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Marvel vs Capcom 3 and 3DS

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (which still isnt out here in the UK) is looking to be one hell of a game. Ive got the first 2 and this one looks to top the lot. Been playing the 1st on the Dreamcast lately and Onslaught is just as hard as I remember him. The Roster this time round is great. Two of my favourite characters Wesker and Dr Doom are in it though i've wondered why the main villain from Street Fighter being M Bison isnt in it. They have Akuma and Ryu which lets face it there moves arnt that different. Maby DLC. Only 3 days to go till itcomes out in the UK.

Meanwhile the 3DS launch is coming fast. I pre orded mine a while ago and cant wait for it to come out. However I must admit it has the weakest line up of games I have seen for a Nintendo system. No Mario or Zelda game for launch yea I know there will be them games but not for launch is poor I think. Hope fully a new Sonic game gets revealed for the3DS.Its a great thing that the 3DS ups certain DS games one being the new Pokemon. Anyway that is all thanks for reading.

My top 5 favourite villain's list.

I know gamespot did a top villain thing on here a while ago but I thought I would put a list up of my top 5 villians from anime, games, comics wherever.

5th The Shredder (TMNT series)

4th The Joker (Batman's main vilian)

3rd Albert Wesker ( Resident Evil Series)

2nd Dr Robotnik ( The Sonic series)

1st Frieza (Dragonball Z series)

There you go. I will probably do a top hero list as well soon an update this to a top 10 villian list as well.

My top 15 games of 2010!

Okay here is a list of the top 15 games I have played in 2010. Note the list is presented by which games I enjoyed playing the mostand not by review rating. Starting with 15th-

15th Bio Shock 2. My rating 8.0

14th Super Street Fighter 4. 8.5

13th Call of Duty Black Ops. 8.5

12th Sonic Adventure (360 Arcade) 9.0

11th Alan Wake 8.5

10th New Super Mario Bros (Wii) 8.5

9th Resident Evil 5- Desperate Escape,Lost in Nightmares. 9.0

8th Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold. 9.0

7th Sonic & Sega All star Racing. 9.0

6th Sonic Colours. 9.0

5th Dragonball Raging Blast 2. 8.9

4th Sonic 4. 9.5

3rd Mass Effect 2. 9.5

2nd Bayonetta. 10.0

1st Super Mario Galaxy 2. 10.0

My power level is 530,000.

Yes that's a quote of Frieza from Dragonball Raging Blast 2 that I have on the 360.Unfortunately its not better or as good as the first which is a shame. The next one needs to have a dam story mode. Plus I made the mistake of getting fable 3 which is so buggy it makes Sonic 06 look like a smooth game. I get a good 10 hours into the game only to be glitched in an area that I cant get out of so I couldn't progress or reload before it so would have to start again. Sod that I said and got rid of it. Hopefully Sonic colours will rekindle me with games which is out now but haven't had the time to get. Will get soon though. That is all.

Next game I'm getting is Raging Blast 2

Okay I havent been on gamespot for a while and have returned. Currently playing Sonic 4 which is a brilliant game (just got all the chaos emeralds) but the next game i'm getting is Dragonball Raging Blast 2 on the Xbox360. The first one was ace an this one looks to be even better. November 5th is when it comes out over here in the UK. 3 weeks today.