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Last Day of School!!!

well today was my last day of school:o it went by so feel like just yesterday that i did my journal for the first week of school. i was kinda happy that i was done with school for 2 months and 19 days but im kinda not happy too cuz i cant see all of my people for that long. the only people i will be seein is the people on the football team. we gotta go back for summer practice June 4th!!!!:evil:

well i been in a drought lately.....i aint been gettin new games.....just been playin Madden, improvin my dynasty. ima try to get online in the afternoons or at night sometimes(like right now).

well thats it

Heee's Baaacccckkk!!!

Im finally back online, i got my computer runnin good again...i been tryin to get back on gamespot but i been busy with practice and when i get home im sleepy so really i aint been on the computer that much. I got some new games and been playin them too.

me first of the year

this is my first blog of the year and i was suppose to post it earlier but my computer got ****** up......then i had to redo the AOL and everything......well i finally got it back runnin, now i can post again and stuff......i will start when i find the time....i got practice and stuff...... it was a good vacation though....

btw.....i recently had a GS b-day and a real b-day!...thats right.....the boy 16 now!!!:D

Not on that much

Im not gonna be online that much(maybe like once or twice a week). I got school and i been sleepy too. I got new games so im tryin to play them. I do a lot of other stuff too so its hard to get online and have time to post in all of my unions and stuff......soooo union leaders dont kick me out of your unions

First week of school over

Shoulda blogged this yesterday...........but my first week back in school is done. My classes pretty good, teachers pretty good, girls pretty pretty.....haha:lol: Im kinda glad to be back and see my ladies & my homies.

Now I can post :)

When the page reloads to show that I posted for some reason it is blocked. When I get it fixed I should be posting again.

Well its fixed:D