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CAPCOM's repeated milking of fans is getting old really fast.

As a longtime fan of fighting games I can say that each release before 2010 was highly anticipated. Weather it was Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat, I could not wait to get my hands on the newest one. Up until the release of Street Fighter 4, I used to defend CAPCOM on releasing a new version of an already released game. Two major examples however have turned me to the dark side. MV3 to UMVC3 and Street Fighter X Tekken to the next version of SFxT. Seeing how the vanilla version are released with so much content locked out only to be re-released months later has turned me bitter. Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Blaze Blue and others are not nearly as bad (Mortal Kombat's re-release of MK9 is borderline however) as CAPCOM. While it may seem my profile is MK biased, I can reassure you it is not! I enjoy my favorite characters and often change my profile to reflect the current one I am in the mood using during a game. So what can CAPCOM do to regain its lost fanbase? Stop milking loyal fans and giving us the middle finger because your profit margains are not where they should be because of overstated projections. Give us the games we want and give us one definitive version. Capcom vs SNK 3 is at the top of everyone's list. There is no reason what so ever that a new verison cannot be released or even work out the details with SNK if theres an ongoing dispute. If it's an internal matter, I know for a fact that a new version of Street Fighter Alpha would be well received. How about reviving the DarkStalkers franchise? Not only would it be well received but that vampire tween bull$hit that seems to so popular with the EMO kids would bring new fans in. Even they wouldn't be *alone* or need someone to *understand them* because they could be online learning how to play at a top tier level.