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Bored, bored, bored ... with games that is. I should definitely start looking for a work. Being unempolyed doesn't really help.

One step into the small-big gaming world!

I've bought a PSP slim! Yeah, I decided to go with it instead of the DS.

The choice was though, but finally PSP games decided this fight!

Anyway Crisis Core is a must have for every rpg fan, as well as Castlevania and Tekken (so far the games that I own).

I must say I'm impressed with this little thing...such power!

Portable consoles own...for real :D

Next is time for something bigger...ps3 vs xbox (or wii) - this one will be very though choice!hmmm...

Good to be back!

Whoa...I'm back...after so long I decided to get back to my veeryyy old account!:D I wasn't logged for about a year or so...^^

A lot has changed...currently I live in the UK, so it was quite a big deal to move here from Poland;) and a lot of time passed, I didn't have any of it to enjoy games!

Anyway,it's good to be back...I mean into games!

I can start being more active than I was xD.

Pissed like hell.... know on what?or on who?My BROTHER....although I'm not a kid anymore (hell,not even a teenager). He is so egoistic, selfminded, narrowminded and whatever. It is so irritating...and my relationship with him is based on pure hatred I think. Everytime when it's almost ok (no major fights,quarells etc.) he must destroy everything.If you'll be ever reading this then know that world doesen't always revolve around you Tom!!!

Ok,I had to cool down a it's a lot better.

If you're ever pissed listen to some music!!!It really helps :)

From latest musical invetions I recommend a band named Black Stone Cherry and their debut album that has the same title. Especialy track Lonley Train Rocks !!!

Hmmmm....I'm still thinking why I'm writing this blog...but, sort of it makes me relaxed.I would be writing more but....I'm so fu*king lazy....I must fight with this!!!

Cheers to everyone on this planet (except terrorists, criminals and smt. like that)

PS2 - at least!

From two days I have may PS2 slim ....yay...jupii =) Teh dilemma is that I don't know which game should I start playing...though one...we'll see..

Another day...

Today is another day of the rest of the days:)

E3 has started good.

My new brand ps2 is coming to me (slim version).

So this day seems not so bad...

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