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My Thoughts on Video Games

This blog post is the first I have posted more than a year, and I think this will be my last. I'm not leaving or anything but I honestly don't find being in unions or constantly blogging or whatever a good occupation of my time, but rather to be updated with the latest news on games and latest games. Plus I have been extremely sour of gamespot because of both the departure of Jeff Gerstmann and a bunch of new reviewers who I think are shocking at reviewing, they're not funny their video reviews are boring as hell, and to top it off that fat sh** reviewer whoever he is, rated I think both of my favourite recent RPGs, Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey much lower than they deserve. Anyway enough of my ranting and **** at Gamespot lets cut to the chase.

In this blog I just wanted to give and impression of games now and the future of games. So at the moment I am being astonished by games like on the X360 Lost Odyssey a game that far exceeded my expectations. Don't bash me or anything but I personally think it's a much better Role-Playing game than Mass Effect, because I grew up with the classic Final Fantasy games on the Playstation from FF7 to FFX I enjoyed the hell out of them, I didn't end up playing FFXI or FFXII because you had to pay to play FFXI, so I don't think it's a bad game I just don't want to pay for that. FFXII however I hate the MMO style combat system, this is why I love Lost Oddyssey so much because it didn't go for that bullsh**, it went with what I and many others loved about JRPGs, random battles. Plus I totally agree with Gametrailers review of FFXII, it's a great game that just isn't as enjoyable as any of the other FFs.

So yeah I love the classic nostalgic gameplay of Lost Odyssey, the graphics are great I love the facial animations too. The story is already brilliant and I've only played a couple of hours on the first disc and it's intense. That's another thing I love, the game has Four Discs, so when you beat Disc One you be can be like, "Yes I got to Disc Two". Plus this game deserves way more than a 7.5 more like a 9.0 or even a 9.5. Oh yeah and because of this masterpiece I've went back and played all the classic FFs and I've started playing the first ones, none of which I have beat but hope to beat in the end.

Mass Effect, although not as good as Lost Odyssey in my opinion I think it's also fantastic, sure the graphics can be a bit choppy but I overlooked that when I noticed the characters faces being photorealistic, the facial animations awesome, gameplay intense and balanced. The Story which I admit is great, I was kind of hoping to see some messed up creepy Sci-Fi like in some Alastair Reynolds Book, like some people who are sort of symbiotically attached to buildings. Or a Disease that destroys a planet from greatness to gothic f*cked upness. I love the voice-acting especially. To top it off, this sure as hell needs a 9.5 because it's brilliant.

Soon I'll be getting Forza Motorsport 2 which I already know is brilliant and of course GTA IV. All I have to say is the name and a parade starts in some part of the world, we're only a few days away and this game which I haven't took notice of since January will surprise me to hell with sheer awesomeness, you seriously don't know how much I have been begging for this game to come out and soon it will be out and with multiplayer which I seriously think will be a hilarious part of the game and more enjoyable I hope, so that it keeps me away from Call of Duty 4.

Wait a minute, hold on let me explain. I'm not saying I hate Call of Duty 4, I love Call of Duty 4. But F**k tend to play this game and for ages, I hate playing with my friends most of whom I know from my school, because they're jerk-offs, who take the game too seriously, to the point that they call me a n00b every time I play with them. Look I don't care if someone calls me a n00b, but honestly the reason I only just got to level 41 was because I had other things to do and why would I want to do play something, that doesn't let me have fun or feel good about just playing the game.

Still I love Halo 3 multiplayer, I don't play it excessively but when I ask my good friends, Alex, Allan and Andrew for a game on it I love it, it's fun as hell, mostly because the game playes more straightforward and not so strategic. Don't get me wrong I love strategic gameplay but not when people make me feel bad when doing so.

Over the past few months I have come to know alot about the history of video games and I know that, that makes me a qualified nerd on paper. But I just happened to learn alot just from watching alot of the features on and I've come to realise how great NES games were and how those NES gamers, were the true hardcore gamers. But now we have a bunch of Madden loving, Spartan spanking, COD F**kers who think they're hardcore just because they thought that a 'hardcore' game is meant to be dark and gritty. But in fact those Contra, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Nes gamers were true masters. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was no different from todays, 'hardcores' I just played straightforward conventional games that usually don't have alot of groundbreaking architecture around it unlike these classic games. Mega Man is just a simple little blue robot who kicks ass with his megabuster and takes other 'mega men' abilitys so that the Evil Dr. Wily is destroyed. Such a simple but awesome premise and by todays standards would probably be original, so long as it doesn't become a first-person shooter and with other conventionality's like that. But in heart the Mega Man games are hard unless you know how to beat them, I've started playing Mega Man II and am getting I ass kicked all the time. I'm not saying modern games suck, but originality can be off at times.

One modern game I and so many others enjoyed was Bioshock. A true masterpiece, with one of the best story's ever, great characters, original concept, amazing visuals and by far one of the most believable worlds ever, I think it is the most believable world ever. The dark atmosphere is what made it work and it has some truly messed up things in it, that I know you and I love about this insanity of a class game. I give it a perfect 10.

Now onto consoles, the X360 as you could imagine would be my favourite gaming console of this generation. Well it is, it truly has the best library of games, the best online service, which have intense features. Not only can you download the latest demos and videos for games. You can get gamer pics, themes, rent full movies for a month, get amazing games on Xbox Live Arcade, soon we'll be watching T.V. on it and this all makes the 360 the biggest Software giant out there, (it's also the best DVD player I have ever had). But I may get a Nintendo Wii soon, which I happen to think is the best console of this generation. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I just went on for ages about how great the 360 is, and then there's this. Well here's my explanation although I love all these features being in one console. The true heart in a games console is undoubtedly the games, I loved it when games were a special part in my life and it still is but for alot of people it's just another feature on your media player. Since the Wii is all about having fun, even if you weren't into gaming before you will find this fun. Because Nintendo have went into a direction where everybody but the 'hardcores' weren't into gaming, they wanted them to get into gaming by just making a console fun. It has worked phenomenally by doing this and it's a great idea, Sony did it before with Playstation by bringing in the so callled 'hardcores' like me, into gaming. Nintendo just want 'casual' gamers like elderly people, family, kids, parents and it worked simply by going in the direction that is fun. I'm so happy to get a Wii just because of great simple games that can be a bit challenging like Super Mario Galaxy, while getting the occasional third-party game that is pretty bloody like No More Heroes yet brilliant none the less. the online service for the Wii is just simply games, you get to buy old amazing games from multiple consoles, you're able to enter in contests and other stuff that is generally fun.

Finally the PS3, although I don't feel like owning one simply because I don't want to pay so much for a console that doesn't have as many good games as the 360 and let alone the Wii. Don't get me wrong I think the PS3 is magical hardware but honestly get developers that know the Cell tech before you release Sh**ty games or games where usually the 360 version is better. I do admit the PS3 version of GTA IV might be better but I think more sales will go toward the 360 version. MGS4 will be a real plus for it and is one of the few cases of a PS3 exclusive that will actually be brilliant instead of okay. I do feel sorry for Sony but I hate that they're simply not giving much reason for me to get a PS3, there's not enough good games to get one, and the online is not as good as Xbox Live. I admit that it's great and it probably will last a decade but to me it's just a console I feel like not getting.

In Conclusion I want to tell you the story of why I brought the 360 first out of any of the current generation consoles. I saw when the X360 had a strong start with titles like Call of Duty 2, Condemned, Dead or Alive 4 and many others. But these were merely supportive games, despite Call of Duty 2 being my favourite of the series. Then I played Dead Rising in August, I looked at upated looks of Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War. I reminded myself that there were also going to be another Half-life 2 game and a Halo game as well as another Call of Duty game. But after playing Dead Rising, just one game out of the whole console. I begged for the 360 and then I got it for christmas and I ended playing it forever on playing the titles I was waiting for along time. See it's just great games that fuel me into getting a console and then playing the game. I would really love to keep playing the next Halo related game and play the next masterpiece from Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu because that's why I play games, they're fun and game consoles and gaming in general shouldn't be taken so seriouly and remain a fantasy that lives in our minds solely as fun, just a driving force that is special to all of us like, someone we love dearest to our hearts or the car you kept clean and spanking new for so long. Don't treat gaming like another media, but explore it as another part of Culture and you will love it for just being a game.

I know I probably don't make a whole lot of sense, since I kind of lot track of what exactly I was saying lol. But just pick out the points I made from some of my paragraphs that you can identify and understand and take into consideration, sorry if I dragged on a bit but I just really wanted to let myself out. Remember I'm not being contreversal I'm not saying particular games suck or that the PS3 sucks, this blog was just my thoughts on gaming, my views, that's all, so please don't take this so seriously. If you read through my blog and have understood much of what I said I hope you can look at things differently and I Thank you dearly for enduring so much text, thank you and that is all.

Minus World

I really like that Rank name.

Anyway hey peeps. There's a s*** load of stuff to get down with. Lets start with the 360, it's awesome! I still only have my five games from xmas since I'm a kid, I can't be bothered to earn money and whatever but I'm still kl with it, cause I'm playing my games for achievements. You know I'm still annoyed with myself because I've already completed 3 of my 360 games. Like Gears of War I completed on XMAS day with my bro' on Casual loved it. Then played it solo on Hardcore, quiet hard. Then recently me and a friend of mine completed Gears on Insane. JESUS it was hard. But I have to admit, the game would be harder if I was stuck alone with the dumbass A.I.
The other games I completed are Dead Rising, I'm not playing that as much because come achievements are just ridiculous. Finally I completed Call of Duty 3, awesome game, going through the game again on Veteran. I'm stuck on the second mission lol. But I'll beat it soon.
Besides those games I've definitely downloaded some demos, mostly for my friends, like I downloaded Lego Star Wars 2 and Hitman Blood Money. Plus other demos I recently got the Crackdown demo. Christ that game is GTA in the Future man, even the demo was packed with loads of gameplay and apparently the game comes with a Multiplayer demo of Halo 3 so I would love to play that too.

Coming off the subject of games, I'm taking up Revision on Maths, Science and soon English, I wanna do my best you know so I can get a job lol. Plus I went into town and got a Sin City comic I got the whole "That Yellow Bastard" issue. It's so kl and if you've seen the film you'll recognize what happens in the film that actually starts from the comic. Then Afterwards I suddenely got an idea for a comic. I'm trying to think of a better name for it cause it based in Greek times and you know there's awesome names for anything in Greece. Anyway I was thinking for a first issue comic. A really good Spartan warrior fights as a Gladiator, but his brother just so happens to be there. The spartan thinking his brother wouldn't survive didn't intend on fighting him but he did. Then when he ends up killing his brother it turns out that his brother was meant to survive until he met his doom. So the setup was actually done by Zeus. Then the spartan goes up against the Gods of Olympus but he fails. Then because of fighting the gods, everybody hates him and he finds his family has been murdered. Then for some reason the gods help and the Spartan plays along with the gods until they might strike at him or anything like that. The rest of the story is something that shouldn't be spoilt because I have a great story going on and I'm hoping to get the first issue drawn up and maybe you guys get to look at it. Hope you enjoyed my blog, see you, goodbye

Merry XMAS too all!

 I know it's actually Boxing Day today but I never had the time to post yesterday, guess what that means PRESENTS. That's what we're gonig to talk about today so Lets head on. I got myself an XBOX 360 Premium Console and got 5 games. I got Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition, Dead Rising, Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 3 and finally the Gears of War. I couldn't get the other pressies that I said from my last blog King Kong and a Wired XBOX 360 controller. But my bro' Tom who already has a 360 brought games like Fight Night Round 3, Burnout Revenge, Pro Evo 6 and got GOW for christmas like me lol, oh yh and he had his Wireless controller with him. Unfortunately he never got a play on my 360 so it was just me and my other and older bro James playing on it and we both completed GOW on co-op on Casual! We loved the game and we're both hoping a sequel, oh yh plus I've reviewed Gears so check that out too please. But just as much as I'm loving GOW I'm loving the rest of them, ok right now I'm gonna pop off but please comment and question or whatever but I got to go now so see y'all later

Back with lots and lots of info (Pre-christmas blog bascally)

Wow I haven't posted in weeks I've been online and posted in peoples blogs. I just didn't post blogs or review games. But now I'm here to tell you that I've reviewed alot of games, plus the games I voted for on this years Best and Worse are games basically like Dead Rising, GOW, Dreamfall, Oblivion and a few others like Bully.

Anyways if anybody blogs I will see their blogs, reviews blah blah. Now! Info like I promised, I've reviewed alot of classic games actually I reviewed Halo on the XBOX I know I reviewed it on PC but I always thought in the way the game played on the XBOX was much better and I knew this was how great console FPS gameplay was going to be from now on and the genre got even awesomer lol. I've been having the time of my life not bloging or reviewing although I didn't do much of that anyway but whatever I'm just making up excuses so I can go and keep enjoying tonight. Ok breathing time lol. Now new games not many but I did buy God of War when I played the game I played 12 hours of it on the first day it wasn't all in one go I took my time but yh I did that then completed it the next day. I love the game so much and I migght review it soon, but in the middle of the game I kept getting killed and accidently accepted an offer to play the rest of the game on Easy and I was playing on Normal and I play on Normal mode on any game at all times, it's like my philosophy when playing games for me.

So God of War is really amazing oh and I'm going through the game again on Normal again I'm a bit ticked off but I love the game either way, especially its ending. Now my Xmas list my Official one you know not just 360 and a s*** load of games this time lol no not anymore. Anyway here's my List Xbox 360 Premium Pack + Call of Duty 3. I was gonna get the GOW package until it sold out. But I'm going to get GOW anyway plus Dead Rising, Perfect Dark Zero Limited and Project Gotham Racing 3 plus other games but on Xbox-Live which I'm not gonna log on straight away 'cause I wanna play the games baby! Also I might ok might be getting King Kong Deluxe Extended Edition if I get that that'll be the first movie I see on the 360 obviously. Then I might get a Wired Controller, getting a Wired one so I can play PC games with it, pretty sweet controllers I think I really like 'em even if they're almost exactly the same as the original Xbox controller. But if I do get all that considering there is ALOT lol. I'm hoping to get 2 or 3 of my m8s round especially one with a couple of Xbox controller so we can play PGR 3 4 player or something but I definitely would want to watch King Kong with my m8s too so I got a pretty kl schedule happening on christmas I might try to get Soadrock2 round and get him to bring his games like Saints Row and so on. So here's my conclusion to my Pre-christmas blog, I'll definitely blog for you guys on Xmas day. Then tell you what's been going on after the long day. I finish school tomorrow so that'll be even sweeter than my days are already. So comment ask questions whatever, hey I just realised this is my longest blog I've done maybe some of you guys can tell me how ridiculous it is that I've wrote this much, so to answer that question it's because you people are kick ass and have been faithful to me ever since I started at Level 1 getting my help from by best friend Alex (Soadrock2) for ages I shall bow down to him even when he dies lol. So cheers and see you later

Game Recommendations from you

Please tell me any new games I could get for PS2, DS, P.C. and maybe some X360 game recommendations. Oh yh and if anybody knows what any other games I really want for 360 here they are. Amped 3, Burnout Revenge, Kameo, COD3, Ridge Racer 6, Splinter Cell 4, Far Cry, Just Cause, Saints Row and Table Tennis. Pretty big and maybe more to come like Resident Evil 5.

Xbox 360!

I know there were more people who said get the Wii and I apologise but ever since I played Dead Rising I just really need the console ever since. Which I will be having Dead Rising with it with 4 other games but this stuff is gonna be used so the other 4 games are Gears of War, Dead or Alive 4, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark Zero. Once again sorry to you nintendo fans but don't worry I'm hoping to get one at my birthday. Ok cheers

X360 or Wii for XMAS

Hey people I'm in a bit of a pickle here. For XMAS I don't know if I should get an XBOX360 or a Wii. I've actually been looking for great deals for the XBOX for a while on ebay cause £280 is much more expensive. I'm looking for deals that go under the 200 pounds mark. But now that it's gonna be another month until christmas I might not get any 360s for XMAS but I can definitely get a non used Wii. Cause I have sold my GC got like 70 quid out of it. So please ask me which console should I get?

Late Halloween blog

I know it isn't halloween now but I just want to say what I did. Halloween was the best I got wasted with my m8s and we all played sh** scary games in the dark on someones xbox and some guys pc as well as whatch The Thing, Halloween and Saw 3 which is explicitly gory lol. So tell me what you did on halloween and I might reply to some blogs

2nd Game Idea

Global and Universal Domination

I thought for another game they could make would be just this absolutely huge MMORPG game. Where you in fact can chose which time periods you want to play in. So I thought this would be great opportunity to make games worth while with almost 10x more value. What I also thought is that in this game Collection it could have World of Warcraft in and this MMORPG version of Oblivion for a Medievil period. Although I had an idea that those games would have to be in like a Collectors Edition. For the average edition there are other time periods like in Victorian English, Cowboy Western theme, you could be in all sorts of locations on the world. In these settings you can get to chose what character you want how that character looks and what abilities they can have like telepathy or the ability to see into the future and so on, so you can be in all these locations in different time periods with your very special character. But in the future you will in fact be able to chose be alien of all sorts travel through different galaxys and so on. When it comes to graphics I want there to be some really cool stuff going on with loads of Special Effects. in the Medievil games you will be able to use magic of sorts and depending on what life you have in the present day theme if you're like a FBI agent you could be doing anything crazy. Then in the future I want realistic physics when you're in a space suit in space. The sound from these settings will definitely be different and interesting like in the future you'll be listening to different languages and here different sounds of explosions environment and so on. Then for a bonus I wanted to add this sort of game creator where you make your own worlds or galaxys depending on what you want for your Universe or planet or just character if you don't want to use it. You can even chose scripted events in your game so you could have like this alien invasion at the galaxy or something like that. For a bonus I would make sure this stuff is available to kids and there's no sort of monthly pay thing going on either so you can buy the game or the collectors and play like hell with it. So thanks for reading and I hope you give me some luck with this whole Developer for a Day thing.
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