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Kingdoms of Evil Darkness

So I got 3 new games today. Two of them came in the mail early and the other I just picked up at Walmart.

I'm currently playing Reckoning and will probably shift to The Darkness later today. Resident Evil I am saving for my bus rides to work...

Yey for lots of gaming!

A Tale of Souls, Swords, a Golden Gun, Orcs and Superheroes!

Hey everyone, so I got a fairly large tax refund, meaning that I kinda went on a gaming purchase spree!

Here's what I picked up:

New, $40. Stupid Capcom had to release this as an on disc game instead of DLC, so being a huge fan of the game and of many of the new characters, I had to get it. It plays just like the original, but with some minor tweeks, new modes and new characters.

New, $40. I know this didn't get the best reviews, but it looks like a good, co-op action RPG, so I figured why not. Haven't played it yet.

New, $50. I'm a big Goldeneye fan, so when I heard this was finally coming to 360, I had to get it. It plays a lot like CoD, but still has that flair of Goldeneye. I'm almost done with the campaign.

Last, but certainly not least, I picked up the C.E. of this for $70 and it's my second defeated game of 2012!


The campaign has a good storyline, but the hand drawn parchment cutscenes seem kinda cheep. The game plays fine and looks fantastic, but the removal of certain characters and attributes from character creation really make this one seem not as good as it's predesessor.

So yeah, good amount of gaming stuff. I've got two more coming by mail later this week:

L.E. $60

New, $60

Played the demos for both and they were both excellent. Excited to try the full versions!

Anyway, that's all for now!

I've Gone the Future!

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! It's been a bit since my last post because I've been quite busy lately, so I'll go back and recap all that happened since November.

December I pretty much worked a ton. I did go home for Christmas for quite possably the final time with all of us together. It was a good experience and I'm glad I went.

I got a new toy that has become my go-to gadget: an iPhone 4s. I'm still getting use to it, but am beginning to get the hang of it.

I did get a couple of new games in the last couple months, one of which I just beat and is my first beaten game of 2012:


I'm a HUGE Back to the Future fan, and always wanted to play the Telltale episodic games. When I came across the entire season on disc, I had to grab it. I literally just beat the final episode and I have to say it is extremely authentic to the storyline, plot points and $tyle of the movies. It even featured voice acting by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Overall, it was a short, but extremely enjoyable experience.

I also picked up:

because I needed another 3DS game and it looked like fun. It is a ton of fun and plays just like Mario Kart should. I'm still working through all the various courses and trying to unlock everything. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually...

Anywho, I guess that's all I've got.

Laters, Gamespot!

Risk Taken

I just completed my 11th game of 2011:

The campaign was pretty short and simple, so it's not anything to brag about, but still, I did beat it. Really like the game btw. It's a lot of fun.

I'm also getting a nice new toy tomorrow for my birthday: A 16 gig iPhone 4s. I'm pretty excited because it's my first smartphone. Cannot wait to mess around with it. Anyway, I'm off again today, so some gameplay looks to be in my near future. TTYL Gamespot!

Something Gained, Something Returned

So, this week I returned two of my Black Friday purchases: God of War 3 and Jarhead on DVD. The movie I returned because I heard it wasn't good, while the game I returned because it wasn't that big of a discount, I need to beat 1 and 2 (and technically the origins collection) first and because I needed money.

However, to make up for it, I snagged two new games off of XBLA for a whopping $5 total:

Both of these were on sale as part of Cyber Monday. I figured for the price I payed for them, not bad pick ups... So I figure aside from possably picking up Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, my game shopping for the year is probably done. Now I need to play through all of this stuff that I've spent way too much money on...

That is all...

Black Friday, Part Deux

Ok, so I got a few more things on Black Friday itself. That should teach me not to poke my head back into Walmart on Black Friday...




The big purchase was something I've needed to get for a while now, but they had the one that was on sale still when I came in, so I had to grab one...

I finally have an HD camera. This one shoots in 720p and uses SD cards for storage. I picked it up for $129.99 when it's normally $200. Pretty happy with that desision. I also got an 8 gig SD card to go with it for $9.

All in all I spent about $150 for some more high quality deals. Granted, that's more than I should have spent, but I figure why not grab the cheap stuff right?

Black Thursday Shopping Spree

Ok, so last night, I did what many other crazy people looking for cheeper stuff did: waited at a Walmart for 2 and a half hours for the Black Friday sales that started at 10 on Thursday aka Black Thursday? Anyway, it was a pretty crazy experience. I was knocked down onto the ground and had a pallet collapse on top of me with Walmart staff yelling at everyone to move back, which I was unable to do being on the ground. I did however get what I was going for, and a bunch of other stuff I am pretty proud of grabbing from the fray. So, without further ado, I present my 2011 Black Thursday...I mean Friday...haul!














All in all I spent about $118 on all of this, which isn't too shabby considering all I got. I'm pretty happy...

I also grabbed this:

for 320 M$ Points using the 240 that came with Dance Central 2 and some I already had, so essencially this was free. Pretty awesome no?

Happy Birthday, Xbox!

And what a great way to celebrate the 10th birthday of a great console than by picking up the remastered version of it's best launch title:

I played through the first few levels again. It's just like old times. It's still awesome to play this game again after all these years, but now with achievements and other new stuff. I'm sure I'll beat this one fairly soon.

That's all I have to say. Short and sweet.

Long Time, No Blog!

'sup Gamespotters? I know it's been a while, but you should come to expect this from me considering I was gone for almost a year before randomly popping back in every once in a while. Anyway, to business...

I've picked up quite a few games since I last posted. Those are the following:

I picked this up because it was fun and I had some extra points. It is fun, and a good game to play co-op with friends.

I got this because it was a cheep, fun multiplayer game that I destroy at. 'nuf said.

Of course I had to pick this up. Due to my crazy work schedule, I still haven't finished it, but I'm about halfway done. I'll keep working on this when I'm not working on my other current game projects.

iD Software, the creators of Doom and Quake, made a new game that reminds you a lot of Boarderlands off the bat, but is much more FPS oriented with racing elements rather than an RPG. It's really good so far and I really need to keep working on it, but with the other games I just picked up, it's most likely going on the backburner.

My roomate actually picked this up, but he doesn't have a system, so it's basically mine. I'm still working on Arkham Asylum, so I won't be playing this any time soon, but from what I saw of him playing it, it looks quite good.

This was one of those, hey, that looks like fun purchases. It is actually a lot of fun. I'm sure when I feel like dunking on everyone with Dwight Howard, I'll play this from time to time.

This one was another of those, gee, that looks like fun pickups. I started the campaign, which is really difficult, but other than that, this one has sat on my shelf. I'm sure I'll get around to it once I finish some of my other games...

This is another game my roomate picked up because he wanted to play it. I still need to play the first 2 Uncharted games, which I do have, so this one I won't play for a little while.

This one I grabbed because I am a fan. I know, so is everyone and their mother, but still, I like Call of Duty. I just beat Modern Warfare 2 today, so now I can play MW3. I'm sure it will be fun like all of the other CoD games.

I didn't play Oblivion as much as I probably should have, but darn it, I'm gonna play Skyrim. It looks fantastic. I am very early in the game, but from what I've played, it's a lot of fun.

I also picked up a few new Blu-Rays, which I won't picture, but they are: Captain America, Bad Teacher, The Lion King, Pirates 4 and Harry Potter 7 Part 2.

As far as work goes, a few things have changed. I am now trained at The Great Movie Ride, which is an absolute blast to work. I try to get a nice mix of shifts at various attractions each week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also put in for trainer at Star Tours, so we'll see what happens!

I will end this blog with a list of all the games I have beaten in 2011, which is by far the largest list I have ever had in one year. Hopefully I can add plenty more to this list by year's end.

January 11th

February 5th

March 2nd

March 16th

March 16th

March 16th

July 27th (All DLC Cases by August 8th)

Date Unknown (Sometime in June/July)

October 3rd

November 14th

There ya go. I expect to add Gears 3 and Modern Warfare 3 next to the list. We'll see when that happens.

That's all for now!

Gaming Blitz

So I've picked up quite a few new games since my last blog...

I've been focusing mostly on this as of late, putting Duke Nukem Forever on the backburner. It's really good so far. I particularly enjoy the openness of how you can choose to play the game in so many different ways.

I needed another handheld game to play since I kinda got burnt out on Pokemon, so this was the answer. It's very similar to the Phoenix Wright games, but focuses more on the investigation process. It's a great way to hopefully ease myself off of my crime scene/L.A. Noire kick.

Yes, I baught another Madden, but I actually like this one. Wasn't the biggest fan of Madden 10, so I was skeptical with this one, but I actually really like it. I'm currently playing through franchise mode with a created team who I used fantasy draft on, so I have Big Ben, Larry Fitzgerald, Frank Gore and many other big name players.

This one I was curious about since that awesome trailer debuted. When it came out and got good reviews, I became more interested. Being one of two copies left on the shelf was the last straw. I tested it out today and quite enjoyed what I've played. It's a bit more of an RPG than most zombie games, so from that aspect, it's kinda unique. Really enjoyable so far.

In other news, I also picked up a few new blu-rays:

The last of which is coming this Friday!

Pretty good collection additions I'd say.

In real life news, I found out I am being cross trained at the Great Movie Ride on October 2nd, which is fantastic! I have always wanted to work there and now I finally get to. It's very exciting!

Anyway, that's really all I have. BigCTV should be returning soon...I hope!