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Star Wars: Unleashed

I got it the tuesday it came out after class. I started playin at around 1pm and ended the game at 10:30. It was insanely short. that was about the only thing i didnt like about it (an all the glitches). all in all i really did enjoy the game. i already beat it in sith lord mode but took me 3 days cause i didnt play all the time (work school and WoW). i also thought the black lightsaber was also goin to be better looking but i still like it. also tip on gettin the black lightsaber. i just griped the big metal circle things and put it flat on top of the plat form where the holocron is (yes the room wit all the green lazer things all the way on top) an then used the float thing to get up an force dash on the metal circle thing (pulled it enof to where i can jump on it but i wont tip over) then jumped on platform an ran to the holocron. playin sith lord mode was hot i felt all bad ass wit my moves an rippin thro mobs like they nuttin still was too easy if ya ask me but it was worth it to see the sith ending. i still dont understand y so many people didnt like the fighting style other then the insane graphics that was another thing i really enjoyed. the moves were hot an usin combo after combo after combo was extremly fun. just hope they make a new one thats alot harder an alot longer and wit out so many gliches; falling into nothingness for 5 mins did get a lil boring. All an all i gave this game a 8.5