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A Common Trend...

Looking back on my small arsenal of video games (I only currently play about 15-20), it's hard to not notice the majority have a common trend...

Most of them feature a female as the video game's main character/protagonist. Now, I don't want to delve into the whole "sexist" argument of females in video games (such an overused argument by now), but I did think it was interesting. For any female or male gamers out there, have you noticed any trends in your games? Male protagonists? Female protagonists? Both? 

I'm not sure why I tend to lean towards female video game characters as my favorites (no, I'm not lesbian, Jesus) but for me, they seem to be some of the best characters. 

Take Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII for example. She's strong, brave, and gets sh*t done. She may not have always been there for Serah, but she sure as hell makes up for it by saving the entire world, and her sister. 

Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge is a little uninteresting at times, but considering she's the ONLY character you play, it's hard to use her as an example. Besides, her kicks are cool.

Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series! I'll be the first to admit that I've never played the original collection of TR games, and instead started with Underworld first, then Legend, and finally the remake of Lara's first outing, Anniversary. Her attitude in Legend was likable enough, but I couldn't really relate to her, and her personality only deteriorated in Underworld, where she seemed to not give a flying flip when her long-time friend just got shot. Of course, new Lara - from TR2013 - is definitely an improvement, and I reallly can relate to her. Even though she's bruised, beaten, and barely escaped Yamatai alive, she was never disempowered, instead overcoming her challenges by thinking of her friends and not herself. She evolves from a frightened young girl fresh from the college books to a hardened survivor, yet still retains a great personality that I hope won't morph too soon in the "old" Lara we know and - somewhat - love.

Bayonetta from BAYONETTA . I don't feel the need to explain myself on this one. She's the femme fatale. She's goddamn awesome! 

Allrighty, bored of writing, so I'll end this with a list of the games I currently own and still play: 

FINAL FANTASY X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2, BAYONETTA, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Legend, Anniversary, Mirror's Edge, Sonic: Generations, BioShock: Infinite, Shadow of the Colossus, The Cave, The Walking Dead: The Game (Telltale). 


" I'm lookin' through you...where did you go?"

"You don't look different but you're not the same..." 

(The Beatles!!)


Oh...oh, yes! Blog time! Silly me. 

Gearing up for a Tomb Raider review, but I just can't decide between a 9.0 or 9.5. This new reboot is definitely my favorite of the series - it gives the long-time series a breath of fresh air, but I can't help bu feel disappointed by the Challenge Tombs, length of the story campaign, and ease of platforming. That, and NO SPRINT BUTTON! I'm sorry, but when a cave is collapsing all around you (a la Geothermal Caves) and explosions are going off left and right, run your goddamn ass off, LARA! For Pete's sake! We ain't got all day! 


Sorry, small rant there! 

I'm out! 


Happy New Year! 2013 Here we come!

Hope everyone had an awesome vacation and Christmas holiday! This was a fantastic year for gaming, and I'm happy to announce my personal Top 5 GOTYs:

5. The Unfinished Swan

4. Assassin's Creed III

3. Final Fantasy XIII-2

2. Journey

1. The Walking Dead: The Game

Now, a lot of people will get butthurt I didn't include the mainstream Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or Halo 4, but to be honest, I don't give a crap about those games. COD's story is nonexistent and its gameplay has been recycled since the first came out years ago, along with a soundtrack that is nothing to blink at. Halo 4 is way too mainstream and I consider it to be very overrated, plus Master Chief's character is extremely dry. Who the hell likes a holographic naked lady anyways?

So, I picked based on a few things:

-How good the gameplay was (whether it was innovating or not, if it's a fun game to play, it's a contestant in my mind)

-emotional and/or good soundtrack. THe difference between the two is Journey and TWD's OST compared to, say, FFXIII-2 or ACIII, which isn't really emotional, but fun to listen to anyways. However, the first two use the OST to the full extent to help coney certain feelings during a scene in the game, and that, I can appreciate. Congrats to Journey's OST being nominated for Grammys, by the way!

-graphics. Yes, I like my pretty graphics, but I also like a unique style to them as well. ACIII here isn't anything special, but the others are. The Unfinished Swan is like the unfinished canvas of an artist, in black and white with a few primary colors thrown in there. I love the artistic gameplay since I can't pain for crap myself, and it's children-like storytelling really makes it memorable. FFXIII-2 graphics were top-notch this year, and a lot of people argue they were worse than FFXIII. Even if they were (they aren't trust me; just watched the opening CGI sequence and visit Academia and you'll see), the game still looks gorgeous on both platforms. There's a reason it was nominated for best graphics this year, and it shows in its mixture of sci-fi and fantasy, with nice environments both recycled from the first game and completely new ones. My personal favorite was Academia 400AF. That place is stunning.

-soundtrack. Probably one of the most important things in a game if you ask me. Sure, character dialogue can carry a game, but a moving OST just makes the home run. Hell, the OST of Journey carried that game, as well as pretty graphics. The Walking Dead's unique comic-book-style graphics are great, and I never even noticed the framerate drops on my X360. Tracks like "The Road of Trials" and "Alive Inside" from Journey and TWD were stunning, props to the composers.

-story. The most important thing to me in a game. The only games I listed above that truly had a great story were the first one: The Walking Dead. TUS has no story and ACIII was pretty piss-poor compared to ACII, and FFXIII-2's was meh at best. Journey's story is nonexistent, and that's where TWD takes the win here.

See, The Walking Dead is entirely story-based. The gameplay is twofold - you're either frantically button-mashing in QTE's or directing Lee (the main character) in a conversation between you and other members of your group. What dialogue you pick directly affects the story in many ways, though haters and regular idiots will argue it's nothing but a movie. You basically have a choice of how you want Lee Everett to be...a badass motherf***** who doesn't take any crap and is stern with Clementine, or Lee Everett, a convicted felon whose past troubles him but he's willing do do anything to protect Clementine.
"I will do anything. I will do whatever it takes to protect Clementine."

If you so choose, you can choose dialogue options that makes Lee Everett into one of the deepest characters in gaming, and as well as making TWD one of the most emotional games...EVER. By the end of the game, Lee Everett literally feels real. So does everyone else in the game throughout five episodes. Each one grows on you in different ways...yet some you can learn to loathe. One example is Larry, a hardass old guy who's got a stick up his ass the entire first two episodes. Lee is nothing but polite to him (or you can choose to try and fight the bastard) and yet he still treats you like crap. Then there are people like Kenny, who you never know if he's going to come through for you or ditch you. Same with Ben, who's ultimate end eventually leaves you feeling guilty because you cursed his name the entire time. And then there's Clementine, an innocent girl mature beyond her years. At the end of episode five, she's driven to a level of such tradgedy that I wonder if I could do what she did. Lee Everett is bitten, and dying fast. There are two choices you have:

Put a bullet in his head to stop any transformation from occurring, or...

Leave Lee Everett behind to transform into monster, impossible to change back or "cure."

Either way, Lee Everett is a dead man. Yet you can't help but sob when you realize Clementine, a nine-year-old girl, has to do something like this, kill a man she loved like a father. Her voice actress, Jesus Christ...I bow down to you. Melissa Hutchinson is her name, I believe.

Anyways, this story's penultimate is the reason I chose it as GOTY. There is no other option in my mind. People argue that Journey is more emotional, but graphics are what saved that game, nothing more. Interaction with an unknown person is emotional, of course, but not on the level that TWD presents in its human interaction. After playing the TWD, I was depressed for days. I cried everytime I watched the ending again with Cry, Pewds, and EmptyApartmentGaming. It's simply incredible. If you haven't played this game, then shame on you. Buy it right now, but remember to download it on LIVE or PSN rather than the disc collection. I've heard it has some glitches on it.


New rank achieved: Phoenix Down!

I wish I could keep it at this level. My life is complete. My favorite saying is... "Phoenix Downs are your friends!" Unless you're Aerith. Or Izana. Or Serah. Or Mog. Or, any other FINAL FANTASY character in existence that has died and yet magically couldn't be healed before they croaked. Just food for thought. Yummy, ain't it? -Bayonetta2013

Square Enix Opens the Floodgates on Lightning Returns: FFXIII

Devs dropped the traditional Amano logo in place of something moreAs promised, LR:FFXIII's marketing team will be unleashing a flood of news onLightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII, whichcouldpossibly contain a teaser trailer. Most likely we'll see more concept artwork and perhaps a CGI render ofLightning, the newest lead protagonist sinceFINAL FANTASY XIII, the beginning of "Lightning's Saga."

The release date for LR:FFXIII is unconfirmed at the moment, though Amazon has listed it as several different release dates, including January, March, February, and even late December of 2013. It's likely that we'll seeLightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIIIbefore E3 of next year, and with the Kingdom Hearts team beginning to pick up the pace onFINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, we may yet see two FF games in just two an a half years depending on if SE decides to wait for a PlayStation 4/Xbox 720 release for FFVXIII. No doubt LR:FFXIII will be released before Holiday 2013, especially with over 35% of the game complete since only July of this year.

At this time, very little is known about the game other than the following:

-Lightning will once again be the protagonist an only playable character, but Hope Estheim and Snow Villiers from the original game have been confirmed.

-the game takes place in a world called "Novus Partus" or "New Offspring." In it is a doomsday clock counting down the last 13 days of humanity, in which time Lightning must save the world in every traditional FF plotline. It is said that no one ages, though this does not mean people cannot die as a behind-closed-doors beta video was shown featuring Lightning chasing after a murder in Luxerion - "City of Light" - by usingTomb Raider-esque platforming to dive, roll, crouch, and even grab ledges of buildings to climb up a laAssassin's Creed.

-Amano did not design the new logo for LR:FFXIII

-The game will play out like an Action/RPG game with a block and differen buttons on the controller face designated for different combos. The classic ATB gauge will be present, though. A new ability similar to Lightning's Grav-con Unit from FFXIII's E3 2006 trailer will be present in the form of "Overclock" which allows the player to slow down time and speed up to deliver faster attacks. Special attacks and reviving/ healing yourself negate time from the doomsday clock, so they must be used wisely in battle.

-Lightning will have different outfit "Styles" that can be interchanged in order to customize her roles in battle. Enemy weapons can also be equipped to have different effects in battle.

-in-game, each day is about 2-3 hours in real life, totaling about a 30 hour game. However, devs stated that in order to fully complete the game multiple playthroughs are encouraged to find out more about the world an learn from your mistakes.

-Taking on different missions from the locals and from Hope, who will communicate to Lightning via comms unit, can add time to the clock, which gives you plenty of time to complete the game without rushing.

-it is unknown whether characters from FFXIII and XIII-2 like Caius Ballad, Paddra Nsu-Yeul, Noel Kreiss, Sazh Katzroy, Oerba dia Vanille, and Oeba Yun Fang will be returning.

For an in-depth look, you can read this article, which covers all of the new details:

Novus Partus fansite.It's a cool place for FF nerds to chat about LR:FFXIII, the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, and Final Fantasy as a whole! The site owner also has a few ties with Kotaku, so he/she gets updates.


My thoughts: BAYONETTA 2 for WiiU

If you aren't aware of the outrage of many BAYONETTA fans concerning the recently announced BAYONETTA 2 WiiU exclusive, then you're either not a gamer or you've been living under a rock for three months. Either way, it seems this news from SEGA and Platinum Games has thrown the gaming fanbase into upheaval as Nintendo, Sony, an Microsoft go head-to-head in a brawl that ultimately comes down to which console is better and why the others suck. Then again, isn't that how all console wars conclude? However, I'm not here to argue why I prefer the Xbox 360 over other consoles...I'm here to present my argument as an avid BAYONETTA fan who's pretty ticked at the whole situation. Call me a "fanboy," until you hear me out. You might change your knee-jerk reaction to this blog entry afterwards. Two years ago in January of 2010, one of gaming's best action games to date was born in the form of the stylish, epic, innovative game called BAYONETTA. Devil May Cry's director, Hideki Kamiya, extended his creative genius to the sister of DMC to create the game I've spent nearly 100 hours on. Fast-forward two years into present day 2012, and a sequel called BAYONETTA 2 is announced to be a WiiU exclusive to Nintendo's newest platform...supposedly "next-gen." Just how will BAYONETTA, a hardcore game for the devoted gamer, reach out to the relatively younger fanbase of Nintendo? Let's face it; the target audience of Nintendo has been younger since the release of the Wii back in 2005-2006. Look at any Nintendo commercial and its no doubt featuring a mustachioed plumber and a trio of kids scarmbling to play one of Mario's new adventures on the Wii. Even the WiiU, with its supposedly "sophisticated" gamepad seems a little on the odd side for adults looking to make the most out of Nintendo's better games...a list that is diminishing quickly as it becomes clear Nintendo plans to milk the heck out of classic game series such as Legend of Zelda and Mario of course. So, when Nintendo announced their lineup for future WiiU games, it came as a shock to both myself and countless other BAYONETTA fans that the sequel would be an exclusive. Platinum Games tried to ease out outrage by saying they wanted to allow more gamers to experience BAYONETTA, and is the series suppose to grow if it's limited to one console...a console that has always had a lack of any real hardcore, action games like BAYONETTA? The minority of Nintendo's fanbase can be adults for sure, but for the most part, it seems it's all kiddos and young teens in there. There's nothing wrong with a young fanbase, but games like BAYONETTA will probably be unappealing to them. Apparently, from what Nintendo fans have been screaming back at us, is that we should "blame" Sony and Microsoft for not taking on the project of BAYONETTA 2. My question is, "How do you know they didn't try to? How do you know Nintendo didn't swoop in for the kill before they did?" My point is, we don't know the whole story. BAYONETTA fans have every reason to be angry, and rightfully so. When a game comes out for two original consoles the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we expected to have a sequel on those same platforms. Even if it did go for a multi-plat release on the WiiU, we still could have played the game. Now, most Sony and Microsoft/ PS3 and X360 owners don't own any Nintendo consoles as well, let alone a WiiU. Nintendo die-hards argue that if we were real BAYONETTA fans, we'd just buy the console. So here's what I say: "What if all future Mario and Legend of Zelda games suddenly went PS3 or X360 exclusive? Would you drop all money to buy that console then, for one game or so?" The truth is, no one wants to spend an extra $200+ on a console we never originally planned to buy. When Nintendo announced the WiiU, I never batted an eye. I've never cared much for the Wii and wasn't impressed by the lineup. Even with BAYONETTA 2's exclusivity, I'm not impressed. I refuse to spend $200 on top of the $60+ that BAYONETTA 2 will be. I know for a fact that I will have no interest in the countless Mario and Legend of Zelda games that will be released on the WiiU alongside other games I don't care about, and for now, I stick by my opinion. So, my hopes still stand for a future multi-platform announcement, even if the chances are slim. Hopefully BAYONETTA fans will get what we deserve with possibly a multi-platform after its eventual release. After all, BAYONETTA's fanbase is relatively small, and with the original only selling 1.25 million units in both Japan and North America, the numbers can only decrease by BAYONETTA 2's release. Those are my thoughts, and I hope you can respect them without immediately flaming/trolling. Sound fair? -Bayonetta 2013