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Final Fantasy Research Project - Help me please!

Hello everyone,

Please help me out and fill in my survey about the wondrous games series Final Fantasy. For those of you who don't know what it is, this'll take you less than 2 minutes. For those who do, this'll take you less than 3. Thanks and enjoy! :D

Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves is going to destroy the competition

After watching the SONY E3 showcase and reading many previews, I think it is very clear to see that Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves could be another one of those 'all time classics that'll be talked about in still years to come'. I'm sure most of you would agree. I don't think anyone, who has the fortune to own the gaming-heaven that is the PS3, will not buy this game. Especially when the reviews come out (the main source of any game getting its sales).It looks like Naughty Dog have released another classic gaming-experience. :D
So how many people are going to try and get the platinum trophy? ;)

Lack of Gamespot

As my age goes on, as does the ever increasing workload that is dished out upon my desk. This results in such a lack of time that I can devote onto Gamespot. It seems that I am never getting any time onto Gamespot anymore. It a shame to say the least. I hope that this will change and I will be able to balance my time better.

Who's your best character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

There is much dispute in Super Smash Bros. Brawl about who is the best character in the game. Not only who the best character in the game, but also the best addition to the roster. And not only that, but who can you play with best?

Please write who you can play with best and say why he/she is your best character. Perhaps post your online Super Smash Bros. Brawl codes so we can verse you and see if you really are as good/bad as you say. Thanks. :)


Who's your best character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl???

Help With Profile Pimping

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to ''pimp up'' my Gamespot profile though preferences. All images are either too big and/or don't fit or whatever. Can anybody give me any advice?

Next Gen Wars Update

These are the updates of the console sales from the Next Gen Wars site. I will roughly estimate the figures.

Xbox 360 : 10,400,000


Playstation 3 : 2,800,000


Nintendo Wii : 6,500,000


So if you look at the previous figures, then Wii is shooting up with sales. Supposedly with the Wii and DS combined, Nintendo now rule around 50% of the market at the moment. We all knew that they would evantually rule the day. 

Next Gen Wars

There is a really cool site that keeps the updates of sales from each company. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The sales that each of their next gen consoles has made. Good stuff.
Xbox 360 is around 10,000,000
Song PS3 is around 1,000,000
Nintendo is around 4,000,000

Good for Nintendo since is hasn't been out for so long. Xbox should have more than the others because it has been out for a year. The site is called you can type it into Google search engine and it should be the first find. Enjoy!

Not Like It Used To Be

What has really happened to Gamespot?
I don't really understand it. I feel that the good old Gamespot that we used to know doesn't really exsist anymore. Don't get me wrong, the whole system is working better than it has every worked before, but the communication has gotten worse I feel. I remember when there was so much communication and everyone was willing to get emblems and everyone wanted to get this or do this and people praised this or didn't but now it feels like Gamespot has been so consentrated in preparing everything for the next generation that they have left the old generation behind.

But maybe this will be good in the long run, maybe sometime in the future everyone will be as it once was but all about the new consoles. This may be the case, but it may not. And this communication problem might only be for me. It might be that everybody else is doing get great and has never felt more open to the people of Gamespot but I feel more enclosed recently. I can't know what you guys feel because like I said, the communication and openness is not as it once was. Tell me how you feel upon this matter.

Quick random question

I was trying to make another blog because I haven't done one in absolutly ages but that's not the point. I wanted to add images from the site but there seems to be no URL on the pictures so I couldn't use them. Silly really. Can we not use pictures anymore? Or if so, how?

Main Stream Music

Being a huge music fan, even though I don't own an Ipod or anything like that (yet) I feel that music is getting poorer and poorer. Music is now becoming, not music at all. A lot of people nowadays are just following the charts rather than truly listening to something that maybe isn't as popular but means more to them than what the main stream did.

A lot of music nowadays seems to have no meaning in it. In the music and the lyrics. A lot of the time I feel that way too many bands and artists make music just for the hell of it rather than having a purpose. They are making music just to have made music and most probably for the popularity and the money rather than the music itself and the feeling and meaning the music should have.

Music should have great meaning to it rather than something completly worthless. Something that means a great deal to you and you can communicate with the song. Obviously the music itself should sound good but it should also make you feel good. Music is a key to make you feel certain emotions and feelings and too much music nowadays does nothing like that at all.

Not only that but music is becoming more simplistic. Rather than proper musical and complex pieces, some songs nowadays actually consist of 3 notes. It's quite sad really. I would like to balance this injustice but I can't really do much about it. But this is what I feel towards this subject and I wanted to know what you people think about this.