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BlackHawk340 Blog


Before anyone that reades this, this is not a "I am back" blog for it is too soon to say such things
I will however say that my intrests in has grown again in the last few weeks.
Also can't believe I set this account up only 4 years ago, seems much longer..

Oh well, who knows what the future might bring us, peace.

Hello? Anyone?

No I am not dead (yet)*couch cough*
But am just losing interest in Gamespot, the mods are getting ridiculous, some people need to get some humor and my BH340 is nearing a ban.
Everytime I just post something in OT(Its a woman, they can't drive!), the next day I will have a message saying I broke TOS losing points blablabla FO!

Also like the fact how the GS mods are so desperate to block **** from their website
**** is ( lol got censored) ''The largest English imageboard on the web''
Go take a sniff around, 18 section is for people for 18 years and older, not my resposibilty if you go there and ur not 18 or older, the rest is fine.

So I only make use of my GF account to check and flame in the gamesboards without fearing a moderation.(unless I totally get out of control lol)And yes I post **** images, try and stop me ffs.


My Birthday!


As I said I my last Blog I would make a new Blog Post on my birthday, and this year I did it xD ( 1 year late nvm.....)

I turned 17 today , no extra privileges but 1 year closer to 18 and then I'll be full adult.( don't come driving in The Netherlands next year if you love your life!) :)
An what did I get ?
I got a Samsung D900i from my mom and sister and some money from my grandparents, my dad is in New Sealand now so I'l get his present a little later.

And toning am taking some of my friends to Vantage Point, hope it will be a good movie.

thats all guess? cya! :D

Lv. 21! Finaly

I made it to lv 21!
Thank god, i was almost about to lose it
I've been in lv 20 for a FREAKING 6 MONTHS!:evil:

well any way I have not much other news
my birthday is almost coming so I will start a new blog then .

AMD 5000+ Dual-Core

YAY! after 1 month waiting i finally got my new AMD 5000+
witch was pretty soon my dad said it would be here at 20 December!?so i'm double happy about it my comp is blazing fast now.:D
And now i'm already saving up some money for the 8800GTX graphic card!!
with that my pc will be a god

New pc screen !!

yeah:D i finally got my new 19 inch Liquid Crystal Display screen
with a nice glasplate on front.
it's just new and not available yet in the store!!!:twisted:

i really needed one because i was playing on my old 15 inch