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monster hunter online

monster hunter online  see vid here---->  looks like capcoms hard at work at this time it looks to be PC only but this will be the first real next gen MH game to be made and useing CryEngine date tba platform tba more info at a later date

dragon ball online review

gamespot wont let me do one under the game so ill do it this way:PFotoFlexer_Photo-22.jpganyway this game is for any dragonball fans out there the world it self is big lush and has akira toriyamas (dragonball dragon ball z dragon quest ect) name on it when you start out you are just a kid and. find out years and years have gone by and goku and buddys are long gone so whos the earth's protector? you and the other online ppl lol anycase theres time portals all over and as u progress thay will op up when doing them its like story mode. u must do them on your own as you cant bring buddys with you. but u can still be in a party chat. the story missions are fast and easy and will take you in to sags from dragonball and dragonball z u can skip them but u may miss out on some skills so try not too. game play is not fast like a dbz game but more like a ture mmorpg you click on stuff you hit them you get skills ect. you can use a mount to get around but as u progress i found runing to be easyer as bad guys can knock you off your mount. u can play as 3 races haf sayjin namekian and boo lets just call it majin if you dont like being a kid well when you hit 30 u will grow up aww feels like legend of zelda as a kid your clas is just hiting and blasting but once you grow up you must pick. do you want to be more fighting? (blademaster) blasting? (kai arts) and others like healing but my time playing i was blademaster so cant say much about the others graphics are well anime cel shadeing and look fantasic. verdect 8.5 the good. big world. very fun graphics. art. playing with other fans. the bad. no usa date prob never will be. after 30 things seem to drag on cant get ssj with out dragonballs. to see more screen shots look on game spot or my pics ty

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