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BlackPhoenix103 Blog

Nostalgia is more powerful than I thought.

I never realised, until recently, people can want ancient game consoles.

I've made several attempts at buy things like a SNES, Genesis, and Game Gear but I keep getting outbid, I looked back at the end bids and they are upwards of $100, I am currently trying for a Game Gear but I have doubts on whether I'll actually get it or not.

Another SEGA rant.

I'm a guy who got into the Sonic series as a kid after seeing Sonic Adventure on display at EB Games.

I've been playing Sonic games for a while now and it hurts to see how SEGA is killing the series.

Sonic Next Gen sucked, Sonic Genesis sucked, Secret Rings was goodish, what will Sonic Unleashed unleash upon the world?