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Bioshock Infinite Creative Writing Contest Entry

Here it is, sorry for using this picture, but my scanner broke. Hope you enjoy, thank's for the opportunity. Link to the specific picture that fits the story: A Bioshock Infinite inspired story for the creative writing contest. Written by Jacob L. AKA- Booker_Dewitt Songbird: The Founding The date was some time in March 1981. The frozen winds of the Alps shot over the mountains and kept a whistling drone over the entire landscape. Anyone caught in it would have easily died. But the mountain was not at ease. A team of men scaled the mountain in search of the pure, bountiful treasure, which was reported by a Swiss native. The team, well that team was sent by the Reagan Administration. It was the sole duty of these men to get to the top of one of the mountains, and secure what horrors had landed. At the head of this team, Alistar Bloom. Alistar Bloom was a balding man, with a full-length beard. Never married, no relatives. The part about his family was good thing, for what would happen next would paralyze him with fear for the rest of his waking life. Reports stated that out of the sky, A city had fallen, golden walls with delicate features. This is what Alistar had been looking for the past fifty years. Proof. Proof that Colombia was still out there. Proof that the city of the sky was no myth but historical fact. Mr. Bloom had always had doubt about the city of Columbia. It was very outrageous, a city? In the sky? It sounded like a childrens fairytale used to tell kids that they could anything they wanted in life, create something completely out of imagination. Alistar! Hurry your ass up and get the hell up here! yelled one of the men at the front of the safety line; slowly crawling his was up the slick mountain. Alistar though in his mind about the treasures he could find. He did not care if he was at the back of the line, only as long as he was able to get to the place he wanted. Sorry Phillip, I will be there shortly. Replied Alistar. He was lying, of course. He would keep at his usual place. As he always said, Slow and steady wins the race. He just kept plugging away. But so did the time. It was about four pm local time and it was already getting dark. We have to stop! yelled the man named Phillip. No! yelled Alistar, We have to keep going or else those blokes from Canada will beat us there! Phillip got very close to Alistar. It was very dangerous to be this close to the edge of the mountain. We are going to set up camp here, and sleep till eight tomorrow morning. And you, sir, are going to lie down. Whispered to Phillip to Alistar. Everyone was watching them now. The whole team along with the guides. They would definitely see what would happen next. No, whispered Alistar, You are going to sleep. He then suddenly whipped his backpack over his soldier and smacked it into the chest of Phillip. Air rushed out of Phillips lungs as he fell backward. Out of air and still in shock, Phillip fell to his death over the side of the Alps. Alistar whispered someone from the crowd, Phillip Everyone continue right now! screamed Alistar at the top of his lungs. This was all a distraction for what Alistar was doing. He unsnapped the button on his holster and yanked out the pistol from the pouch. He waved it toward the crowd as a signal for them to get a move on. Feeling hopeless, everyone continued on with the trek. No one truly thought of how the sky was continuously getting darker and it was getting colder. It took another hour before they came to it. Right there, at the peak of the mountain, stood the golden plated walls of the modern day Icarus, a building of Columbia. I thought you said it was city? stated Alistar Bloom is a close to silent whisper. I am sorry sir, I just meant that said the guide, but he would never finish the words. A blast spread throughout the entire mountain range, as the blood of the young man spilled over the snow below the now lifeless body of the guide, a piece of brain hanging out the front of his head. Alistars gun still poured smoke out of the front of the gun. Insidenow! screamed Alistar at the top of his lungs. Find anything from the golden city and report it back to me. Everyone filed inside the building. Alistar was in full amazement. The golden walls were still shining with a beautiful god tint. Artifacts lie all around the ground. It was as if Alistar had gotten everything he had wished for. Alistar was not paying attention as the sheer force of the steel shovel cracked against his head. Part 2: Everything came back slowly at first. The pain made Alistar wince as he tried to open his eyes. But even that was a challenge for the crippled man. He slowly lifted his bleeding head and saw what had attacked him. It was one of them men of the team. This little coup would net end with Alistar being killed. Oh, only he opposite would happen. He looked around, pondering what he could possibly use as a weapon to fend himself against the fifteen or so men and woman that had there back to him, examining a piece of artwork depicting a lamb and a devil, what looked like a false Shepard. Then he found it. Below his chest was what he was searching for. In a bottle shaped as a crow, there was what he needed to kill every single person of this crowd. Alistar lifted his hand and grabbed the bottle filled with the beautiful elixire. He unscrewed the cap and inhaled the magical vigor. Feathers suddenly protruded from his hand. He had no idea what to do, but he just imagined all the devastation he could occur if it did what its name implied. He waved his hand at the group of explorers, and saw the most terrifying sight he would ever see. Crows, everywhere, a murder of them shot out of smoke and began to bombard themselves at the group. They pecked at their eyes, ripped away skink, and had their feathers stained with blood. Part 3: The screech could have been heard by anyone if they were on the mountain. But only Alistar Bloom was left. He whirled around, searching for the source of the noise. Then, the roof collapsed on top of him. Alistar moved, right as a car-sized pile of snow fell through the ceiling, but what cam next would terrify Alistar for the rest of his life. A man, no you couldnt call it that, a bird. Came through the hole. His leather armor fresh and new made grinding sounds as he moved towards Alistar. Do not move. Screeched the bird, human, warrior. Alistar was frozen, he could not move, his legs would not allow. The man came closer and closer until his giant glass eye stared straight at Alistar. What do you want! screamed Alistar! Tears were beginning to drip from his eyes. The Bird put out his hand and began to scratch its claws into the metal walls of the palace. After the horrible screeching of metal on metal, the letters were recognizable; NEVER SPEAK OF THIS OR ME. Tell them they died in a avalanche, document what you find, and burn it after. Never say a word of this. The bird, known as the Songbird flew away, disappearing from sight, now it was just Alistar, alone, with many dead explorers, and the rest of his life, to think about what he had just saw. PS: TO THE BIOSHOCK INFINITE DEV. TEAM: Its not the best but Ive been having a lot on my plate lately. Plus, thank you for everything.