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Don't want it to end. I'm currently at the point where one has to take the boat in land and try and save Sam (once again), and I simply can't bring myself to get on that boat and take the trip, knowing it'll be nearing the end of the game. My brother bought me the game one day after its release and I started playing strait away. I haven't ever played a game like it. As the game progressed and I met the heroin of our tale, in a skin I wasn't quite expecting, and Lara was swept away by water, I was extremely eager to start pressing those buttons and move her to safety. I was in awe by the beautiful graphics as she reached the island, only to be struck on the head by a (so far) unknown figure and dragged away to a place one would only find in the most frightening of dreams. Finally able to move her, it took me longer then I'd care to admit how I was to free Lara from her cocoon-like-confinement. After which I felt genuine fright and adrenaline rush through my veins as she was impaled by an iron spike, found her way through the caves, being confronted with horrific scenes, tight nooks and crannies, blocked paths, puzzles and a stalking maniac, whose mind seemed set on getting Lara crushed to death by a boulder. My heart came to a stand still when said maniac took hold of her leg and restricted her from moving, I felt guilt after he was crushed to death, only shouting out that he wished to help... Not only did Tombraider bring all sorts of emotional reactions to the surface, at times it was truly mind boggling. In general the puzzles are pretty obvious but on that rare occasion I find myself staring at the task ahead for up to ten minutes, simply because I refuse to give in and look it up on the magic that is the internet, which gives me all the more joy when I finally figure it out! My only problem with this game is the following: the characters that join Lara now and again in cut scenes are completely and utterly brilliant, making one feel all shades of sadness when they die of one by one and leave Lara to fend for herself as she does for most of the game, but a young girl barely older then myself gets dropped in the wild, without any training whatsoever, hey Lara, could you go fetch that part we need? It's all the way up there, you'll be up a few yards in the air, dangling from a wire, you'll be shot, stabbed and pushed about, but you're the gal for the job!, seems legit. Now, to conclude, the fighting mechanics, the area's, the upgrade system, the conversations, I could go on for hours! But saying that I don't want this game to end should sum it all up. I just want more and I want it yesterday!