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Ah, well I respect that. See, I'm used to blanket statements being made all the time, and I read and present them as if everybody knows they are simply my opinion. I am well aware that people have different opinions. When I say something is a joke, I mean that it's a joke in my opinion.
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I just use my Walkman phone. I listen to it walking to and from school and sometimes while playing, IE when grinding an achievement. I did that especially in Fuel, partially because I didn't have school and partially because it was a major grind-fest to get 1000/1000.

And as for your PS3 sig I am not surprised, I bet you have posters of Drake in your bedroom as well.

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It's more complicated than that.

You cannot do ANY of the quests on the citadel (aside from getting the other characters, and becoming a Spectre). Save all of them till AFTER you get her, put her in your party immediately, and then go back. Honestly, i didn't think it would make a difference but i was dead wrong... i played the entire game with her from the moment i got off the citadel and still didn't get the achievement. Even scanning planets counts.

And she can actually be quite good in battle... at least she doesn't stand out in the open like Garrus does :P


Yeah, that's what I meant but you were more specific than I.. I guess she's alright in Combat, I just don't like her character so maybe I am looking at her negatively from the get-go.

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Knows I am serious about the achievements.
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Played the demos for both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. The thing with Tim Schafer games is that they are hilarious, unique and extremely charming... but completely unplayable to me. It's just so boring jumping around or throwing your axe around. I really have a thing against third-person games with the camera all zoomed out. Over the shoulder is fine, I love games like GRAW and Mass Effect, but when you can see the whole body and then some like in Fable II and Brutal Legend it makes it too gamey for me and I just start hating it just for that. Then again I love Ninja Gaiden, but in that game the combat is actually deep and not like in Brutal Legend and Fable II where it's a joke.
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Hm, been reading up on this thread to catch up. Jurrasic 5 eh? I actually have one of their albums and quite like it. But I've never payed too much attention to the subjects, if the subject is women, money and various drugs then that's fine as long as I like the production and the rhymes they use, and sometimes it's kinda hilarious to me. As long as it's not completely redundant like Soulja Boy and such.

I'm sort of like that with games too, gameplay is more important than story to me and when I listen to the Podtoid on I always get annoyed by their constant analyzing and nitpicking with story. Like one time they mentioned you can shoot ghosts, but not light-bulbs in FEAR 2 and they wrote that game off completely. They even named the episode Invincible Light-bulbs or something.

Do you listen to podcasts, by the way? I love Podtoid even with the aforementioned problems, Jim Sterling especially has a way of offending everybody that I really enjoy, and even when he's trying to be nice it's funny, like when he said "That's a great question, Samit. And also your face looks great" after people had been complaining about Samit being mocked by the rest of the crew.

I also listen to the Bombcast at, with the guys that left GameSpot like Jeff Gerstmann and Brad Shoemaker. I feel like I've known those guys all my life and they are truly hilarious some times.

And by recommendation from Jim Sterling I listen to the Peacock and Gamble podcast, which is hilarious and I love their thick British accents (to me anyway, I'm not British if you recall) and my only gripe with them is that their podcast is only 30 minutes long. My favorite part is when one of them (I really am not sure which voice is which) explained in great detail his pornographic dream involving Queen Elizabeth, Lara Croft and others.

I also listen to the Xbox 360 Fancast at Joystiq. They're usually not as funny, but I listen to them anyway because they are from time to time. But mostly it's because I miss having voices to listen to when I walk to and from school. Would appreciate it if you guys forwarded some podcasts to me. Keep in mind that I like the funnies, though.

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[QUOTE="SymonDezyn"]no, her ally achievement, where you have to play the majority of the game with her. All your allies have an achievement :)pai-may

Ah, so why is hers so tough? Is it due to when you meet her in the story?


More Farcry Predator Insticts today, getting lost in a shanty town while pirates continually spawn to try and gun me down.

Basically yes. Liara is the last person you meet so you have to make sure you go after her first and then do all the side-stuff so that you do 75% of the game with her. Also she is useless in combat... and in the game. I never liked Liara.

I've been playing FIFA 10. Mostly Manager Mode with Real Madrid and a Be a Pro character. "Benny" is a striker with a decent 73 overall rating, but he's getting better.

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You guys pay too much attention to the settings. Whether or not it's aliens or Germans doesn't matter as long as the shooting's good.
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Seems to have had one tenth of my gamerscore consistently for a while now...
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Got FIFA 10 some days ago. Will be preordering Forza 3 soonish, seems like GameStop is running some bonus cars with the preorder. Other than that I won't be buying anything I think, unless there is some awesomeness going on with XBL. So far it's been pretty awful, but I saw the achievement list for Wallace & Gromit episode 3 being posted, so this might be a sign Episode 2 comes out! It's been like 6 months since the first episode...