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Blackbeaver Blog

2/21/05 what i did

Went to city walk with Dubby. Went to this girl's house. Let this hot girl drive my car (pvssy points) and now i'm here. being grounded sucks.

What I did today.

Being grounded sucks.

Anyways, right after school I got Rosie and Ryan in the car. Drove to Ryan's house in Crenshaw. He picked up the gamecube that broke and some money for some herb. We watched one episode of the batman cartoon. (The old one that was on Fox WB). We got back in the car. Head down for the mall, where some random cute girl pinched my ass. It was totally wierd. Anyways, Ryan tried to make a return on his gaycube, but they said he had to come back some other time, while I put down the whole 50 bucks for God of War. (DMC 3 is going to pwn it)

After that we head down to Ocean Park where Rosie picked up two grams. After that we went to David's house were we met him and adrian. We chilled there for a while, then Adrian had to get back to his house. I drove him to his house and we chilled there for a while. I showed him the awsomeness of Devil May Cry 3. Me and Rosie left adrian's house and went back to David's where everyone was smokin'. And I couldn't cause i had to go home tonight. So I went back home. Having a car pwns though.

A day in the life of Blackbeaver

Go to school, drive home early for a half day. Stay home, decide to skip swim practice and thank god.

Ryan Calls:

Ryan: Tarik, what's going on.

Tarik: Nothin' much man just chillin' and being bored.

Ryan: Well, I'm here with Adrian, David, Carly, Sara, and Melia. Do you got any on you?

Tarik: Ryan, what type of question is that, of course i got some on me.

Ryan: Alright, we'll be there soon.

I bring out the mothership, pack it in my backpack cause i think we're going to hotbox a car, but when they are let in the whole army comes through and Ryan leads me to my room (First time going into my house for alot of them) They're already pretty high. Anyways, we all collect into my bathroom and bring out The Mother Ship:

For all of the girls its their first time taking bong rips and I decide to smoke them all out.

Sara and Melia

Adrian and David

Carly, Melia, Adrian, and Sara looking at photos on my comp.

Adrian throwin' it up for the Wes' Side

Funniest part is when Adrian went around with the gold pickachu after i told him it was made of 20K gold saying "Pikachu Medallion, Pikachu Medallion" You had to be there.