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What other control options should have been included in Metroid: Other M...

I'm one of the people who actually likes this game, and I would like to think I have played enough of Other M to make an accurate judgment about the game. However, I'm also disappointed in the lack of control options for this game. In my experience, the d-pad on the Wii remote is not very good at diagonals, which you'll have to do some of in this game. I understand the argument made by the developers that if there were multiple control options, fans might stick to one the developers didn't like and demand it for a future game. Well, when you're developing for a mass audience, it's not all about you. Here are my suggestions for what should have been included in Metroid: Other M and what should be included if there is another game like it

Classic Controller support: For me, this would also need button-mapping options with the default being A for morphing into a ball, B for jumping, Y for shooting, X for switching into first-person view, d-pad for movement, the left analog stick for speed-controlled movement with more directions than you can go with a d-pad, and the right control stick for camera control. Since the Wii remote has to be connected for the Classic Controller, you should be able to go into first-person mode by simply picking the Wii remote up and pointing it at the screen. The Pause and Map buttons would remain the same on the Classic Controller as on the Wii remote. In first-person view, if you decide not to use the remote, the left analog stick would be used for aiming your cross-hair while the right analog stick would be used for broader looking, face buttons (A, B, X, Y) being used for firing or using applicable devices such as the grappling hook, and the shoulder buttons being for locking onto enemies and certain items and firing missiles when a face button is pressed. Press one of the direction buttons to dodge while in first-person mode.

GameCube controller support: Similar to the Classic Controller mode, but with a few differences such as A for jumping, B for firing, the Start button for starting/pausing/un-pausing the game, the Z button for the map, X for going into morphball, and Y for going into first-person view.

Wii remote and Nunchuk: The analog stick on the nunchuk would be for moving, of course. The A button on the Wii remote would be for jumping and B for firing. Hold or tap the Z button (depending on a setting in the options menu) on the nunchuk to go into first-person mode where the Wii remote functions the same way as it does in Wii remote NES style.

For those who don't know, the NES style are as follows: A for morphball in third-person, firing in first-person, and B for locking on in first person. While holding the B button in first-person, you can look wider as well as fire missiles. The + button is for starting and pausing/un-pausing the game, the - button is for activating the map, the d-pad is for moving and (when applicable) quick-dodging. To go into first-person view, simply point the Wii remote at the screen. Shake the Wii remote to quick-dodge in first-person mode.

Well, I think that's it. I have wasted enough of my time as well as yours. Any questions? Comments? Suggestions?

The Big Blame Game revisited

I'm not sure I have a really good reason to write this blog, but sometimes I just can't resist the urge to bash wildlife hunters.


While I haven't changed my mind that you are the person most responsible for your own actions, I do believe that influince plays a large part. Children have developing minds and are very prone to influince. Sticking a child in a room with a TV and a bunch of ultra-violent video games and movies does not guarantee a recipe for a psychotic killer, but it certainly doesn't help the child's mind either. I think parents or legal guardians who allow their children to play violent video games and watch violent movies should take time to explain how fiction works and how real life violence has much more severe consequences. Another reason for making this post is regarding an article I read at Destructoid which reports a doctor blaming the a child's suicide on video games. I actually watched the video, and while she does mention video games as a factor, it's not nearly as bad as Destructoid makes it out to be. It's not uncommon for video game websites to go ape-**** when someone implies that video games might have something to do with real-life violence. Then they of course rant on how it's all the parents' fault. Well, many children may be easy to influence, but they're not morons who take everything at face value. That's not to say that parents have no responsibility what-so-ever. Parents are often mentors and can easily shape the first few years of their children's lives, which brings me to the point I made at the beginning of this blog. Have you ever noticed that a lot of the school shootings take place in areas that are bid on hunting wildlife? When a parents takes his or her child/children into the woods and encourages him/her/them to shoot animals, that can have a bad influence as well. The hunting children may get a little bloodthirsty and decide that unarmed non-human animals are just not enough sport. The child himself/herself is still the one who made the decision to use his/her school chums and neighbors as targets, but the surroundings and education still play a large part..

This isn't over. I'm just getting a little tired so I'll stop for now.

'No one wants to hear you whine!'

I'm even getting sick of myself complaining, but there is so much crap to [complain] about, it's extremely hard to resist. If you don't want to read another mad rant, then stop reading this right now.


There's a manipulative *** **** at the NintendoLife forums who keeps freezing my topics, and I'm 99% certain that she froze the last one either to piss me off or because she thought I was somehow questioning her authority as a moderator again. Meeting jerks and potentially bias mods on message boards is nothing new, but this "person" almost makes me want to kill someone, preferably her.

Here's a link to the topic, by the way:

God, I wish I was an alien or something!!

If I wasn't from this planet, that could explain why I don't get along with anyone.

Don't get me wrong; there are a few people here and there who I like and (I think) like me fairly well. But the ****** fact is I don't belong in this world. I constantly find myself frustrated at society in general, I always seem to be the one with the "wrong" opinions, and I don't see myself going forward in this life. Is there even a point in going forward for me here? Would this world really not be better off without me? Would I really not be better off without this world? I can imagine people have taken their own lives for similar reasons. I tell myself I'm not giving up and that taking my own life is not an option. Why do I keep telling myself that? Why do I need to tell myself that? I don't want to die, I just want to go away, to leave this flawed planet, to find a place somewhere in the universe where I'm not an outcast.


Well, I'm in trouble at GameFAQs again.

I came here wondering if my account had been suspended here as well since GameSpot accounts are linked with GameFAQs ones. Then I decided to blog the issue.

I was suspended pending review by an Administrator for "impersonating" another user. In this case, impersonating means jokingly confessing to being someone who at least one other user has accused me of being. Since I'm suspended, I can't dispute or appeal the moderation, which means I can't make my case and will probably lose my account because the mods are ****ing *** ****s who don't like me because I'm unconventional! This whole thing is a load of crap!!

Here are the details for anyone who is curious:

I am really beginning to hate Sony again!!

Every ****ing time I leave, I get an e-mail from Sony about some event or item that I'll miss out on because I left too early and won't be back until it's too late!!! Last time it was the Statue of Liberty for Little Big Planet, this time it's some weird-ass Sodium One Salt Shooter game!! I'm not taking that damn behemoth of a gaming console with me every time I leave, and if Sony has a problem with that, they can kiss my angry ass!! Do they get info on my travel plans or something and try to give this big middle finger?!! Well Sony can go **** themselves!! Maybe I'll sell my PS3 and and spend the money on some XBox 360 and Wii games!!!!

The Wii is finally starting to grow on me now that I'm finding the right titles.

I've had this console almost since it was first released and now I'm discovering the video games that take advantage of the Wii's usual controls in ways I actually like. Games like Super Mario Galaxy and No More Heroes have a lot of depth and I can easily see why so many other people like them, but what I'm finding myself getting into are third-person shooting games that actually make me want to use the remote and nunchuk rather than a GCN or Classic Controller. Games like Code Lyoko, Ghostbusters, Battalian Wars 2, and Sin & Punishment 2 are much more along the lines of what I want, though I do enjoy the motion-control-heavy Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort once in a while. I'm also having a blast (no pun intended) with gun games like Carnival King and Ghost Squad and even some of the first-person shooters like Metroid Prime 3 and The Conduit. That's not to say I don't like any of the other types of games. I almost bought Mad World (I still might) and I sometimes use the remote and nunchuk in some of the games on SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1, namely Shock Troopers.
I've had my frustrations with Wii in the past and I'll likely have frustrations with it in the future, but for now, I'm gonna stop focusing on what I don't like about the system and start focusing on what I do like about it.

My attention span is notoriously short, so don't be too surprised if you find another Wii-hating rant in the next ten minutes. It's not likely, but I can't make any promises right now.

I think violent people just happen to like violent video games.

No, I'm not saying you have to be a violent person to enjoy violent video games. I may have stated this in an earlier blog, but I think the there's more to the link between violent people and violent video games than is being explored. People noticed that many school shooters happened to own shooting video games. While it's possible that these video games inspired them to go on shooting rampages, I believe it was more likely their violent tendancies that caused the shootings and happened to attract them to these games in the first place.

My advice to parents (and I'm not saying it's all your fault): If your kids are into these types of games, talk to them, make sure they're not having issues outside of the virtual world, and that their interest in such games does not stem from social issues that could lead to something worse. Violent video games can actually be a good warning system. Take away the games and you're probably just taking away the alert as a side-effect.

Another point on abortion rights.

As I may have stated in my earlier blog post, I am both pro-life and pro-choice, which puts me somewhere on the fence. Sometimes I decide for a short while that I am completely pro-abortion because I get mad at how many new babies are being born when we're already overpopulated, especially after hearing someone say it's okay to kill an animal because they overpopulate. Then I realize I'm not thinking rationally. I always think "population control" is a poor excuse to kill an animal, but aborting more fetuses isn't going to help either. But this is not why I decided to make this post.

Now for the main point ... and why this is under Pets and Animals rather than Rant:

I don't know if this is ever practiced anywhere, but the act of forcing anyone to have an abortion, whether human or any other kind of animal, is something I consider one of the lowest acts possible, especially for personal gain! I don't care if it's because an aborted animal fetus is considered a delicacy for some people or if it's for stem-cell research! I support stem cell research as long as no one is actually making or convincing people to have abortions for it, but that's getting off-topic. I am so adamantly against forcing an animal to have an abortion for personal gain that I would refuse to save the life of anyone who I know practices it. That's right, if I know you force abortions on humans or other animals for exploitive perposes, I might not kill you, but I will do nothing to save you if you're in the street bleeding to death and you need immediate medical assistance, or if you're drowning, or getting attacked by thugs or wild tigers, or any of the countless other scenarios. With the coldest look in my eyes, I will simply stand there and watch you die with no compassion because you are dead to me already. :evil:

Bogus bare chest laws.

I can be kind of a pervert sometimes, but this is not the reason I think legally mandated coverage of female breasts is a load of crap. Seriously, what is so vulgur about a woman's breast that is not about a man's? Size? Maybe enlarged guts, thighs, and arms should be covered as well ... I'd probably better stop or I'll give some stupid politician ideas. It doesn't look like we're moving forward on this either: some States are now making it illegal to have any part of your underwear exposed in public.