and refresh a few times so I can get the emblem if you have a couple of spare minutes. Thanks :D

God I feel like crap

I caught this horrible horrible cold whilst at Middlesbrough. I havent been able to shake it yet. My nose is constantly running and Im always sneezing. To make it worse, I have recently started coughing a lot, and Im having to keep away from my dad a bit because he has a bad virus thing as well. Worst of all, I have only just stopped hiccuping, although thinking about it will probably start it off again in a minute. I kept hiccuping, which made my throat dry, so I ended coughing and hiccuping within seconds of each other. Also, while typing this, I can smell blood so I think another nose-bleed is on its way. :cry:

 I hope I get better soon, being ill like this is annoying. You're not sick enough to justify special treatment or time off school, but you feel bad enough that its a major annoyance. I started hiccuping so much I felt like I was going to be sick. I also have to carry round a dozen tissues with me at all times just in case :(

Back to civilisation!

I just got back from my aforementioned trip to Middlesbrough and the North York Moors. It was better than I thought it would be. But it was definately remote. For most of the time I had no signal on my mobile phone, and barely got up to 2 out of 5 bars until we got into Middlesbrough itself.

There was no computer (and no GS :cry:) and only one TV that had a rubbish picture. It also couldn't pick up Channel 4 and had BBC2 on three channels :|. What was confusing was that it was a "Youth Hostel", but adults stayed there. Strange :?

Anyway, I am back now and hope to catch up on everything. At least I had a week without having to delve through hundreds of religion threads on OT :P