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The Biggest Surprise Of 2008!



Alright, I picked up Boom Blox today and I felt the need to express my love :oops: for this game. Boom Blox may be the most unique game I've ever played. Sure, it's only a puzzle game, but I've never been so addicted to a puzzle game since Tetris. Not even Lumines or Puzzle Quest brought me this kind of enjoyment, even though they were spectacular puzzle games.

Boom Blox is the most casual game to be released, even more casual than Wii Sports, because you will only use the Wii-mote for the entire game. The premise of the game is very simple, just blow crap up. I know, it sounds like it'd get old fast, right? WRONG! I know I've only had it for a day, but I just can't get enough of it and I know that feeling when a game will become an instant cIassic and stay in your gaming library for the rest of time.

Now, Boom Box looks childish and sounds childish, so if you're insecure with yourself as an individual, then this game may not be for you, but for all those manly men out there who don't give a damn, give this one a go.

I'm fully aware that this game may not be for everyone, so I suggest renting it if you're not quite sure about it.

Boom Blox is the best game to come out of EA in a VERY long time and the wait was well worth it.

Get out there and start blowin' crap up!

What game in 2008 do you think will disappoint the most?

I'm going with....

Haze for PS3 - Haze Playstation 3 - Haze PS3 Game

Okay, so I was very hyped about this game at one time. Hell, I still have it on pre-order and I'm going to buy it, but this game's giving me a bad feeling. Now, we expect a lot from the Free Radical crew, which is made up of ex RARE guys, who developed some of the best FPS's, like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. This was part of the reason for my excitement, but that excitement has faded.

I've been checking out recent gameplay video's for HAZE and to be quite honest, it looks downright generic and has a low budget look to it. Nothing looks polished. Blown up vehicles disappear in a few seconds, textures are very muddy and have no detail. The gameplay looks to be somewhat fun, but it's a shame everything else looks so poor.

The script writer for HAZE even poked fun at HALO previously and pretty much said it was too immature and HAZE will be the mature adult videogame. This means that the story better be pretty damn good and sophisticated. I hate when other devs talk BS, then they don't back it up.

Anyways, I hope the best, but I think HAZE will best be remembered for a game that had potential, but flopped into the sea of mediocrity. I'm thinking an A game.

My Dark Sector Review

Dark Sector was the first next-generation title announced, but was the wait truly worth it? Read my review and find out for yourself.


The story of Dark Sector focuses around the main character, Hayden Tenno. He is a man that has done many unjust things in the past, but ends up becoming a savior through his actions. Dark Sector is a superhero tale.

To get to the nitty gritty, Hayden has to stop a virus from spreading. I won't go too deep into it, because I don't want to spoil much, but there's really not that much to spoil. Dark Sector's main problem is its storytelling. It's paper thin. The player will have to piece together everything if they want to know the what's going on, which can be annoying.

Digital Extremes really needs to learn how to do storytelling better. Pariah had the same problem and failed ultimately because of it. It's not that the stories bad, it's that the storytelling is weak and will leave gamers wondering just what's going on.

The level design is very solid. The environments are mapped out perfectly for the gameplay in Dark Sector. I hate to compare it to Gears of War, because that's been happening far too often, but the level design is very similar. The cover spots on the maps are placed in all the right spots, so that Hayden can take cover and become a more efficient killer.

The character designs are also one of the games positives. Hayden is a very well created main character, and he's not the typical hero. Although, his animations look odd and Chucky-like in some of the cinematics. It's a small complaint, but I hope they get rid of that in a sequel. The enemies are all top notch and there's a varied selection of them. You'll never feel like you're fighting the same foe, because they'll constantly be switching it up.

Dark Sector is a 3rd person shooter/action game. The gameplay is the best part of Dark Sector. Hayden is easy to control and using cover is very simple. In Dark Sector, when you sprint towards something, you won't automatically stick to it and get locked in a cover position. You'll have to press the sprint/roll button again when close to the object you want to use as cover.

Throwing your Glaive, or using one of the many weapons you have in your arsenal is the real joy in Dark Sector. The guns feel right and the Glaive controls very well, even when in Aftertouch mode. On the 360, you'll control the Glaive in Aftertouch mode with your analog stick, but on the PS3 you have the option to use the SIXAXIS motion controls. The motion controls work well, but I still found the analog stick to be easier when gliding the Glaive through a more complicating obstacle. It'll all be down to player preference when choosing which way you'd like to use the Aftertouch feature.

You can also use your Glaive to snatch an enemies weapon, but his weapon will notice that you're infected, then you won't be able to use it. It'll work for a good 20 seconds before this happens, though.

Also, there is a weapon shop, which you can enter throughout the game. From the cash you collect in the game, you'll be able to buy and upgrade your weapons. You can also sell your weapons.

You'll also come across a lot of elemental puzzles and boss fights throughout Dark Sector. They all use the Glaive in an inventive way and make you think about how you're approaching the foe.

Both versions have Achievements, while the PS3's "Achievements" are actually called "Entitlements", but they work the same way, minus being tied to a gamer score number.

Overall, I don't have many negatives on the gameplay front. All the gameplay mechanics work well.

Dark Sector is a gorgeous game. From the great bump mapping of the textures, to the excellent lighting, to the great looking character models, it's all eye candy.

Some clipping will happen and some enemies will become glitched in the environment. It only happened to me about 2 or 3 times, so it's not a buggy game at all. It's actually quite polished.

The framerate is at a consistent 30fps and I didn't notice any dips in performance on the PS3 version, which I must congratulate Digital Extremes for. It shows they really tried hard and learned the complicated architecture of the PS3 hardware.

Dark Sector only includes 2 multiplayer modes, Infection and Epidemic. The first mode, Infection, will have one player playing as a fully powered and evolved Hayden Tenno. The other players will have to work together as Hazmat Troopers to take down Hayden. The player who takes out Hayden will then become the "infected" and will be playing as the fully powered and evolved Hayden. The cycle goes on and on. It's a fun mode, but it won't become your multiplayer addiction. The fun is short lived.

The second mode, Epidemic, will have 2 teams fighting each other, but this time, both teams will have their own fully powered and evolved Hayden Tenno. The teams main goal is to take out each others Hayden. This is a fun mode, but it's short lived, also.

As you can see, the online is nothing to write home about and it definitely won't keep you entertained for long.

Dark Sector is a very good single player experience, but it's a shame the story and multiplayer portions weren't as strong as the gameplay and graphics. Dark Sector is definitely Digital Extremes most ambitious title to date. It's also their best title to date. But the game could have used better storytelling and a richer multiplayer offering.

If you're looking for a very rewarding and fun single player experience, then give Dark Sector a look. But if you're looking for your next online multiplayer addiction, look elsewhere, Dark Sector is not for you.


Dark Sector hits US shores and it's worthy of a spot in your gaming collection!

Just picked up Dark Sector today:

And here's the free Pre-order Hat:

I've been playing this game for the last 2 hours and it's amazing. Critics are definitely underrating this one. I was expecting a good game, but it turned out to be great. If you dig games like Gears of War, Uncharted, Army of Two, and Resident Evil 4, then you'll dig Dark Sector. Anyways, I'll be posting a full review in the future, making it the second review I've done on Gamespot. I should do more, but right now, I've only reviewed Army of Two and will have a Dark Sector review hitting sometime soon. Please check it out and give me a thumbs up if you're in a good mood.

Thanks for stopping by my page and checking out my blog. Now I hope you'll give Dark Sector a chance. Good Day!

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