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One Man's Garbage

My boyfriend says I hate things that are popular. I LOVE Pop-Culture, and can tell you probably the most random thing about any celebrity. I don't know how, but it's like I have a Sixth Sense when it comes to that crap. So, I don't really understand how and why I hate the popular things, but I really can't stand this **** that's out there now. Quick list of examples- Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gears of War, Twilight, Harry Potter, Rhianna, Call of Duty... the list goes on, but these are just the things I hear and see EVERYDAY. I mean, seriously, EVERYDAY. I can't remember when I went through a day when I wasn't having one of these things force fed down my throat. Oh no, wait a minute, I do- it was a Tuesday, and I sat in the house with everything off. Lol!

Anyways, so I don't understand where I'm at in life. Am I ahead or behind? I mean, I love the video games that most people think are **** Urban Chaos, Friday the 13th, TRAoD, Enter the Matrix- just the basic "epic fails" of video games, where am I? It is SO hard to make me play a new video game. Like, brand spanking new. I have such high standards that I am working on getting though, but they are still a prominent as ever. For one- I need a female lead character to play as. Call it what you will, but I refuse to play a game if I don't at least have the option to be a chick. It's 2012, people, why can't the girl be right up there next to a man? So, that's the first step. Next step- the **** can't be tore up looking. The developers need to have ensured that she is top notch ready for public. I can't be playing as some chick that looks worse than the dude she's playing alongside. Hells naw! And honestly, in this day and age, I really like a little customization to my character- but that's just me. So, to get me to play any type of new video game or series of games, it really has to POP.

However, I feel like I'm limiting myself here. But, when I go look at all the games that are popular and have the highest accolades, I just can't get into them. Call of Duty just looks so.... Okay, can I be honest and completely candid with you? Great. To me, Call of Duty is like the game people play when they can't make it to the Army, or won't admit that they can't cut it in the Army. Now, I understand there are 100s, hell, maybe 1,000's of Army/Vets playing it, but when I see commercials involving the fat guy from "Superbad" or Jimmy Kimmel (ps- they're NOT the same person, if you can believe it), I just think.... really lame. I mean, I'm not blowing smoke here, I've played the game numerous times. And,aside from SMG being in the new Call of the Dead, I think evenTHAT'S pretty lame. Why not just play L4D2? I mean, you'replaying a game about an American war.... I dunno. I just think it's a shame it's against the law to let the flag touch the ground, but we're glamourizing war. And I know it sounds hippie, but I'm not saying because people are getting killed,I'm saying this because there are some people so fudged up from the war,I can only wonder how they feel when they see these commercials with these celebrities"fighting in a war".

I just feel like I see things for what they really are. Everytime I read a copy of GameInfromer (that I am ONLY subscribed to because of the GameStop offers), I always shake my head and laughknowing some out-of-touch loser video game lobbyist is getting paid to review the new CoD, GoW, or LoZ (and why does all of the poplaur **** read like that? Lol!) That last one was "Legend of Zelda", in case you didn't know. I am SO over Link. I mean, I know Mario's been the same thing, but at least he's still swtiching it up. Every Zelda is the same: you play the silent characer running around with a sword and you fish, throw a boomerang, ride a horse... etc. I mean, I like some Zelda stories, but still.... I feel they have rung out every ounce of CRAP they could from that franchise, and all you geeks that tear up (literally) at E3 trailers of Zelda make it apparent you'll keep absorbing it. "Oh my God, Link is getting 4 extra colors on his green tunic and is FINALLY in HD after all these years". I have to admit that you Zelda fans are WAY more commited to that hackney franchise than a sisterwife of a polgymist!

This obviously needs an ending (yeah, Five minutes ago!) so here it is! I guess I like **** games. And I guess I do hate the popular **** But, is that really m problem? If it's the majority, doesn't it make that their problem? In this day and age, I'm just starting to feel more and more like Stan from "South Park" in the episode where everything he heard and saw was **** Literally, it was **** Every now and again, a real gem will come out, but I feel that all media- movies, music game and tv- are all drinking from the same urnial.

Liberals Are Not Coucks Anymore Than Conservatives Are Facists

"And all I can say is, 'Amen' to this wonderful caller because I completely agree- I think we should be saying the Pledge of Allegiance in schools again."- Wilson Burkett

"Ms. Sugarbaker?" –The Announcer

"I think the Pledge of Allegiance is wonderful- and so is the flag." Julia Sugarbaker turns to the announcer and says, "You know- it's not an official document. It was taken from a children's magazine."

"Yes, but should reciting it be mandatory?-The Announcer

"No… It should be a privilege." Julia Sugarbaker

"I just don't think I could vote for someone like Ms. Sugarbaker who is so obviously against school prayer."- Viewer call in.

"You know, it warms my heart to hear a caller like this, because it gives me hope that we are not going to allow the Liberals of this country to take us down the pike again. That's why this issue is coming out of the closet and back into the ****oom- where it has always belonged since this nation of ours was founded. "-Wilson Burkett

"Ms. Sugarbaker?"-The Announcer

"Let me say, once again, that I am not against prayer."- Julia Sugarbaker

"Oh, these people are never against prayer, per se. They're what I call '14% Christians'. They go to Church one day a week and spend the next six trying to keep morals and decent values out of our schools and government- the very two institutions that should be instilling these things into our young people to begin with. I say there's a reason we call it 'one nation- under God- Indivisible'. Maybe Ms. Sugarbaker forgot what that phrase was all about."- Wilson Burkett

"No, Mr. Burkett, I have not forgotten. I was thinking that you seemed to have forgotten the phrase, 'Separation of Church and State'- but the ONE THING I DID forget was just how divisive and dishonest and distasteful someone like you can be. I've sat here today and listened to you pander to these people, but you don't actually care about them, or you wouldn't be sitting here reinforcing their ignorance and prejudices."- Julia Sugarbaker

"You hear that, America? She just called you all ignorant and prejudice!"- William Burkett

"I DO NOT THINK EVERYONE IN AMERICA IS IGNORANT! FAR FROM IT! But we are, today, probably the most uneducated, under-read, and illiterate nation in the Western Hemisphere. Which makes it all the more puzzling to me why the biggest question on your small mind is whether or not Little Johnny is going to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. And I'll tell you something else, Mr. Burkett, I have had it UP TO HERE with you and your phony issues and your Yankee Doodle yakking! If you like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, then I think you should do it! In the car, in the shower- wherever the mood strikes you. But don't try to tell me when or where I have to say or do or salute anything, because I am an American, too! And that is what being an American is all about!

And another thing- I am sick and tired of being made to feel that if I am not a member of a little family with 2.4 children, who goes to Cherry Fallwells Church, and puts a hand over their hearts every morning that I am unreligious, unpatriotic, and un-American because I have news for you, Mr. Burkett! ALL LIBERALS ARE NOT COUCKS anymore than ALL CONSERVATIVES ARE FACISTS! AND THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, GOD WAS NETIHER A DEMOCRAT, NOR A REBULICAN! AND JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION- YES, I AM A LIBERAL! I am also a Christian. I get down on my knees and pray everyday. On my own turf. On my own time.

One of the things I pray for, Mr. Burkett, is that people with power will get good sense and people with good sense will get power. And that the rest of us will be blessed with the patience and the strength to survive the people like you in the meantime! "-Julia Sugarbaker

Video Game Respirator

Been a while.... aahhhhhhhhh. Sorry, had to let a breath out.

So, I'm pleased to see Sailor Moon is being revived, not just through paper, but on the DS. What a delight. It got me thinking... I know that Hollywood tends to do the same thing over and over, and the video game realm really is no different-is it bad? With a movie, I mean, you just watch it- whereas a video game, you get to experience it. Oh well, that's not the thesis.... what got me thinking was other video games I feel should be respirated and brought back to life- via the systems that are available to us now.

-For starters, since Sailor Moon is what got me thinking on this topic, let's start with her. Yes, it's weird anime stuff (I mean, in the SS movie, they were kidnapping children.... just weird stuff). But, that's not to say that Sailor Moon can't make the goods. For instance, her RPG game on the SNES, "Sailor Moon: Another Story". Thanks to gamers and fans alike, translations have been issued for this game, so the Western hemisphere can enjoy it. It's a pretty slick little RPG that let's you choose not only which senshi to have in you party, but their arrangement, as well as being able to fuse their powers to heal, harm and protect. I imagine seeing this on the 360/PS3/PSP/DS- any of those, would be beautiful, whether they did like a 3d deal, or a 2d art gimmick. Either way, we all win when the final package is a beautiful game filled with a wonderful, fun story (SM never really takes itself too seriously) and great animation. This would be a sure fire winner here for me!

-Urban Chaos. I feel D'Arci Stern DID NOT get a fair chance. If you were like me and suffered through this game, you somehow found it charming and engaging, in all it's splendor. I no longer look at it as suffering- I now look at it as "mastering". Yes, I've mastered Urban Chaos- I know how to wrangle the camera the right way I need to have it when I need to have it, I know not to sprint while by a ledge or on a platform with no rails.... I even know how to punch a badguy, backflip, slide him down and handcuff him, in one foul swoop. And I gotta say, it's pretty sweet to do. GTA and SR only let us see one side- the criminal. This game made you play as a cop- you got to run around town, question pedestrians- could even beat them up, cuff them, and search them! And, I feel, the city was pretty lively. Pretty much every mission had one main goal, and about 5-6 little side thingsthat you just happen to stumble upon. Also, hidden throughout the city on rooftops and in back alleys are power ups that make D'Arci stronger, which make you want to skulk the city, therefore activating these missions. On a systemnowadays, this would be THE ISHT! The game just needs better resoluted graphics and tighter controls. I felt the script and voice acting was on par. It was Tomb Raider in the city... This is a gem, and is #1 on my PSP games list, and would be a sure Pre-Order for me if they remade it for today.

-Super Adventure Island. I loved this game on the SNES. There was Mario, there was Link... and to me, there was Master Higgins. I felt the sequel was the strongest entry in the series... you got armor and weapon upgrades, and had a cute little map you floated around. Maybe people didn't like the chubby islander in a grass skirt, or maybe it was because I was living in Hawaii when I first played this game, but it always gives me fond memories, and is one of my favorite platformers. I'm very surprised that Hudson never brought it back, via the Wii or XBLA/PSN. I mean, it was never even on the GBA- and almost anything that was on the SNES got remade for GBA standards... This game rocked, and I think it would still be able to hold up to todays platfromers, as it wasn't too serious- just good ol' island fun!

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've played every single BTVS game. I wish the PSX one actually went through, so I could have it on my PSP. I still have the EXACT same copy of the first copy of the XB game I got. I liked Chaos Bleeds, but for me, the first BTVS was the best, as well as the best TV/MOVIE BASED Video Game. This game is 100% Buffy. If Batman: Arkham City is the best Superhero game, Buffy would be the best TV show inspired game. Aside from Buffy and the Master, the show's cast reprises their role in game, and the fighting, as well as the dusting animation of the vampires, are taken straight from the show. I'd love to see Buffy continue in video games, as she just fits. The GBA title was okay, The DS title was cool and I was happy to see it (still have the game even though I don't own a DS). Honestly, I'd love to see them do like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the Buffyverse. Have Buffy, Kendra, Faith, and Kennedy on a team and call it "Slayerhood", where you get a bonus or something.... Buffy fans everywhere would jump for joyce at that... hehe.....

-Fighting Force. People either loved or hated this title. I am the ealier. I thought Fighting Force was a shoe-in for Streets of Rage. They fudged up with the 2nd one. The game didn't need a COMPLETE overhaul like that, it just really needed to be though out more. If they made this game for todays gamers, I would hope they would keep the four main characters and the beat 'em up feel, and even the 3d aspect. I thought it worked. You could hit in a full range. I would like to be able to maybe upgrade them- give them stats and a ishtton of moves that maybe could only be accessed via certain story points, or maybe limited to what skills you distribute. Fighting Force wasn't toally without hope, and I'd play this game WAYYYY before I'd Play SoR 2/3, and I love me some SoR!

-Xena Warrior Princess. This game on the PSX was slick! She was fighting big assded cylops', Amazon's under a spell, pirates, Menataurs- Xena was doing it big WAY before Kratos was. And the combat was airtight, for a PSX game. Not only could Xena kick and slash (and mix the two), but she could backflip and cartwheel outta danger, as well as get upgrades! Also, her chakram is available as a means to disable threats, and it's a blast. You throw it, and you control where it goes. It's pretty cool when you pull chakram moves off like she did in the show (i.e., you throw it around a bad guy, and as it comes back, it kills 2 or 3). I think if Xena was brought to HD, this game would be pretty epic. And who doesn't love them some lesbians?

-Firday the 13th. Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Oh god, no!' But just hear me out- if they kept the EXACT formula from the NES version, but made it 3D... that game would be scary as **** Maybe not so much with the zombies, that may hinder the gameplay... but picture it- the game is comrpised of 3 or 5 days. When you start, it's day... as you're going through these empty ransacked cabins looking for supplies (or maybe lighting fireplaces, via the O.G.), you notice now the suns going down. At one point, you realize you're now thick in the night. Now this night doesn't end until you kill Jason for the first time (and like the O.G., each time you killed him ended a day survived at Camp Crystal Lake). I think he should still appear randomly, like he did in the NES version. Maybe you notcie him by the iconic Vorhees sound, or maybe you just notice the twigs snappping beneath his feet. You can fight him, but no longer like the Mike Tyson Punch Out formula everyone knows and hates. Now, instead, you have options, but they're very limited (albeit very realistic)- you're cornered in a cabin, and through a window, you see him walking around, hunting you. Do you run out, trying to get away from him, or do you hide in the shadows or under the beds? Do you push something in front of the door to barricade it, via RE5 syle, or do you try to widdle his health away with whatever weapon you have (just like O.G. again- knives, machetes, pitchforks, torches, etc), until he decides to retreat.... As much as people hated it back then, if this game was done now, and done correctly, it would scare the pants off audiences more than the movies do. Keep all the counselors from the first one and keep the switch-on-the-fly aspect, just have each counsler handle differently and maybe have them get upgrades... maybe even have weapon ****s. Keep the children in cabins you have to row to to get to. Keep his mother's head as the subboss. Lose the music. This game would be scary if they just had ambience and the twigs snapping under your feet- or jason's, if he's stalking you. If you got rid of the zombies, and just had Jason and his momma's head as a boss, it would probably be a lot better. Imagine a game where you only really have one enemy, but he's super hard to kill, and when he shows up, he scares the isht outta you. THIS would be a one of the most boss survival horror games! I'm thinking PSX's "Clock Tower", but not a point and click, and way more adrenaline fueled. Adding multiplayer would be sweetness, too. Think of being able to have one person get the dullards attention while you set up acrushing blow via enviornmental traps or something... and Multiplayer doesn't have to stop at co-op, etiher...Jason Vs. Counslers! One person's Jason, and powerful as hell, and has to stalk and kill the other counslers.... that would be an epic online game, I think.

-AND FINALLY.... Final Fantasy 7. I know there was that tech demo, and this is not, by anyway,new news when it comes to a revamped wishlisht, but Final Fantasy 7, in my eyes, isn't just an awesome video game- it's a beautiful entry into fiction/science fiction. The story and the envoironments are beautiful... and the Soundtrack is more catchy than Super Mario (is that even possible)? I think the series deserves it, and anybody that hasn't experienced it because it's an old game or an RPG really need to be reintorduced to it. And, this might be a shocker, but I would not recommend voice acting. Call it what you want, but I like what the guy who designed it said. He was qutoed to say that they wanted to leave these characters up to the imagination. If I had someone that sounded like Leon from RE4 (Emo, you KNOW Cloud's Emo), it would ruin it for me. Just enhance the graphics. Bring this beautiful fusion of story/gameplay back. And this means something, cos I'm not really an RPG fan. I don't just see this game as an RPG, I see it as a beautiful work of fiction (or science fiction... whichever....)

Again, these are just games from my mind that I think should get another chance on today's platfroms, as I think they have more staying power than the big companies give them credit for. Games suck, but sometimes they don't suck because they're lacking inspiration, just the hardware to flesh it out. The video games mentioned on this list have kept me playing through the years, to the day as of this writing- I imagine I'm not the only one out there who likes at least one of the games on this list. Now's a good time to be a gamer, as we are working diligantly in the business, both behind the scenes and out in front. And I fully trust gamers know what gamers want.

Committed: Love and Video Games

The BIGGEST requirement for me in a relationship is that the other person be a gamer. I could not date someone that couldn't even at least casually play video games. It's just not something I'm willing to negotiate on. I don't want to have to try and explain to you why it's important to pre-order certain games, or when the Mario is coming out, and I shouldn't even have to EXPLAIN who he is.

I have a firm belief: play a video game with your man (or, I guess, chick), and see how he/she handles these very crucial keys: pressure, competition, communication+cooperation, and losing (if you're like me, you're the one waxing that azz)... lol! So, with that being said, I want to say, in my experience, these are the best games to play, co-op, with the significant other, to enhance and envoke some great timesthat don't require a cheap dinner and a condom:

#1 on my list is: Resident Evil 5. This game is desinged for cooperation, and it is one game me and mine have been through MANY times, due to it's lengthy campaign and it's DLC. When you and your partners backs are against the wall, it's nice to see how they handle it: do they stick around to pick the undead off with you, or do they go and loot? This is important to note, as it probably speaks to how they are in life, ya digg?

#2 is Left4Dead2. Note: this is only here because "Dead Island" isn't out yet, and I can't wholeheartidly put that here in it's place. Read my other blog on how I feel about L4D2. But, anyways, this is another good one that shows off cooperation, and if you want, competition via the Versus mode (it can really kill the mood when you assume the role of tha Tank: can you make it to the other survivors and kill them? =D). And, at the end of the campaign, will you leave them for safety and risk not having to do the whole damn finale again?

#3- Saint's Row 2. This is SUCH a no-brainer for anybody, especially if you're both fans of the GTA series, as this takes that idea, but greatly amps up the ante with an isht ton of character customization. You and yours can both play, but still have seperate characters. It's one of the best games to play. Bonnie and Clyde type isht!

#4- Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Many of mine have fallen (and most have cried) to the Smackethdown I have laid on them with Peach. This game greatly promotes to see how the fool will act at losing. Will he stand there and take it like a man, or throw the controller like he was playing Mario back on the NES? Tension gets tight when it's just you and yours on the battlefield. Only play this if you don't want to have sex for the next couple of nights... lol!

#5- Hunted/Gears of War. I've never really played GoW, but from what I have played of it, it seems like Hunted emulated a bunch of it. These games are tough in their own right (far more tough than RE5 and SR2), so you two have to have clear cooperation and communication as to what the Hell is going on. Definitely not for the short tempered.

#6- Fable 3. I've never really played F2, but the 3rd installment is the slickest that I've seen in the series, and it shares the concept of SR2. Again, this is almost a no-brainer.

#7- Ms. Splosion Man. She is a mess, and this game is absolutely fabulous (darling), and the fact that it's a totally different game with another person only adds to the versatility of this game. It harkens back to the golden days of video games, and this is perfect for the retro gaming couple. You have to rely on each other and 'Splode with each other (you nasty!) to get to the end of the stages. Tubs of 'Splodin' fun!

#8- Bomberman Battlefest Live. This one is for the competitive nature, and it also lets you see how they strategize. Will they kill the CPU players before you, or is it free reign?

#9- Mario Kart or Sega All-Star Racing. They're pretty much one in the same, but they both are just silly, fast fun that will let you and yours vie for #1, hurl isht at each other along the way.


#10- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I like the first one, but I love the 2nd one. The story is great and pretty lengthy, and if you're both Marvel fans, there's at least one Hero on there you won't mind playing through and powering up, and it's sweet to combine powers (Fusions) to tear isht up on the screen. Both are great together!

Thankfully, this list is growing, and it seems more and more that games are becoming as popular as weddings, which means more people are playing together, so I definitely invision an explosion of co-op titles from here on out. Of course, ther are tons more games, but these are the games that I have racked hours on with significant others, and they seem to do their jobs into letting you know what kind of person they are, if you just watch how they act, who they create, and how they take winning/losing!

At the end of the day, all I'm saying is the couple that games together, stays together. And if not, let them win... just once. =)

Why I Left Left4Dead... 4 Dead. Ha! Sorry...

I avidly pleged my alligence to XBox WAYYY back when "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" came out (and was only released on it). So, naturally, I upgraded to the 360 when it came out, cos "TR:Legend" came out, and I figured it deserved to be played on the next-gen. Although I waivered from this faith a few times (shamelessly for a Wii with SSBBrawl... so sue me. And I found the error of my ways- ever have the Wii as your ONLY system? Shoot me). But, I reaffirmed the religion when L4D2 came out, and Rochelle was the chick in it. Gone were the days I had to play with Zoie, and look at Leather daddy Francis.

And I wore that game out. Like when I first learned how to Hula Hoop, I stayed on that piece. I found creative ways to play (have a buddy or brave it yourself, and kill the other team members, and just go it alone. Suh-weet). And when they released "The Passing", I had high hopes (both literally and quite foolishly) that they would keep it fresh. So, I kept playing.

Then I noticed the other DLC they had. What the hell was this?! It was... L4D1 levels, but with the sequel's weapons. And, the characters, per chance? Pssh- No! It was later explained to me that the only reason this was done was because they didn't have t he voice clippings to have, say, Rochelle answer Zoie, or Francis respond to Nick. I think they could have woked that out, but they didn't, and I'm sticking to that story, because they let their gold tarnish... sourfully.

Sorry, you can tell I'm a little passionate about this... okay, antyways, so I kept playing. I was a L4Deadhead like no one's business. Then, one day, I realized something. It was like Jesus, Buddah, Krishna and Santa all came down to me in a vision- L4D is not innovative- it's flat out cheap. Yeah, I said it, VavlE. IT'S CHEAP.

People's Exhibit A: Dark Carnival. That fudging part where you're waiting for the gates to open to run to the Safehouse. Okay, you manage to kill ALL the zombies that run outat you, and those effing Smokers that keep grabbing you from behind, and the "gates are now open- make a run for it!". You get through the FLOOD of zombies, only to be pounced on by 3 or 4 Hunters. If you and your team manage to get through that, there's more zombies, and another Hunter or two. As you near the Safehouse, a Spitter runs out from it and spits right in the direction you're going (the ONLY direction you can go). Again, if you manage to get passed all that, and get into the Safehouse- BAM! There's a Witch. But you could hear the little bint because of the all the isht that was going on outside, so now you're getting tore up by her, and you know your partners aren't going to make it, if they're not already dead.

If you've played it, you know this, or something similair has happened. "Oh, well, that's keeping it real, like real life". First off, ain't no way in HELL 800 zombies are gonna come rushing out of a closet, and then have another rush. I just don't buy it. I feel it's a flaw in the games design- how they randomly spawn and isht. I LOVE the idea and give it credit, but it really needs to be ironed out. Once I sat there, after that failed attempt, and really thought about it, I had never been so turned off by a video game I cherished for so long. Hell, I STILL play "Friday the 13th" on the NES, even I don't find that effing Torch.

I'm mostly saying this because my lawyer advised me to make amends with it during the divorce, and this is the only way I know how to. Lol! I had been cheating on it, anyways, sneaking peeks at "Dead Island" and what have you. I probably won't go back to L4D unless they release realease the first two as some kind of combination or something, where it doesn't matter who you are and what levels to play. Or, if they fix their desing bug, maybe. But, until that day arrives, and after I hit post on this, I ain't lookin back.

C'mon, Sept. 6th! That's been my mantra! Lol!

Gamer's Edge: Top Five Things In Video Games That Could Re-Invent The Industry

It's no secret, ya'll know I LOVE video games. I love all types of video games: FPS', RPG's, and even **** games (like Friday the 13th on the NES... classic, in my eyes). But, I feel as gamers, we have met a wall in the proverbial road. While graphics and customization have come a LLLLOOONNNGGG way in games, I question the authenticity of some games stories and mechanics. I've heard the old addage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and apparanetly, it's a mantra developers in the gaming world hold tight to. I also know that the Dinosaurs had to become extinct because they didn't evolve, and I REALLY don't ever want to see video games go the way of the Water Buffalo. So, here are some things that I think might make the video game industry fresh and less predictable. Here goes:

5. There has only, until now, been a SELECT few army games I have actually enjoyed playing. It might just be cosmetic to you, but to me, not having a female character in these games really hinders if I'ma try it out. I was sooooo excited to see that CoD commercial with that bad ass Ebony Enchantress walking around blowing **** up with her Sniper Rifle. I was kinda hoping they were not just trying to prove that people from all walks of life were playing this game, but were also going to represent it as such. I was sure there would be a female avatar in there, or maybe a character editor where you could choose to be a chick. There wasn't. And Tom Clancy's Vegas? I SO wanted to dive into it and it's sequel, but I just couldn't get in on all the macho swagg. I feel, and I don't care how it looks, we need some FEMALE PRESENCE'S in these war video games. If we can smack a chick in our favorite fighter as a man, we should be able to get some headshots, too. Ya digg?

4. Wrestling games are a HILARIOUS way to spend time playing video games, especially if you have a friend to fight with/against (Sasha and I used to have mathcs that'd last 45 minutes... we'd go back and fourth beating each other's asses. Good fun). Thankfully, the Diva's are part of the experience when it comes to WWE. And, back in the day, they had it right; you could play as a chick, and you could enter her in ANY match. There was NO limitations or discriminations, and she could even go on to win the WWE Heavywight title. That's a big feat in the wrestling world. But, I swear, when online gaming took off, they decided to take this feature off, I'm guessing because having a chick be #1 on the Leaderboards was not going to fly with fans. I used to could enter Stephanie McMahon into a Hell in the Cell match against Undertaker, and WHOOP HIS ASS. Now, all I can do is Exhibition. Lame!!! I wish they'd go back to the days of yore. It was CRAZY fun!

3. I don't think this is too much to ask, but it is too nerdy- I feel that we could add, in the words of my baby, a **** ton" of replay value to a game if we keep weather and time randomized. If I were to, say, play through a level in the sun, then go through it later and it's night and storming, it'd really make each experience feel fresh. "Left 4 Dead" would be a grrr-eat example of this. You could even go so far as to add enemies and chracters and missions specific to the time of day, the weather pattern, etc etc. Am I crazy? Could you picture this? You'd never play through the same game twice for a looonnngggg while if this was a factor, I feel. Can anyone prove me wrong here?

2. More games focused on the player themselves. The only way I could honestly see this happening in this age is to have better quality avatar games. Not just some shody Indie game (and those people work their ass off, I'm not damning them). I mean, a full fledged game where your avatar could be the lead character. Imagine Super Smash Bros. with avatars. Maybe in that game you could choose the movesets for them or something. Just imagine a bunch of avatars from all different types of people. Especially on platforms like the Wii, were you can make more than one Mii. You'd have you're own games; one for your avatar, and others for whatever kind of creation you could come up with. Now, add either an engrossing storyline, or just make it really fleshed out with gameplay mechanics, and you have a game that is fresh and not realized right now. SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME! Lol! And add random weather to it!

1. MAKE MARIO GAMES THAT DON'T INVOVLE HIM SAVING PEACH. I, personally, would love to see Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad (just like SMB2) saving the Mushroom Kingdom now. Peach can handle herself. If you've played Smash Bros. against me, you know Peach is nothing to just bat an eye at. And the **** can race a kart like no other! So, I'm over her getting kidnapped (which I feel is just her way to have an affair with Bowser). I mean, she had her own video game! She, in my eyes, is no longer the damsel in distress. And, why does it have to be them saving anybody? I think Nintendo has rode high and mighty on this very simple, tired mechanic, and people just eat it up (I'm guilty, too. Hopefully, the Ultimate Mario game hasn't been made yet. I'll keep playing til I see it). Of course, I don't want anybody to hop on this bandwagon yet, as I am penning the Mushroom Kingdom fairy tale, and I don't want anyone stealing that thunder. But, I feel Mario has potential to be SO much more. And, maybe other companies keep the same mechanic because they figure, "Mario's been doing the same **** for the past decade". C'mon, Nintendo, evolve or go extinct!

This may look like an attempt for more of a female movement in the game industry. But, honestly, that's already going on. I'm looking past it. I'm looking at, and seeing pretty much the same video game ideas over and over again. Mario saves Peach every year. Link (or, rather, an incarnation of Link) saves Zelda pretty much every year. I still haven't seen a chick in a good Army shooter (and if there is one, please let me know). And, I'm still purchasing Smackdown Vs. Raw 20xx, hoping each year that maybe it reverted back to the haydays, when the ring was CRAZY. It's not that we need graphics or gimmicks to set our video games apart from each other, but we really need to shy away from openly copying ideas. One CoD game to me is no different from the other Clancy games. The zombie games are getting to be ridiculous (the fact that I heard somebody refer to that little Nazi Zombie minigame as "THE zombie game" makes me want to spit). When a new video game offers only two fresh ideas, and different levels, I think it's time they go away for a while. And as for Nintendo, instead of remaking everything they've created under the sun, I feel they should look at bringing older games back, and remake those. Look, what I'm saying is I don't care for "Star Fox 64 3DS" or "Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS". They've been done. More than once. They have they're appropriate spot on teh Wii Shop channel for download. Instead, bring back the likes of "Super Adventure Island", or "Street Racer", or "Primal Rage" (imagine what that'd be like nowadays.... sweet!). Sega needs to recraft "Streets of Rage" and show all these games that have tried to emulate in the past how it's done.

Unfortunately, this only falls on daef ears. I mean, Hollywood has been doing the same thing for decades. An TV is starting to mimic (I may be excited about ABC remaking "Charlie's Angels", but there's "Hawaii Five-O" and some other remakes on now already). Where the **** is the freshness in the industries that claw so much money from us?

Before I shut this down, let me just say this: I was highly upset with Nintendo's release of "Super Mario All-Stars" on the Wii. I was all about the box art and the art inside, but I would have bet money that Nintendo would have had the decency to at least rem-make the originals in the likes of the "NEW Super Mario Bros." That would have gotten my money. But they didn't even put the GBA's incarnations on this piece, with the brighter graphics and voice acting. It just made me scratch my head. Okay, I'm out. Much Boogie Love!

Who Is Boogie Love?

I don't think a lot of ya'll really KNOW me. You can never read anyones thoughts, unless they write them down. So, I am. So read. Boogie Love is.... 1. Above all, a writer. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Of course, they were stupid little short stories (if they even ever got finished). And, I always wondered about the unfinished projects. Did the characters just hang in limbo until I go and give them a proper ending? Anyways, a writer. I write ALL types of **** From poems (like the gold on here), to Science fictions (currently penning a zombie manifesto, as well as a Mushroom Kingodm fairytale... oh, yes) to Ficiton (I plan on writing, in the best way to describe it, a black "Valley of the Dolls", but promise to offer more shocks and back-stabbing). And, as of recently, have been hammering out a few philosophies as well as fallacies. Boogie Love transcends all borders of the norm writer. Hopefully, I'll never have to sell out. And if I do, I hope ya'll understand! Lol!
2. A Black Woman trapped in this body. Okay, this is a doozy to explain unless you formally have known me for more than two years. There is a beautiful Ebony Enchantress that is my soul inside this caucasian **** body, no offense (non taken) thanks. I have SO MUCH soul, it amazes me. From being a HUGE Pam Grier fan to having the mental voice of a black girl in my head at all times (literally, my thought are in Ethnicolor! Lol!) My thoughts are rendered in a black girls voice. It's kinda nice, actually. And, anytime there is an Ebony Enchantress in da area (as long as she ain't a crackhead, ya digg?), I brighten up. My whole demeanor changes. I am no longer nervous, just very comfortable. Bet that!

3. A video gamer. Maybe not in the epic sense that HALO is my go-to game, and my Gamerscore hasn't broke 2,000 yet. But, in the sense that the first thing I crawled to was a Nintendo, and I have more video games than I do clothing (which, as a gay man, is WTF). I may not be a gamer in the conventional sense (and have even had people revoke my license to game when I list "Urban Chaos" as one of the best PSX games), but I am in the sense that I keep up on the hot games/systems/stories that circulate in the industry. And, I am currently working my ass off to write for that industry. So, 3 and 1 kinda feed into each other.

4. A smoker. From weed to cigarettes, yes, I smoke. Only weed and cigarettes, I should say. And, I gotta tell you, I've switched to natural cigarettes. And they aren't half bad, and I don't feel quite as disgusting as I used to. Weed is a non-negotiable. It helps me in all aspects, from stress, to creativity, to just making my mind blank to be able to play through a video game. It's kinda nice... =)

5. An Ex-Bull****ter. I DO NOT like to be a bull****ter, however that's all this society is full of nowadays. And, recently, I've cut that out. I've decided that I'm not going to agree or laugh at something that I normally wouldn't. I've been told you have to do that to some people, but I don't understand it. I'm over it, and if you don't like me because I didn't hop through some hoop, you can get gone. The only ass I wanna kiss is Ms. Ladys! It's so plump and perfect, and I mean it in a non-heterosexual way! Lol!

6. A wonderful sense of self. Can ya'll feel this? I don't like something. And, nine times out of ten, I'ma tell you why I don't like. I will have a reason. See, people think Boogie Love is full of Hate. But, that's not the case. I just don't have Love for what I feel isn't genuine. In this world of 2011, most words have no weight. I feel that if someone can look at themself, and see exactly where they stand on things (even if they're trivial), you have a wonderful sense of self. Not too much, because then it becomes pretentious. But, if someone asks you something, you're response should be more than a one-word answer. "Because" is not a reason, just a conjuction. Let's leave it that way.

7. I'm brave. I don't give a **** Especially if you've wronged me. Watch the **** out. See, what a lot of you may not know... Boogie used to rock High Heels in Highschool. I mean, some big gal shoes, ya digg? I'm talking stripper shoes, stiletto's and boots. My shoe game was oh-so vicious in HS. And, of course, I was nervous at first. But with help from important people (Danni, Zoie, Gangsta Boo), I decided I didn't give a **** And I try to hold that mentality with most things. We're on this Earth for such a short time. And closed mouths don't get fed. So, the way I see it, keep that **** open, do what you want (as long as it doesn't involve animals or children), and LOOK NO FURTHER THAN YOURSELF FOR APPROVAL. For real. **** a friend. You feel me? If they your friends, they'd be behind you 100%. Do what you gotta do to make yourself happy. And if making yourself happy hurts someone else, maybe you should go back to the drawing board. I waited in someone's office with the lights out for them to come in to slam them with questions on a pressing problem. Like Toni Childs, I specialize in RESULTS!

8. I have a foul mouth. I understand that this may be an issue for a lot of people. But, I'ma tell you what I told my French teacher in HS (which I got from "Queens of Comedy" Adele Givens): "It ain't what comes out yo mouth that makes it dirty... it's what you put in there. And I wash all the dicks I suck". Probably not the smartest move, it got me detention. But, it's true. GOD DAMN! Did that word offend you? It shouldn't. It doesn't even offend God. Look, if a word can offen God, no wonder Gays and Blacks and everyone else act up when they get called from out their name. Words are nothing but a way for us to communicate. We cannot give words power. Well, we do, but I don't. You can say **** around me, or Hell, call me a ****. I really don't let words bother. Or sentences, either. So, hit me with your best shot. I bet I have better aim. How can you offend that which cannot be offended?

9. There is a good heart up in here. Between the Black Girl mentality, and the high heel wearing days, there has always been a heart ruling my every move. Hell, when I write, I don't use my mind, I use my heart. My mind just helps my heart find the right words. I care. Hell, I get upset when I see the SPCA commercials (ugh... poor animals. ****ing people). Perfect RECENT example- about 3 days before I got fired from Second Rate Image, a father and his son came into the store. They didn't look well-off (mostly because they had dirt+stains on their clothes, and the kids hair was wild). They only needed the A/V cord to a Playstation 2. I didn't know how much it was. And, I wasn't gonna ask the fools in back, it'd probably be like, $13, which is WAY to expensive. I gave it to them for $1. And the dad was so happy. All I could think of was me and my father. We weren't poor, thank God, but it wasn't the easiest thing, either. So, I have quite a heart in me. I may have a "rough" exterior, and may have the "I-don't-give-a-****" attitude, but I gotta tell you- someone whom carries themselves like they "don't give a **** really DOES give a **** They just have to not give a **** to give a **** ya digg?


10. I am human. As we all are, lest we forget. I am on this huge ****ing rock with a little hydrogen and oxygen, as you are. I'm not sharing my planet with you, and you're not sharing your planet with me. We're just lucky enough to both be here. If you like me, I love you. If you don't like me, I have no idea who you are. I will not be rude unless you are. And, for the love of God, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. That's a fools agenda. I just want you to be honest with me, or nothing to me. Is that bad? Maybe in your eyes. But I'm refusing to live with bull**** now. I haven't had a trace of bull**** since I left that Bull****tery Second Rate Image, and I don't need anymore bull****. For I am human, and I will be dead soon. I need to fully live before I can die.

In the end, I am so thankfull for where I am at, both physically and mentally. I feel that I have weeded out a lot of my own bull**** in the past couple of months. It literally just took a clear head, a little loving, and some weed+zombies to get me here, and I will kick and fight to stay here until I'm dead. I'm happy now. Death doesn't obsess me as it had been, and God hasn't screwed me as he thought he had been (he can't screw a human because God could care less about screwing a human... life is His screwdriver. It handles the work for him).

Man, I love me!

Cognitive Dissonance

Okay, so I got caught on this bad assed History Channel show last night called, "Prophets of Doom". They gathered some of the smartest men on the subjects that fill all "end world" scenarios (sans Religion): Overpopulation, Economy, Water, Oil, Tenchnology, and Nuclear Terrorism. My favorite out of all of them was the Overpopulation dude, Michael Ruppert... he put the information right on the table, said he offered no "magic bullet" to the solution, just what we can do. He realizes that at the point we're at now, we cannot save everyone. And he also said this wasn't a "Save the Wales", lefty kinda speech- this **** was serious. For Democrat and Republican alike, seeing as how, AMAZINGLY, we both inhabit this Earth

Okay, Overpopultion: I totally agree. I really do think there are just WAY too many people on this Earth, and the numbers (and buildings we have to build to accomodate) keep growing. If you say the numbers on the population from Jesus' time to now, your eyes would spin. I suggest you go see, it's really quite amazing. I just do not understand how we're going to fit anymore people on this ship. Mr. Ruppert even referred to it as the "Titanic". That ship was supposed to be "unsinkable". And what was one of the major flaws on that piece? They didn't have enough lifeboats to supports everyone. And he ended it by saying, "we are on the Titanic, but some people don't want to believe until they're underwater". Deep stuff. He was, by far, the most collected and sagacious of the group. I was really impressed.

Next, the Economy: This is kinda a given. It really makes no sense to me at all, maybe it's my pot-adled mind, or I'll just never get it, but we're in debt. To who? China? I mean, who would CHina be in debt to? And isn't most of the **** we buy from China? So, where's the disconnect? I just don't understand how we are perpetually screwed, and now they're working out a global currency. I mean, paper money has only been around, I believe they said, 140 years? So this Federal currency we had was kind of still in it's test phase. The money thing will always be a mystery to me.... I get we should want it, we should work to get it, yadda yadda ya... but wtf?

After the Economy was the Water Douche: I only call him a douche because he kept swaying the argument towards the Water, and he was driving a damned SUV to the meeting! Mind you, the only one, erryone else took a cab, one dude took a train. He's rolling around talking about, "Water water nowhere and not a drop to drink", and he's got a baby eater! It was a mess! Anyways, I feel the water think. It's not that we're running out of water, it's just the amount of fresh, consumable water is greatly dupleted. Which basically means that we won't have water we can use. Already, some places (Singapore, Australia, California, Utah, to name a few) are recyling (or planning to) their sewer water. I mean, straight converting that piece to drinkable, nasty looking water. But it may be the reality. Already, it's illegal to take more than a five minute shower in Australia. Like my baby said, I don't understand how they gauge that, but I'm sure it's a law, seeing as how there's a bunch a dumb laws already no one can gauge (can I hear "sodomy", ok?). It just rocks my world... and pretty soon, Florida's gonna be screwed. They also made a mention that they've traced caffine in fish from the sewer water because they weren't equipped to filter the things like caffine and, more seriously, perscription drugs that we human consume everyday. Yikes. So, next time you have a glass of water, don't be surprised if you catch yourself a little buzz. I couldn't imagine a world without water... I never really thought of it, and I'll touch on this later. Lemme put an * here, next time you see it, I'll elaborate.

Now, to the Oil conundrum: we, America, have already reached what they call our "Peak Oil" spot. We reached this back in the 70's. We went from producing 10 million (holy **** barrels of Oil, A DAY, to now, a meezly 5 million barrels. And that's just here in America. Where are the 10th Country in the world to use the most Energy. Don't be too proud of that. They said people in Ireland (who ranked 33, I think), enjoyed life just as much as we did, and they don't use half of what you use to charge your iPod, Pads, and Phones. There is no substitue for Fossil Fuels, just inadequate alternatives. Also, he talked about Robert Hirsch. Robert Hirsch was the Senior Energy Advisory at MISI. He wrote a report properly named, "Hirsch's Report". In it, it spoke of how, where we are right now, at this very moment, we cannot continue. At all. It's too much. Instead, the government buried this report.... deep. They didn't want to threaten the way we, as a civilization. live with these astounding findings (Google it for full report... crazy isht).

So, the Technology: yeah, it's really Sci-Fi. It's crazy, it's a mess, but it is a possibility. Robots are advancing daily. Processors are getting more compact and efficient, and they have become a part of everyday life, for better or for worse. The guy representing Technology works on them, and says that he sees dramatic changes in them everyday. He said that North Korea said there would be a robot servent in every household (in Korea) by 2020. Bill Gates went even further to say that by 2030, Robotic servents would be a MULTI-BILLION dollar company. So, the Technology guys argument was that if they were to become self-aware, what would happen. They could house all of the worlds knowledge, so what would they do with it. What if they decided to, as he put it, "get rid of oxygen simply because it makes their circuits rust, and they don't need it like we do". He also said that our brains work on a chemical level, meaning we can't think things all the time. Of course, the robot has a brain that works at the speed of light. Scream. I mean, we'd have to solve our financial+oil problem to get to this point, thankfully, but it still was interesting to see. I just don't understand... if we think it could happen, and we have amazing scientific proof backing that it might, why wouldn't we just avoid it althogether?

And last but not least, Nuclear Terrorism: Obama, in 2010, said, "The threat of Nuclear War has gone down. The threat for Nuclear Terrorism has increased". The guy that was talking about this subject was very passoinate, and I felt he provided a very valid case. He said, "The hardest part of a Nuclear bomb isn't to get it to go off.... the hardest part is to keep it from going off". He broke it down in a way I'd never thought of it, it'd basically be a mini-star on this Earth. Like our Sun. A very small inkling of our Sun on this Earth. That's just **** crazy. It wraps my brain to think we just created this **** to end a war. I don't think it achieved what it set out to do. It may have won that battle, but as we can tell, there's still a war going on. He said that there was a sting in the U.S. were some feds went into a Nuclear waste place with nothing but a Home Dept. cart and started loading the Plutonium like it was nothing, then walked right out with it. That's howe easy, apparently, it is to obtain that **** It's bananas...

So, yeah, it was a great program. Oh, wait, someone wants to say "Hi" to you- it's Mr. *.

*- The Economy guy said something so profound to me. Something I know that I'm guilty. Something I definitely know everyone else is guilty of. You know, when you just know the truth, and it's sooooo bad, so you just put it way out of your mind. You think, "Oh, I'll just deal with it when I get to it". It's called "cognitive dissonance". We, as humans (or, hopefully, as just Americans), are walking around in this perpetual state of dissonance. We need to do something about it. I'm so sick of being scared of this **** I'm sick of people talking about they wanna kills us.

And lemme say this- DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN HOLLYWOOD **** I know this seems like it's coming from left field, but we, as Americans, are in love with our celebrities. My problem with it is that's how we're trying to live.... like the Kardashians, Gwyneth Dip****, and others. As you can tell, all of these problems all feed off each other, so it's just a matter of which house of cards will fall first.

If you can catch, "Prophets of Doom" on the History Channel, I suggest you watch. From what I've seen, though, they don't play it that much.... so, catch that lightining in a bottle when you can. I don't mean to come off as a pot smoking hippy. We're past that. It's not cute anymore, it's not valid anymore. Stop and look around you. EVERYONE is living outside of their means. If you have three kids, but only one person works, you're probably living outside of your means. It'll change, though... it's got to. They said History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Remember that.

Much Boogie Love, ya'll.

Boogie Love On... Religion

Here goes nothing (and if I end up with no friends on my Facebook after, I undestand): I have been thinking A LOT about religion lately. From the end of days, to Jesus, to God, back to where I fit into the whole equation. It all started when I picked up a book called "2012: Extinction of Eutopia" by J. Allan Danelek. This is not your typical end of days book, but rather an uncandid look at how erronous it is that the world will indeed end in 2012. It covers everything, from meteors hitting Earth, to nuclear meltdowns, to the apocalypse. Now, Danelek, himself, used to be a devout Christian. At a young age, he got onto the Christian Bandwagon and drove that sucker all the way to Ohio. He had even witnessed the Lord standing humanity up a few times before he completely dejected the whole idea. Did ya'll know Jesus was suppossed to be back on Earth about 15 times? Each time, the person that said he was coming was SO sure (mathmatically) that he'd be here, and when he didn't show up, the only answer ever given was "He's just giving sinners more time to repent". There are two things wrong here- First off, the fact that said person never admitted that they were wrong or miscalculated, but that Jesus was giving us more time, and that right there, Jesus giving us more time. I really hope that our Lord has a set schedule. If he is SO unwavering in the fact that gays can't marry, and Jews are bad, than wouldn't you think he'd be here when he said he will? I hope it's never the case that he's getting ready to come back, but then decides not to, for the people, of course. People who haven't tried to get any better. We're STILL out here murdering, raping, killing, kidnapping and robbing. So, either Jesus has TOO much faith in people, or people too little faith in him, but either way, the whole idea is fucocked. I've also been paying attention to a lot of UFO stuff... from the sighting to the body that was found in Russia (I don't give a fudge what they say. It was bread and chicken skin. Look, if it was, the only way I'ma believe it is for you to make a sandwich out of it and eat it, until then, that things real) to the simple evidence on this Earth. Easter Island? Stone Henge? They Pyramids? That was not the luck of a cro-magnon. If I seperate myself from what Iwas raised on, and the crazy stupid ideas of Scientology, I can see it. I can see what we call ET's (but one day may refer to as God) placing life on this planet that supports life. And I can see how we could get confused with God in the sky when, technically, these things come from the sky. And, who knows, what if Jesus was just some carpenter that was abducted, or brought straight here from another world, which would solidify his spot as the absolute son of God. Again, this is me if I seperate myself from myself. That was just a little sci-fi inflection... the real thing here is religion, yay or nay? I feel that religion is just man's way of completely forfitting ALL TRACES OF HUMAN RESPONSIBLITY. I mean, you do something good, and God allowed. You do something bad, and the Devil made you do. Well, where the fudge were you when this divine puppest show was going on? They say God didn't create the Devil or evil, just everything else. And, please bear in mind, God controls the Devil, but he didn't create him. God is letting all the evil on this Earth, for now, but will regain control of it. It's just SO silly to me to think that God didn't create teh Devil. Okay, look, , if you create EVERYTHING, you CREATE EVERYTHING, ya digg? You don't get to pick and choose. If you made all that was beautiful and right in this world, than you made all that's ugly and wrong, too. I'm not sure I even believe in the Devil... I think the idea exists and is evident in our society, but I don't think Lucifer is the reason I'm gay or is the reason I like that straight GANGSTA rap music! Lol! And did you know that the Antichrist refers to first roman emporer Nero? Nero blamed the Christians for the fire that ravaged Rome in 64 CE, and had a poop ton of them crucified because of it? And the mark of the beast, 666? That was just clever decoding for Nero when Aposotles would write of him, for naming him as outright the beast would have people immediately imprisoned, if not murdered? So, if you're still waiting for the Antichrist to come, he's been here. And he's here again, in the form of Justin Bieber (think about it). Lol! That last one was a joke. Of course, this is probably making my Mother shake her head in Heaven. I'm not damning religion,l nor am I trying to sway anyone's judgement on it, as I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm just trying to stress that we, as human beings, must BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. Not in the next life, but in this one, as this is the only one that is 100% certain and for a fact. Why live thinking you can make up for it? If you're gonna be bad, be bad and don't blame it on an evil presence that doesn't exist, and if you're gonna be good, be good for the sake of it, not becuase an all-seeing, omnipotent oracle is watching your every move. It is SO easy for us to fight wars in the name of God, or to get anyone to do ANYTHING if you drop the Big Man's name down like that. The only God I am sure aobut is this Universe... the infinite darkness to which we nknow no limits or ends. This Universe, in it's entirty (however vast it is) is the only divine force. Do you think if a meteor came barreling towards Earth, and we all sat down and prayed that God would flick it out of our radius? Highly doubt it. "Well, then, God wants the meteor to hit us". C'mon. Really? Before I shut this down and loose all of my friends, I'm just saying, you are you. For better or for worse. Do what you can everyday. If you've succeeded, know it was you. If you failed, know that it was you. If you were mean as Hell, or sweet as Pie, again, that was all you. Did you know that there is a book called, "The Ultimate Proof of Creation". It, appranetly, "resolves the issues of origin's debate" (science vs. catholocism), and even has a chapter in called "How to prove the point... and win everytime". Tell me that that is not one of the MOST aggressive things you have ever heard when it comes to Religion. In the end, with or without God, be the best person you can be. Not because you feel you have to for "Him", but just because it's the right **** thing to do. Putting religion in it's place is not at all ROCKET SCIENCE.

Through The Years

It could be me getting older. It could be all the pot I smoke. I'm not entirely sure, but I keep losing email accounts and passwords. You know, all it takes is making the passwords same for all accounts. However, when I switch just one password, everything other account is in jeopardy of me forgetting it's proper. I say all of this to say that this is the 4th Boogie Love account on Gamespot. I'm not sure if this is going to be the OFFICIAL Boogie Love page, but this is it (at least until I get get successfully logged in through Facebook... the little icon shows up, but when I click on it, it's a bust). All the way back down to 1%. It hurts my soul. Well, Happy Gamespotting!