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Finished Uncharted last night and I just have to say that Naughty Dog is one great developer. Sure there are minor things that I could gripe about, enemies take too many bullets or sometimes you latch on walls instead of rolling. But overall, this is one highly crafted and enjoyable cinematic adventure. Now that I've played the first game I'm stoked to play Uncharted 2, its become a must purchase title for me.This game is easily a reason to buy a PS3.

I really fear this holiday season, so many good titles will stress my gaming budget financially and temporally.

Just got a PS3

Well I just picked up a PS3, the launch of the slim created a tech itch in me that I just couldn't resist. While I feel that the 360 is the superior console, there are now enough exclusive PS3 games that I could rationalize the purchase. The decision to get a PS3 was also made easier by the fact that the system didn't cost me any money as I just traded 16 360 games for the PS3. EB in Canada has an insanely good trade promo were they give you $5 extra when you trade 10 or more games. So, I dumped a lot of old titles and a couple of newer ones.

So far I am enjoying Hot Shots Golf and Wipeout a lot and have copies of Uncharted and MGS4 on the way from Goozex. After that I just need to get copies of LBP, Valkyria Cronicles, inFamous andfigure out how to get a MAG beta key without subscribing toQore.

If anyone wants to add me to their friends list, my PSN ID is bi-gE.

Demigod 50% off coupon

If anyone wants my 50pc off coupon for Demigod just post below or send me a PM... Might take me a bit to respond I'm on vacation.


Picked this game up largely on a whim. After reading Kevin's review I became a little hesitant, but considering both the GS and 1up reviews have lots of positive statements mixed in with their criticism. I thought what the heck, I really like SINS, yes I know different dev, and I want to support Stardock due to their DRM free policy. So why not.

Played for about 2h now, and so far my impressions are positive. This is coming from someone who never played DOTA, so I really have no frame of reference. The game really feels like it comes from the early 1990s, how it just throws you into the game and expects you to swim. It would have been easier to live with the complete lack of a tutorial, if the game had a nice 1990s manual, aka really thick with a novella at the start :D But it doesn't, so I had to hit the Stradock forums to look at a getting started guide someone was kind of enough to write up.

I think I will write a full review once I've spent more time with the game.

Anyone else pick this game up? I'm looking for people to play with, maybe use a vent server so we have a slight advantage. My Impulse ID is NodtheThird if anyone wants to add me as a friend

It's a beer!

Well I just bought Tomb Raider Legend off of Steam today, cause I just can't pass up a game for $5 dollars. I'm not sure what compels me to do this, cause I know that I will probably not play pass the second level. So TRL is will become just another skeleton in my gaming closest, which goes all the way back to the Playstation. Thankfully, I've given up on the notion that I will finish all the 8 and 16 bit era games I own. Then again, I just bought the Ultimate Genesis collection, because I got it cheap, to have 40 games I will not finish.

I did the same thing with Alien Hominid and Braid on XBLA, I see the word deal or discount and the rational me just goes away... I just start to think get it, get it, it's cheap it will be more expensive later.

I guess the reason I'm writing this post is that I want assurance that I am not alone in this behaviour. I know it's crazy to get upset about 5 dollars but it start to add up over time. That money could be spent on a beer or lunch, something I will enjoy for about as much time as I spend with TRL.

So do you have any games that you bought just be cause they were on sale, even though you know you won't play them?


So I've been dog sitting for my brother, who as a Wii, and have been playing Super Mario Galaxy. All I have to say is this game is amazing. So addictive, I keep telling my self just one more Star instead of doing my school work. Playing SMG, reminds me how much of a let down Sunshine really was. Though when I get home I'm going to give it another spin, just to check if my memory is correct.

After building my uber computer I told myself I would not buy any consoles, as I already spend too much time gaming and not enough working. But after playing SMG I really want a Wii. Then again I was thinking of pursuing a Masters in Ludology, so more gaming is just research. :p

Yes, I am getting around the auto-sensor.

Looking for Hellgate: London players.

I picked up Hellgate not to long ago and I'm looking for people to play with regularly. Idealy I'd like to form/am looking for a group that uses voip, as I find it enhances the gaming experience in general. So if you are playing Hellgate atm, drop me a line so I can get you on my in game friends list.

My current in game name is NodtheThird, so feel free to add me.

And now some more pictures of my new computer.

All the blue fans mean I can play in the dark now :D

My new computer

Just thought I'd post a picture of my new computer sitting atop my desk. I likes it very much, but sadly I've not had the time to play on it very much. A Q6600 with 4GB and a 8800GTS 512 makes things go vroom!

New computer on desk

Why are PC games still shipping in paper boxes.

So I just picked up a copy of World in Conflict and am supremely disapointed that this game ships in a paper box, with the game disk comming in a paper sleave. Any game that requiers you to insert the disk to play should give you a proper case to store that disk in, be it either the a plastic game box or a CD jewle case within a paper box. Everytime I get a game packaged like this, I just think the publisher really doesn't care about their customers.

Another part of this rant, is why do games like WIC,Hellgate (just picked this up too) or any game which require the creation of an online account tied to your CD-Key still require you to insert the game disk to play! It just drives me nuts, physical copy protection clearly does not work, hence the need for online account creation, yet they still ask their paying customers to insert the game disk. Other publishers, valve, relic, id have realised that disk based copy protection is outdated and unwanted in this age of internet connected PCs.


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