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1. Guitar Hero (PS2) - Not only this game is awesome, it has the greatest replay value. I played through Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert without stopping. Its been about 3 months since I got it, and I still play it almost every day (Gurr, 2 songs left to beat in expert, Cowboys from hell and bark at the moon, man those songs are hard) 2. Ace Combat 4 (PS2) - It was my first Ace Combat game, and personally the best one. I was never able to unlock the X-02 because I could not get an S rank on one of the missions, plenty of time for that on an empty Island. 3. CounterStrike: Source (PC) - If there is an internet connection, this is definitely a game for me to take with. If there is no internet, I would replace it with Half Life 2. 4. GTA Vice City (PC with ultimate vice city mod) - I think this is the best GTA out, enjoyed it much more then GTA 3 and San Andreas. It could remind me of an urban city although I would be on a deserted Island. 5. Need For Speed Underground 2 (PC or PS2) - Need a racing game, this is my favorite (would have picked Most wanted, but that game had too little customisations to the cars).