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Epic Flame War

I find it funny how bad the Metal Gear news board has gotten since that teaser showed up. Its hilarious, in fact, I recommend you go check it out for yourself if you are reading this. People are arguing everything the others are saying and I don't think it'll end anytime soon. So if you want a good laugh, go read the comments there, its great 8).

Next-Gen Race.

As months just seem to fly by, the next-gen race seems to me is finally starting to space out. The Wii hasn't let up in sales at all and Im pretty surprised that its still hard to come by. Now with Metal Gear Solid 4 out, which is probably to me, the game of the year, the PS3 is getting sales that its needed these past few years. Although I think the real surprise to me is how flat the 360 is right now. With not many games to really grab you, i've noticed that not many people are really praising the 360 for much of anything. Over the past months, I've seen movie companies leave the HD-DVD format and join the Blu-Ray disc. Alot of people I know who have no affliation with any specific console say the the 360 is really dissapointing them because of how a great game like Ninja Gaiden 2 has tons of bugs and issues that it shouldn't have, will never be fixed or updated on the 360. When I got my 360 for Halo 3, I enjoyed it for a few months but now I don't even touch it and I don't really want to pay 50 dollars for friend management on Xbox Live when I could play my Wii online or PS3 for free and get no lag. With that said, Im hoping maybe the race will pick up and be a little bit closer but it seems to be that the Wii and PS3 are just pulling away from the 360. To be honest with all of you out there, I don't think Gears of War 2 or Fable 2 will do much for the 360. Best of luck to all of you.

Brawls Rumor Rosters

You know, Im really tired of all those rumor rosters for Super Smash Brawl. I refuse to believe any rosters that come out for this game because it will be very dissapointing if they are indeed true.I mean come on, whats the point of Ganondorf when Captian Falcon is the exact same or Ness when you have Lucas. Just all these repeating characters is very dissapointing. I mean where is Mega Man, Zero, Geno, Gray Fox, or even Crono. Regardless of what nintendo thinks, the fans want to see these characters in this game. What would be awesome is if that online updates were in the game, and they could add Mega Man or Crono to the list. Now that would make this game own so much. So, in the end, I can only hope that these rosters are not true, because damn it, Nintendo should know better than that.

Virtual Console Reviews

This will probably be my only entry in this blog. I don't understand why Gamespot is giving horrible reviews to the Virtual Console games! I mean yeah they are old but so far to all of the great games of the times past Gamespot has given low or just plain bad scores to amazing games. I just saw the Ocorina of Time review and I have to say an 8.9? What?! Why did you review it again? You people know how great that game is and yet you review it again to lower the score? You wasted your time reviewing that, so just stop while your ahead.