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Are JRPGs on the PS3 dead?

Besides the always impending release of Final Fantasy XIII Versus, can anybody name me another JRPG release slated for the PS3 this year? I find myself itching for a new one to get my hands on.

Would anybody be interested in Bad Company 2 PS3 nights?

I've been playing Bad Company 2 fairly consistently since I originally purchased it. Lately, me and a friend of mine have been organizing a squad and been playing every weekend for the past month or so. I'm wondering if any of my GameSpot friends would be interested in joining in, we normally play Rush or Squad Deathmatch (with talk of Onslaught as well). If anybody is interested just leave a comment on the blog, or send me a PM either on here or over PSN.

Finally.....MASS EFFECT 2!!!!

The game I'm looking forward to most in the early part of 2011 isn't a PlayStation 3 exclusive, nor a multiplatform title, and as far as I'm concerned Dead Space 2 can wait, because we're finally getting a Mass Effect game on the PS3 this January!!!!!

Even better, the PS3 edition will include all prior DLC upon it's release, saving a ton of money. Plus, free downloadable content is promised with access to the Cerebus Network.

I don't own an Xbox360, and my PC is incapable of running the game on high specs, so I've never had the pleasure of experiencing Mass Effect before. And I'm pretty damn excited! This was the only game that made me seethe withjealousy at 360 owners, this was the one 360 exclusive that I really, really wanted. And now it's finally coming and I can't wait.!

Indestructo Tank

I haven't been console gaming too much lately just because of time constraints with school having started and all. The past week I've found a lot of solace in flash gaming, which I used to constantly be into back when I was a kid. I remember I used to head over to AddictingGames.comand play the new additions to the AG lineup every Saturday. In the midst of a ton of homework and note taking, I've found myself taking out my laptop and just playing around with IndestructoTank, a good way to pass the time. You can find the game here.

Don't you hate when this happens?


inFamous is one of my favourite games of this generation, and I've nearly gotten the platinum trophy that goes with the game. Even after beating it, I've still logged in hours and hours, making my evil Cole one powerful badass, holding Empire City in the palm of my hand.

I am replying the game, taking a good path this time. I was playing on this file today and decided to load up my old one. That's what I thought.

Turns out, when I thought I was loading up the evil one, I was actually overwriting it due to ignorance on my part.

Ugh. Now I'm going to have to go back and beat it again, at least that's an excuse to go back and play it.

Some more PSOne classics that I would like to see added to PSN

I had a much earlier post, listing several games that I felt should be included as PSOne classics on the PlayStation Store. Needless to say, a fair bit was added since that last update, although strangely enough nothing that I was really eagerly looking forward to. For such a rich console, they've added some very meh games from it's library as classics and feel that they could do much better. There's some more that I would like to see added. Note that this is concerning the North American store only, those in Japan or Europe may already have some of these offered as classics.

The Colony Wars Series

This was an incredibly fun series of space flight and combat simulators that had three installments on the PS1. It featured engaging and challenging missions which were always fresh, a non-linear storyline that branched depending on which fights you won or lost, and a diverse array of starships which were avaliable to be piloted depending upon the specific mission. Despite the fun and potential the series offers, it could do with a graphical brush-up (the first two games especially). The PSN store is notably lacking in space flight combat simulators, which makes Colony Wars a much needed addition.

Chrono Cross

A real no-brainer for RPG fans, Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger and is regarded by many to be the greatest RPG of all time. While I don't hold to that school of thought (I give that title to FFIV), it plays as mostly a standard JRPG with a few memorable differences. Taking Serge, the protagonist, on his quest through a turned-upside down world that features what were very smooth graphics at the time, memorable supporting characters, and an impressive musical score by Mitsuda, Chrono Cross goes down as nothing less than a treasure. This game is a must play for any who consider themselves a player of fine JRPG's.

Guilty Gear

This series from Arcs is the one which inspired the BlazBlue franchise, and evokes BB's unique and oftentimes wild character designs and move sets. Extremely fast paced and focused upon using combos, the game has a steep and challenging learning curve which few were really ever able to master, but it was fun to try. An incredibly wierd experience, I'm not sure how many would avidly hope to see Guilty Gear on the store, but no matter how few I count myself as one of them. Chip Zanuff is awesome!


I include Einhander not as somebody who has experienced it personally, but as a recommendation from a friend. It's a 3d side scrolling shooter. Supposedly already on the Japanese PSN store, this game is supposed to be hard as hell but packed full of action, explosions, and colour. Copies of the game are hard to find, and adding it as aPSOne titlewould be a way to insure easy accesibility.

Valve coming to the PS3 could mean great things

Alongside the revealing that Portal 2 itself will be on the PS3, the folks at Valve gave us some other great news. The developer pledged their support for Sony's home console, something which they never previously would have done as they seemed reluctant to be involved with the PlayStation whatsoever. What this pretty much means is that, Steam is coming to the PS3!

The PlayStation 3 is an incredibly versatile machine that leaves room open for some slight hardware customization. It's a better multimedia utility than the Xbox360 and gives developers a little bit more of an edge with more openings for freedom. Now, I speculate that this was pre-arranged and not as spontaneous as we think. Valve probably realized the potential of working on the PS3 a long time ago, and Sony needed a big announcement during their press conference of which they were severely lacking (more Move stuff..).

Now, the best part of this deal as I said was Steam. In many ways this is bigger news than any single game release is or ever could be. Steam is the medium of choice for PC gamers as it offers a single stop to DRM, digital downloads, patching, and multiplayer, making the application extremely attractive in the eyes of publishers. Steam is already dominant in the PC market due to close work with other third parties, and Valve is at the centre of it. With millions of PlayStation 3's out there, there remains room for much more expansion.

Any possible Portal 2 DLC may be a lot cheaper, if not free on PlayStation. Valve gives away it's DLC free of charge over Steam and are only referred to as "updates".

I'd expect more downloads from Steam offered in tandemn with PSN. It can potentially be a lower cost way of of putting out more back catalogue through digital download. There's no reason we couldn't see the releases of Left 4 Dead and the first couple of Half Life games. Imagine playing those in glorious HD through your PS3.

Valve puts out free user developed mods through Steam, which we've already seen a bit on in the PS3 with Unreal Tournament, so look forward to Steam-enabled games on the home system to follow.

I'm not expecting Steam to cancel out PSN altogether, but it will sure enhance the console.

Jobs, God of War III, and Prizes oh my!

Hey Gamespotters, I'm posting this blog in a crazy good mood today. I'm on the job hunt again (after quitting the movie theatre due to problems with management) and have been looking at a few retail outlets to grab a temporary position on until at least the end of the summer whenI can find something that better suits me. Despite the quitting I am actually looking foward to my career future as I've been desiring change for some time now. On the other hand, I had my Seagull S6 acoustic guitar stolen from my school last week, i initially expected to get it back within a few days but things aren't looking any better. This is really disappointing because I've been playing a lot of new licks lately (most of them I had in my guitar case) and all I'm left with is a crappy broken excuse for an instrument.

As for some good news I finally decided to get my driver's license, and managed to do so. I'm a bit nervous driving right now especially since I don't have my own vehicle and I worry about trashing my dad's car due to a simple rookie mistake but I might as well get some experience, even if it's just for controlled, short distance trips to the supermarket or library or something.

For games: I just finished having a total blast with God of War III. God of War is one of my favourite game series' of all time with GoWII making the top of my favourite games of all times list, and it's sequel didn't disappoint. While not as good as it's predecessor, GoW III is full of non-stop fun and action, with intuitive and engaging puzzles and the addition of new weapons that I actually want to play with (the Nemean Cestus is soooooo awesome!) Expect me to have a review of the game up by this weekend, possibly followed by one for the GoW collection.

I've got my fingers crossed for my Vancouver Canucks. My local NHL hockey team is currently tied 2-2 in their playoff series with the LA Kings. I was looking forward to a quick victory in five games but this one looks like it could go to seven. I've been disappointed with a lot of the Canucks' special teams situations, especially their inability to kill penalites, but they finally showed up last night in a 5-3 victory with the top line playing great. Now, I only wish I had enough money for the extremely expensive playoff tickets here.

But the best news of all is from an email I got from GameSpot today. JodyR sent it to me via hotmail account, saying that I'd won one of this week's TOTS prizes! For those of you unaware of TOTS, it's GameSpot's little video segments that are put up on the site three times a week, featuring game demos, news, interviews, and special features. I'm really pleased to be winning this in part to the pure awesomeness of this week's prize a Red Star graphic novel based on the PS2 video game. I'm a fanatic when it comes to the reading of graphic novels so you can imagine that I'm excited for this one. Once again, thanl you GameSpot!

I cannot convey my love for Bad company 2 multiplayer

I rarely buy or play shooters. When my cousin asked if I could give him a ride to EB Games I jumped to it, i needed to get GOWIII which I was anticipating for far too long. I bought it and while waiting for my cousin to get Bad Company 2 I just bought the game on impulse which I almost never do.

I've logged lots of hours in the one week I've had it already, getting to rank 10 fairly quickly. I've only played one campaign mission because I'm just too hooked with the online components. Maps are great and decently balanced and the engineer class is suited just for me, I'm able to take out heavy vehicles while still being able to engage in close quarters combat to get to those objectives on Rush mode.

As for GOWIII, I haven't even played it all that much which is wierd. I'm maybe 4-5 hours into the game although I'm getting a strange desire to get back to it as I write this.

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