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BelatedNoob Blog

Level 20

Finally Level 20.

Going to take a while to level up from now on, but atleast im not at the noob ranks :D

Xbox 360 Repair Status (RRoD)

If your a constant reader on my Blog, a few Blogs back I said my Xbox 360 was going into Repair due to the Red Ring of Death. This was very unfortunite, and at a very unfortunite time as well. (Summer and all...). Anyways, here was my Status from Start to Finish.

Device Information

-Device: Xbox360 Hardware

-Serial Number: ************

-Warranty Status: In Warranty

-Repair Status: Device Shipped to Customer

-Carrier Name: PURO AIR

-Carrier Tracking Number: ***********

Repair Process

-Repair order submitted - We have received your repair order and it is in the queue to be processed. - Monday July 21

-Waiting for device at service center - We have processed your order and are waiting for your console to arrive at our service center. The total amount of time for your repair order depends on how quickly you send your console to us by using the shipping instructions that we included. Your console should be returned to you within 2 to 3 weeks of the date that you send it to us. - Tuesday July 22

-Device received at service center - We have received your console. - Wednesday July 23

-Device shipped to customer - Your console has been repaired or replaced. We are shipping it back to you. - Thursday July 24

-Device recieved at customers household. - Friday July 25

My Thoughts

Purely amazing. I never thought Microsoft was so fast on there Repairs. I sent in an xbox on Monday, and Get it back the Friday of the same week? Awesome, I gotta say. :D When I kept checking the Status of my 360 online, it moved through the stages in no time. Before I knew it, the Purolator man was at my door delivering it to me with a smile.

"Heres your package, Sir."

My Response:"OMFG, RLYY??!?!? Ty Sir. :D"

I was in complete shock to be Honest. After hearing all the people posting on the internet about Microsoft taking 3 weeks to fix there Xbox 360, I felt like a lucky man. Ive also read on the internet that people get problems right after they open the package back up. So I actually havent opened the package back up yet, cause if something happens, ill comit suicide.

Be sure to check back in a few days....Because ill be editing this Blog to show you how my Xbox turned out. Will I get the RRoD again in a few days? Is it a new or refirbished console? Stay tuned to find out.

P.S: Post your experience with Microsoft Repairs, or maybe any other Console you've had to send in to get Repaired. I wanna hear your stories and compare em to mine.

Thanks for Reading,

Thoughts on the Xbox Experience

Announced during Microsoft's press conference on Monday, the Xbox 360 dashboard will be receiving a full redesign, including the addition of avatars. Fortunately, your existing themes will be compatible with this new design. Gamers have split opinions on these changes.

My Thoughts:

With the slick new changes to the update im impressed I have to say. There were rumors going around that there was going to be an update to the XBox 360 Dashboard, but I never knew it was going to be this different. It might take a little while to get used to, without switching through the xbox blades but I think it will be neat. Another neat thing would be the avatars. Now I know EVERYONE is talking about them right now, and how there going to effect the future of the Xbox 360... Well they kinda remind me of the game series, "Sims". I've never really been a huge Sims gamer, but I know for a fact that these new avatars will make the Xbox 360 more great with there customizable features.

On the other hand, Netflix is going to be HUGE now that its Intergrated with the XBox 360. To tell you the truth, I didnt really know much about Netflix until it got announced with the 360. Its a really neat feature there adding onto the Xbox, because there prices are cheap...and you can watch ALOT of great movies for those cheap prices. It seems like Ill be buying a Netflix account really soon :D

With all these new changes with the Xbox 360, I have to say: ITS ABOUT TIME!
This seems to be long overdue, and its time that Microsoft Game Studios stepped it up a bit.

I hope that in the near future, Microsoft will release more videos on the changes and effects of the new XBox Experience, because in my eyes, its a winner. :P

What do you think? Was there a better way to simplify the dashboard without eliminating the blades? Post your thoughts below!

Do you think there will be a Halo 4?

With all the mini discussions going on about Bungies next plans, do you think Bungie will decide to make a continuation of the Halo Sequal? Apart from Halo Wars, and the expected Halo Movie, I myself am not even sure as to wether or not they'll decide. Maybe some info will pour out at E3 for all we know..

If Bungie were to confirm Halo 4, that would be the greatest thing for me. Im a Halo Addict, and always will be. I've played in many MLG Tournaments, and have been playing the Halo Series for about 6 years running.

Anyways, what do you think about all this commotion? Do you think Bungie will actually create a new game to impress the audience, or will they fall in the depts with Halo 3? Comment Away, I wanna hear what you think ;)

Excited For E3?

This is my first year watching E3 on Gamespot. I've seen the show over the past couple years, but this is my first time here. Im glad to see Fastestruck has a Thread made on the forums for the Emblems. I cant wait to get those too!

Im excited to see some of the games that are going to be shown, and surprises work well enough too. What I wanted to ask was...What games are you looking forward to at E3?

My First Job

Now that its the Summer, I felt like I needed to find a place to Work rather then just sitting at home doing nothing all day. I've been sending around Resumes around like crazy, and finally found a pretty decent place to work. I work at a local Diner thats about a block away from my house. Its called the "Mercury Diner". Its a family owned restaurant, and its like bombed in there everyday.

Whats my job position you ask? Well, since the place is bombed all the time...I felt like being a waiter to make some decent tips ;)

I just serve the food, and get tips, its that easy ;)

If you want to know more about the restaurant, I found a link on the Internet that shows a little bit about the place..

Im so happy to be making more money then before...(

Heres the link Below to the site.

CLICK ME! lol.

Thanks for reading,

Comment on some of the jobs you have, or where you work. I wanna hear it...So i can compare it to my Job. :P

My Newest Profile Updates WITH PICTURES! ;O

Its been a while since i've used my Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Application on my Computer. So I decided the other day, That I wanted to spice up my Profile a Bit by replacing the Banner, and my Avatar.

Heres what my Gamespot Profile Banner looked like before:
Sorry it cuts out the whole Picture, Heres the link to the Full Size Picture Below:

And Here's what it looks like Now:
Sorry it cuts out the whole Picture, Heres the link to the Full Size Picture Below:

I think the changes are amazing. Im not very good at Photoshopping, but I like to add in multiple effects in my makes the pictures more effective. And now, time for the Avatars.

Heres what my Avatar looked like before (I miss the Flash Animation :P):

And Here's what it looks like Now:

I know it seems to be quite a Change to my Profile, and I do miss the Flash Animations alot...But I wanted an Avatar that matched my Profile. I think a lot of Members on Gamespot do this to there Profile, so why not do it to mine? :P

EDIT: Just Recieved the VIP Emblem for Watching Gamespot's Tournament TV Episode for GH Aerosmith. If you havent seen it already, I recommend you watch the Ending, cause it was an intense battle. 9.5/10. Heres the Emblem I got:

Anyways, yeah...these are the latest Changes to my profile. This and editing some Personal Information which im not going to share just incase you people are Stalkers :P Haha, Nawh...I trust you all...I think ;)

What do you think about the latest Changes to my Profile? What could I have improved?
It would be nice if you can Comment and Share, because I always like it will look that much better next time :P

Thanks for Reading,

Recent Xbox 360 Problems

Can anyone guess whats happened to me over the past couple days? I've been spending countless hours trying to find a way to Repair my Xbox from this:

Thats right. Ive just recieved the Red Ring of Death on my Xbox 360. Although this happens to everyone, Microsoft should have found a way already to completely fix this problem. Anyways, I came across this stupid "Towel Fix" for the Xbox 360. I thought this was just a stupid prank to get peoples Xbox 360's on Fire, but I guess not. It seemed to Fix my Xbox!

Although I already got the Box in the mail for the 360 to be sent in for Repairs, I dont think i'll have to for a while anyways. I have a strong feeling that the 360 wont get the Red Ring for a while, and I dont know why. Ill update this Blog as stuff happens though. :P

Can anyone gimmie some tips, ideas, etc on What to do to not get this again, or Anything? That would be Great.


My New Emblem & Gaming Updates

I just visited my Profile this morning, and noticed I had finally recieved my new Emblem from the Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament. Overall, it was a pretty good tourney...The only prob I had was that the Organization of the tourney was pretty bad. They just had so many quitters, it was outragious. Ohwell, I still like my new emblem.

In other news, Here are some Game updates from the past few weeks. Ive gotton to about 40% in GTA IV....Not to good. Although, I have been totally owning Crysis on the PC. I beat the Campaign completely, and have started playing it online.

So thats the newest updates. What do you think?