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My band

My bad finaly decided to do something so we found a name and got our act together. Just wanted freinds to know that

School almost over

I have 4 days left and 2 of them are 3 hour days so close. I will have to go to work for my parents , and I can go to my grandparnets. I lone the summer because I get paid to design graphics (just starting) it's awesome.

Today is my contest!

Yes, and NO I say to meyself today because my contest is in less thatn 10 hours more like 5 hours from now. I also found out that there is only 11 bands I am going against, I am so excited that it isn't like 40 . And that there is only one division in Texas and then finalls meaning that there is no state. Well I'm not going to nationals oh well.

I have a contest on Friday 13th

I was looking at a calander to find out when I have to go to contest and it turns out it is on the Friday the 13th. That makes me mad, and I don' believe in all that crap about luck. It still bothers me for some reason. I hope for the best. NEVERMIND it on the saturday

I'm going to fail?

I got a progress report the other day and found out I have a 59 in math, my second one. With all my other bad grades in the class it will be my worst class. All my other grades are 80s and 90s, aww man i'm screwed. I will have to repeat the 8th grade that really sucks. oh well it's my fault


My friend, Stevo told me that I was going to be in chare of the Jounior Varsity band. Me being the guitarist and knowing how to play the piano. I would be the best for the job he told me. Now I have to teach a new song at every practice for the next couple of years that is a lot of songs.:lol:


My youth group MotionYouth has a worship band, and the leader had his last day today. That means in a couple of weeks I will become the new lead guitarist. I'm so happy for me, but sad for him because I will not see him anymore.