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We hear you!

Quick note to let you all know that you should expect some changes/updates on the GameSpot community side.Fuse is not the only thing we are working on.

I was a GameSpot fan way before I started working here, and I remain a fan to this day. I use the site like you all do and know what's broken, old, and needs some love.

We are working on those things, believe me when i say that your feedback is always heard so keep it coming! Expect some nice changes to come soon.

Fuse Beta and achievements tracking being removed from GameSpot

Just a quick note to let you know that we are currently working on removing the Fuse Beta and all achievements pages from the site. We have heard your feedback and are working hard on coming back very soon with a much improved integration of achievements and trophies on GameSpot and GameSpot Fuse. The reasoning behind the take down:

  • We need to take everything down before we can come back with the new implementation
  • We have received a lot of feedback with great suggestions, the next step will be to use all that feedabck and built upon it
  • We think achievements data can actually be really useful with the right presentation
  • We want to make it easier for everybody to track and share their achievements on GameSpot and GameSpot Fuse

keep your eyes open in the next few weeks. We are really excited about what is to come!




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