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BladeOfHeaven Blog

Im an Uncle! =]

Well my sister had her baby today
it was a boy and his name is Austin

not really much to say though :P
well heres a pictures of him xD

dont know what happened at the bottom of the picture :P

New Pet!

So today i was in a pet store and decided i wanted a new pet :P

So as i was looking, i couldn't decide what to get. Reptiles are my favorite, so i headed over there. All of the sudden, i see this beautiful Bearded Dragon, that i just couldn't leave there (xD). I still had my old Bearded Dragon's tank still set up. So right there and then i bought him for around 100$,

Everyone say hello to Arthalias :P

(pic above is from google, real pic of him coming later :P)
(that's what he looks like though lol)

Saw "The Dark Knight" WOOOT! :D

Wow what can i say, this movie was absoultley amazing.
I was one of the few enough in my area lucky enough to get tickets to midnight showing :D
I dont even know how to describe this movie without giving out some spoilers, so i'll leave it up to you and go see it yourself :P

Heath Ledger as the Joker, worked out better then i ever expected, and i expected him to be good xD
RI.P Heath Ledger you will be missed

I give this movie a 15/10 :P

Review and pictures of new Samsung 67"

Yea well last blog i said i would have a new one with pictures and a review so here you go :P

Well...hmm...where should i start :P

ok well

PICTURE: 10/10
The picture on this tv is f***ing amazing :|. After i bought it, i drove to my uncles house to compare the picture to his plasma, and this thing blew it away. I never knew how good a rear projection tv could look until now. I also must say, if your thinking about buying a tv, don't go by what they look like in the store. As they usually have like 100 signals split between 100 tv's, and when they have the more bigger tv's twoards the end of the line. The picture gets fuzzy and distorted. So, if your thinking about buying one take it home, and if you don't like it, take it back and exchange it for another one, or just get a full refund.

(see picture below for example, although don't judge from picture as my camera sucks :P)

Picture running Call Of Duty 4, at 1900x1280 (?) i believe. Also running at 1080p using Monster HDMI cable.

I must say that the sound on this tv didn't completley blow me away. Although, don't get me wrong. When you have a PS3, 360, movie whatever playing it doesn't sound bad at all. When your just playing plain old tv though, it can get fuzzy at points which is why i gave it an 8/10. Although, if your like me and have a home theatre system or the like. It sounds absolutley amazing. It feels as though your actually in the movie or game. So the bottom line for sound 8/10 without speaker system, and 10/10 with it.

Although it may not be a flat screen such as a Plasma or LCD. But the its also not fat like many older Big Screens. All in all i'd say its about 5" through 7" from front to back. Which isn't to bad considering its a rear projection.

(see picture below for size from a side view.)

All in all, would give this tv.


The picture is amazing when running an HDMI cable, and with a speaker system, the sound is amazing. If you have 2.2k$ to spend i would whole-heartedly recommend you to invest in this amazing tv :P

I guess that's all for now, if you have any quesitons or want to know something about the tv leave a comment, if you don't then leave a comment anyways :P


Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (PS3)

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)

Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

YESS finally got my hands on a copy of FFVII and it was only 9$ :P


well today me and my dad bought a new tv
didn't expect to get one this big though :|

67" of pure 1080p ps3 entertainment :D:D:D

well that's all for now, review coming next blog :P

New level and games


Lvl 27, Sheng Long (have no clue where this is from :P)


Well went to the mall today and picked up two games i've always wanted to play

Haven't started them yet, but i hope to beat them sometime soon. I love Final Fantasy so im hoping that XII is good, and i've played Shadow of the Colssus before, but never got a chance to add it to my collection.

Games i plan to buy:

- Soul Calibur IV - Premium Edition (PS3)

- Little Big Planet (PS3)


i guess in my last post i lied :P
i said i was gonna switch to an iMac at the end of the month, but i couldn't wait as usual xD
so yesterday i headed out to my local apple store, and bought myself a 24in. iMac.

im going to set it up later, so next blog look forward to picutres, and possibly a review of it

i guess thats all for now
have a nice day :D

Gaming Update:

So today i added a few games to my collections:

Oblivion - PS3

Very fun game so far..lots of actions and storytelling. Hope i get as much out of this game as everyone else seems to :D

The Incredible Hulk - PS3

What can i a sucker for superheroes and games where you blow stuff up :P nuff said

F.E.A.R - PS3

Seems to be a fun game from what i've heard. Haven't had a chance to play yet, but will get to it tonight.

PC gaming is still going strong. Althought i am making one major change. At the end of the month i am upgrading to a 24in. iMac :D can't wait for that and with bootcamp it will be like a pc of my dreams :P

im still buying some games while continuing to play World of Warcraft.

recent games i bought are


Mass Effect

which is as good as everyone said it was :P

and in final news can it possible that Diablo 3 is about us?

in the new blizzard teaser the image shows a Shael and Hel rune. Only 4 more days till we find out at WWI.
Heres hoping toD3, and not some stupid WotLK release date or information.

have a nice day :D

What a great deal!

So i went into a local gamestore today hoping to buy a used gamcube and a couple games..

i guess it was my day though
cause i got a new gamecube, 10 games, and 2 controllers for 31$!!

sounds like a good deal to me

i got
-Eternal Darknes: Sanity's Requiem
-Tales of Symphonia
-Skies of Arcadia
-MGS: Twin Snakes (was happy about this one )
-Baiten Kaitos
-F-Zero GX
-Metroid Prime
-Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
-LoZ:Wind Waker
-Beyond Good & Evil

so any ideas on some other games to build up my collection?
im sure these will last me a while

in other news...

Metal Gear Solid: 4 is one of the most amazing games i ahve ever played. and im not joking :P
i also picked up Devil May Cry 4, BattleField: Bad Company, and Ninja Gaiden sigma (which surprised me alot, didn't think it would be as good as it i)

well thats all that happened to me latley
and school's finally out WOOOTT!!! :D

so yea

comment! :P