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BlindBluMonstah Blog

The countdown begins

im 21 in 12 days, what am i doing with my life. . . 


somebody save me haha


also this picture makes me smile, i hope it makes you smile too :p




cheeky animal

ive gone brown in 3 days :p

So i fell asleep in the sun but i dont burn, i just go a light brown so it wasnt too bad :p my friend however was lobster red by the end of the three days haha silly pale skinned people..

What about you ladies and gents? do you burn or go brown? :p

I will have some pictures up soon for those who care to see :)

USPS i really hate you!

I cant explain the rage I had today because of USPS omg. . seriously. . haha ive never been so angry in my entire life the woman on the helpline sounded like she couldnt understand my accent but I couldnt understand her accent so it was just pure rage and she wasnt being helpful at all! haha so anyway I bought a longboard and it arrives tomorrow im quite excited :3 also im staying over at my friends house :D . . so erm yeah cool :) also follow me on instagram friends :oops: i think my username is sarajavedwasalreadytaken :L inabit x o

4 months later....

Hey sorry i havent been blogging or even visiting this place often as ive had a lot on.

I actually miss chatting to some of my friends on here so i would love to know how you are all doing? :p

So i spent the last year studying mathematics whilst working and the last few months have been spent doing lots of chill out stuff with friends and family. Its been really nice a little boring towards the end but a nice experience overall because ive never been out of full time education before, but then again im only 20 so why would i :p. However i am back in full time education come this september, ive already accepted a place for mechanical engineering at a university near me. FUN STUFF. my best friend keeps teasing saying its going to be a class full of nerdy boys but i hope it wont be. :p haha not that there is anything wrong with nerdy boys... :roll:

Also i have a few weddings coming up, one asian and the other arabic. I have to dress up in asian clothing it makes me feel like this:


I need to do some university clothing shopping soon might go do it in Amsterdam with my bestmate but i think he should just come down Manc to do it with me here its way better IMO :p

Well i cant think of anything else to say :p

Catch you later aligator.

Nikon D300 sexy

i was supposed to be cleaning la messy house but it seemed more fun to go play with the camera. Here are some pics i had taken :3

pretty flowers bees and trees :P

so i havent actually blogged in a long while! how are you doing?

Love Blu x

Goodbye for now!

It was nice meeting lots of new people and my time here has been fun. :P i wont be on for a long while if i do come back so thanks for the memories. The reason to why im leaving is i just have a lot of things on that i need to focus on. so seeya boys and girls :P

Seemed perfect


Its all over. .

My first year of University. An entire 10 months. It has definitely flown by :').

Im finally going home this Thursday for a good 4/5 weeks! I have been counting down to this day for a long time, maybe too long. I guess i learnt the small town life is certainly not for me, nor are the even smaller villages, in which i believe time does indeed come to a stand still every so often haha. I had my hospital placement in a little place called Yeovil, it certainly was an experience neither good nor bad, but i am glad i went there.

I remember my 1st day, it had began not too pleasantly i was still stuck in old habits. The night before i had gone to bed much later than i had initially planned. ( D: ) It seems time keeping never goes to plan in my case :L haha. So prior to leaving the house i thought it would be a good time to iron my clothes which i did, realising my trousers were too long. But thats okay right? Its not like they were incredibly long. No they were incredibly long and it made me miss my mum (for all the wrong reasons)! Its not like i have the skills to adjust trousers :E. So after having neatly folded my clothes i placed them on my desk beside my phone, film badge, name tag 8) and markers i grabbed a bag and stuffed everything into it expecting as if by magic the space would multiply and allow for more area for other wonderful things such as my radiographic anatomy books and note pads :/. Miraculously i did manage to fit everything in, however i sadly learnt later on that such a tight squeeze will bend pages in your notepad and make lovely defined creases in your uniform. A lesson well learnt, however a mistake i had repeated countlessly throughout placement. You cant teach an old monster new tricks. Or can you? :') Now the most tiring factor of working was surprisingly not the work it was the travel, i spent most of my time on the train and alot of time waiting for the train. So my 1st journey to work was interesting i got to the train station just in time to see my fellow student who i went up to say hey to, i didnt know him very well at the time, but he was quite friendly. When we had finally got onto the train we spoke a little and it was quite cool actually, i really did love the scenic views of the journey. On my last day i got onto the train thinking well this is the last time im going to see this place, i genuinely did feel sad not towards the end of placement but to the end of my journeys to and from exeter central and yeovil junction.

Now in life there are people who id see often but never intend to ever socialise with such as bus drivers, it seems the bus drivers of Yeovil intended to talk to you no matter what. When i first got onto that south west bus i never intended to make friends with several bus drivers it seems fate had already decided that for me! AHAHAHA! No really i can honestly say Barry and Dave are my friends. :Z . So what i learnt about Yeovil junction from the short adventure ahead was it was literally in the middle of nowhere and also that country roads are incredibly terrifying, i cant say i ever felt comfortable on that bus, you could say it certainly made me alert and awake. Who needs coffee when you have dangerous driving on a tight country lane.

When i finally arrived at work the only thing on my mind was whether everyone in yeovil would sound like a farmer like the bus driver. I later realised everyone sounds rather odd however the more farmer like they were the more i could bear it. On arrival me and my friend had got directions to radiology and went straight there, it seemed the art work on the walls was of objects that had been xrayed, i must say it was pretty awesome! My favourite were the toy story ones :3. After being shown around the viewing area (where we process and view images) we (the students) were shown the locker rooms where we had got changed into our uniforms and then came back into the viewing area. I must admit i looked like my uniform was trying to imitate some sort of origami. haha! It seems the work force was as varied as it was weird and it was certainly weird. You came across people who were loud, some quite introvert, some ingnorant, some more ingnorant and some as open minded as could be. I enjoyed the company of some and grit and bear my time with others. However it was all a learning experience without a doubt in the future i would come across these same attributes in people who i may work with.

My very first xray examination my oh my i was nervous. I had a lady coming in for a wrist xray, at that moment in time i honestly didnt know what views were to be undertaken and how :L. So the radiographer supervising me had talked me through it aswell as demonstrating at times. What really made it quite a memorable moment was not the fact that this was the 1st of a long line of images i would have taken but the words the lady had said to me, 'it helps having a beautiful smile and you have one, thank you.' it was my 1st taste of job satisfaction and like a hungry hippo i lapped it up aharr :').

After a longs day work i was really quite happy to hear the supervising radiographer say 'isnt it time you go home' i never got tired of hearing those magnificent 6 words together.

Well thats a little insight into the life of a BlindBluMonstah in placement. Thank you for reading. Hope your all doing well. (;

Also if you would like to add me on ps3 my PSN is BlindBluMonstah.

Home and other fun stuff

So ive been at home since friday night god i love it ;3 i wish i didnt have to go back to uni so soon anyway i stayed at my mates house the other day we just chilled and watched movies aswell as making a total mess :P

haha apparently i needed to stop lying about the strawberries being horrible lmfao :P

i wasnt listening haha :P

i found a bear

haha and more