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I am watching a legend in the making.


Miguel goddamn Cabrera goes yard on Mariano Rivera twice in three days.


He hit three home runs in three days against the Yankees, playing long ball in right, center, and left in Yankee Stadium (which is an astonishing 399 feet deep on its left side). That left field shot? It was six inches off the plate.


What else? Oh yeah, he has an abdominal strain that's killing his speed every time he leaves the batting box, which he does a lot.

This man is a goddamn wizard. A maestro with a bat. A slayer of baseballs.

In fact, he literally flattens them


The 6' 4" 240-pound beast's stats (as of 8/11/13) for 2013?  .363/.455/1.132 with a .676 slugging stat.

To no one's surprise, those first three stats are ones he leads in along with the most RBIs in the AL despite being seven homers down to Chris 'Crush' Davis who isn't doing too bad at a shabby 42 homers.

How good is Cabrera? He won a Triple Crown last year with a sparkling .330 BA, 44 homers, and 139 RBIs and is on pace to top those numbers this season and then some. That year consisted of 98 strikeouts for him and so far he only 72 this year.

Can you pitch around him? Try it. We saw Hughes try it earlier. The strike zone tricks so many batters. They stiffen up, hit where the wood is thinner or just shatter their bats going for lame dingers. But not Cabrera.


But he has to have some time of Kryptonite? I don't know. Be a good pitcher. Strike him out three times in a row in your rookie season like Danny Salazar did. It makes a wonderful story to tell your kids.

Just make sure to try something new the next time Cabrera's up. The man's mind is adjusting slowly, ready to pounce until


Take out the brooms Cleveland. Cabrera's playing some filthy janitor duty.

30 years old? Yikes. He's just entered his prime where his defense is still average and more than serviceable in the hot corner. He's no 5-tool phenom, but when MVP voting time comes, don't go fishing for Trout; the Venezuelen powerhouse is the man on the ticket.

Happy birthday to my role model

Nikola Tesla. This man was wonderful. Probably the one person I would ever meet if possible and one of the greatest humans to ever grace this planet

The link and the spoiler creates an encompassing timeline of Tesla's great deeds and his unfortunate regression due to an asshole named Thomas Edision. You might have heard of him. 













So many unions, so little time...

It's amazing how many unions I've dropped out of recently. So many were just goddamn repetitive with their threads or were just too OT for me.

Oh well. The good ones are still there. Speaking of good places to post, feel free to post in The Field if you ever want to. Anyone is allowed to post!

Here's my handhelds!

So I'm having a pretty shitty day and have been staying off the forums, but my blog's always open to any of you that want to drop a comment. Here's a picture of my handhelds not including my GameBoy Advance and including my now sold PSP 1000 (which was my second PSP 1000)


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