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The Otherside of the Game

Video games have come a long way, and so have the characters that have helped define them. Video games have gone from spaceships to Pac-Man, to a plumber, and nowadays, to being able to create your very own special character. Most games follow the formula of one character (usually a male) and the trials and tribulations said hero endures. Woman in video games, as well as anywhere else in the media, have been exploited. As much as I'm a sucker for a "Tomb Raider" game, and I LOVED "Fear Effect" (the elevator scene in FE2, par example), I feel that there has not been a strong, stable female character.

The first video game I ever played that changed my preception on characters in video games was "Urban Chaos", on the original PSX. Most people hated that game, due to it's clunky controls and muddled graphics, but I suffered through, literally, years of playing this game over and over (even have it uploaded to my PSP), and I am thankful for D'arci Stern. D'arci was the main character, and not only was she so not the Bayonetta-type, D'arci also broke the mold for being the first African-American female lead in a game. UC not only featured an open-ended world, to a certain degree, it also offered witty writing and an interesting story, for it's time. As time has slowly crept away, I've wondered... where the fudge is D'arci Stern?

On another point, diversity in video games, for a while, was just stunted to the white guys being the hero, the black people being gangsters, and the other nationalities were either the bad guys or not even mentioned at all. There's no shortage of male heros, or buxxom female heroes, but there is a real shortage of just memoriable characters being introduced. Mostly (and thankfully), that is ending, due to games like "Fallout 3" and "FO: New Vegas", and "Mass Effect". (One of my personal favorites is, "Saint's Row 2", but that kind of diminishes the point, just an honorable mention). These video games are tailor made for the players, and let you customize the character you control throughout the game to almost no limits. While all of this is going on, the story changes to who you and your character are. A beautiful sight for gamers eyes.

I don't know if we'll ever be able to have the Mario's or Sonic's of yesteryear, as video games begin to cater more and more to the customization of the main character. I'm sure there will always be video games with key characters, but the more we open doors with online gaming communities, as well as give these gamers their customization delights, video games, as well as the stories they produce, will be a very different experience. At the end of the day, we should all just be thankful to live in the times we do to witness these wonders.

Play. Love.

When video games first burst onto the seen back in the 80's, the extent of playing a game with somebody else was to have only one other control and a color palatte swap out of the first players character. As the times have changed, and in an era where information is abundant, there is really no limit to how many video games you can play with other people. In short, video games are no longer just for people to play by themselves.

Relationships are an entirely different kind of game, but still a game nontheless. Gamers worldwide are falling in love with each other, and now is the time to do it, with a plethora of just soley co-op games available. There's nothing better than being able to pack it in for the night with a signifcant other and blast away zombies or Nazi's (or in some circles, zombie Nazi's) and find a common bond and a deep connection. It also helps to know where you stand with the person you might be trying to date. Find out where they stand in an apocalypse- are they going to leave you or go back for you? Finding a series of video games you could play with your other half is as easy as taking a trip together to GameStop and digging through the selection.

Of course, to every coin, there is another side. Playing a video game with a significant other can bring out the skeletons in their closet. As great as it is to have good co-op games to play, it's always great to branch out and show each other your competitive side, and really let them know whos who in the relationship, so to speak. It really cues you in to who a person is to see them lose at Call of Duty, or for me, Smash Bros. (I have had plenty of boyfriends that could not handle the Princess pummeling them everytime). You have to approach the latter with caution. Nine times out of ten, if it's Call of Duty, explicits and controllers will fly, so maybe it's best to shy away from these for a while...

In the end, no video game is really a sole adventure nowadays. And to share it with someone you love, in my eyes, is the best part of being a gamer. It's always nice to get excited about a game, and then having a loved one go through it with you. For me, L4D2, MUA2, RE5, and SR2 are my personal favorites for my personal favorite. Being a gamer has far changed since it exploded, but love really hasn't.

The couple that plays together, stays together. Waddaminute..... that didn't come out right.

L4D2: The Passing DLC. Get it Or Pass?

Hm... this blog is just about the Download Content available for Left 4 Dead 2. I have read a few articles and forums online about it, and I'm quite impressed with how quickly (and quite rudely) people have disowned this capable DLC. I realize that it is available for free to the people who play on the PC, and I think it only helps the fact further. "The Passing" is a nice little package that brings you a new campaign as well as a new game mode, known as "Mutations", which I'll dive into in a bit. Firstly, the campaign itself is a nice addition to the game- we see our new cast of survivors meeting up with the original L4DHeads (sanz Bill), bridging the gap between L4D2's "Dead Center" campaign and "Dark Carnival". Now, it's dually noted, the original L4DHeads don't physically join your group (but they do help from a Bird's Eye view), so to think they're throughout is a misnomer. Anyways, the campaign also features 2 new weapons: one, a golf club for melee and two, an M60 for a BFG. Each come with respective Achievments for doing something with them, as well as the campaign for just completing it. All in all, it's a wonderful addition to the overall L4D2 experience, and I'd love to see them add one or two more campaigns before a possible L4D3 (my love for Rochelle is not about to get old anytime soon...) Now, onto the new gaming mode, "Mutations". "Mutations" is, in my eyes, a brilliant brain-spilling idea- every week, there is a new set of rules to survive by (one week it could be you totally alone- no partners, and the next it could be Chainsaw Massacre- where you and your buddies are armed with this excellent piece of Zombie repellent). This also has an Achievement to be earned- play 6 Mutations, and it's yours. All in all, no, "The Passing" is nothing on the scale of "Fallout: Point Lookout" or the RE5 add-ons, but it's one helluva start. I saw in a forum a couple of people didn't like the way the campaign looked, but it looked exactly like the others to me. And a few other people also were complaining about how short it was, saying they beat it in under 40 mins. Last time I checked, on normal, a campaign was usually about 38-55 mins, on a good run (and if you're a L4DHead like I am, you know what a "good run" is). All in all, I'm writing this blog to support Valve for their efforts, and I really hope they add more stuff to this game. What they have here is a good start, and it's def worth the Microsoft Points. Hope this helped and cleared the doubt! Byas!

Video Games Not Art?

!!WARNING!!- Almost Angry Video Game Nerd Alert! Okay... I just got my copy of "GameInformer" the other day, and was quite tickled by the article about Roger Ebert declaring (or, in his own words, "reitterating") that he does not, and will not ever, see video games as a form of art. And I mulled the idea around in my head for a few days, seeing where I stand with it. At first glance, I laughed at the article. Let me just say this- I am quite glad Ebert plans on keeping this perspective. The last thing I need is to see a new Tomb Raider with the words "One Hell Of A Ride"- Roger Ebert posted on there. I've seen him say this about a couple of the movies he reviewed, and I couldn't have disagreed more. Basically, I don't want him anywhere near the gaming universe. But anyways... I thought Video Games were art off the bat. then I disclaimed it. And now I hold it as true faith. I agree with the bulk of what GI said, claiming that anything that evokes such emotions in a person is labled as art (in the same respect that a painting would). But even at just the surface, visually- video games are art. I wasn't to big on SF4 (DOA is my hard-hitter of choice), but there is no denying- that game was fan-frakin'-tastic looking. It's kind of like art on a grander scale- instead of it being one persons design, it takes a whole team of dedicated people to orchestrate a piece of work like SF4 and even Bayonetta. I've only dived into the demo of Bayonetta at this point, but I am still in awe with what I saw. I just think that it is quite pig-headed for a movie critic to pin down such a direct statement about a media he knows not. I dunno... I guess every good piece of cheese is gonna have a rodent scurrying around after it, y'know? I guess posting a blog like this sparks the kind of stuff Ebert was going for, and it does make me look like a big nerd, but I had to say something. And I'm not trying to defend the games- I'm gunning for their creators. These wonderful people that put time out of their own lives to make our beloved game worlds pop. THEY are the ones that don't deserve to have such a high statement put on them. And, thankfully+apparently, they don't deserve to have Ebert's seal of approval. Oh, and can somebody clue me into the day as to when his opinoins mattered? Thanks. I'd love to mark it on my calender. =) Byas!

Video gamers- Nerds or Angry Video Game Nerds?

I LOVE video games. Literally, the NES was the first thing I crawled to. I have Princess Peach tattooed on my left wrist. I am, without a doubt, an avid video gamer, and have been for 20 of the 21 years I've been on this Earth. I've noticed something, though, when it comes to my fellow video gamers: some of you are just straight up ANNOYING. In trying to mod my PSP, I had to visit some wonderful forums on the topic (, namely), and am UTTERLY amazed at how we videogamers like to throw our 2 cents in, as if anybody really wants it. All I want, namely, is to have my specific question answered. I saw a very valid post involving a question about the best CFW to run PSX roms, and the response was- "Why would you want CFW 5.00 M3-33? It can't even run Dante's Inferno!" The question had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Dane's Inferno. The point is, there are nerds, and then there is the elusive Angry Video Game Nerd. I know for a fact I'm a nerd, and possibly the latter because I'm sitting here blogging about how certain video gamers annoy me, so... And Angry Video Game Nerd's are the types with the headsets that always have something to say... "Sweet Merc"... "Go over there and activate the switch"... "Cast reflection, then heal"... They just LOVE to talk, and I think that's where a lot of the initial anger stems from. So if you're an Angry Video Game Nerd, I sternly suggest that you get yourself off of you mother's recliner and step outside and get a fresh wwwwwwhhhhhhiiiiiifffffffffff of the outdoors. I may not specifically talking to you, the reader, and I've created a test to prove if you are what I classify as an"angry video game nerd"- here goes- did you look at my 360 Gamerscore? If not, go ahead... I'll wait... now what was your first thought? If it was, "HA! He's not even at 2000! My score is four times his!" Then... you are, without a doubt, an ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD. Sorry, I hate to break it to you so bluntly, but it's 2010... I don't have time to beat around the proverbial bush. Now, if you looked at the Gamerscore and didn't even blink, then you're in my camp, and we totally need to play a game sometime. Ah... I hate angry video game nerds. I plan to shut them down, one WoW game and a Big Gulp from 7-11 at a time! You likin' me, I'm lovin' you... You hatin' me, let me get a map and look you up, cos you ain't on my level, any shape, form, or fashion! TTYL, fellow Gamers!