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Batman_Vengence Blog

Prototype Review

I know it's been a while since I've last posted an entry,but who reads my stuff anyway?

So I bought and played through Prototype for the 360, and let me tall ya...the game is friggin awesome. Alex Mercer, the game's main protagonist, is not only possibly one of video games most bad ass characters, but is also a very interesting character. He wakes up in a morgue about to be opened up for an autopsy and soon realises he has the ability to shape-shift. Alex, being an amnesiac, hunts down people that know something about his past and FRIGGIN CONSUMES THEIR BIOMASS. He then gains their memories and links different memories together. I'm not going to give away any of the story, but just know that it's great. Although the game finishes with a lot of loose ends, the next installment should wrap some things up. I read somewhere that it's gonna be a series of games. Just take my advice and buy the game. Oh, and the game is brutally gory. Just lettin' ya know.

Terminator Salvation

Okay,so I finally got around to seeing Terminator Salvation.Where to begin?It was a beautifully awesome movie.I won't give away the story,but I think you should definitely see the first three movies before seeing this.Yes,even the third,despite how crappy it was.I also have to say the the musical score for the movie was top notch.Gotta love Danny Elfman,eh?But this is really the kind of movie where you have to have seen the earlier ones before it.Sam Worthington did a great job playing Marcus Wright,and Christian Bale was also good (but he kinda had his Batman voice on through the whole thing for some reason).Just see it.You'll be glad you did.

Star Trek

I finally saw Star Trek,and let me tell you,it was...AWESOME.I am not much of a trekee,but I never disliked any of the classic episodes I've seen.But I know enough.The cool thing about the film is that you don't really have to know much about Star Trek lore to understand it.Trust me.Just go and see it.You'll be glad you did.

...Go Spok!

I've Started a New Union

Okay,so...I was looking at both JSRF and Jet Grind Radio,my favorite games of all times,and noticed that there were no unions for them.Well...guess what I did?THATS RIGHT,PEOPLE.I MADE THE JET SET RADIO UNION.WOOT!'s not fully established yet,for I need my chosen few to accept their call to officers.And once (hopefully it happens) they accept,all JSRF/JGR fans can rejoice and enlist in it!Pretty good for a lvl 9,huh?I'm exited...are you?

The First Blog...

Alright poeple...I convinced myself I wasn't gonna do the whole blogging thing,but here I am...Aanyway.I've recently been replaying X2:Wolverine's Revenge on my PC.Despite what Gamespot says,I love the game...not to say that it doesn't have issues, which it does,but whatever.I decided to reinstall the thing after seeing the new Wolverine movie.It was crap.Don't see it.I can't really find myself to bear all the more recent stuff Marvel Comics has been publishing,but their older stuff is great.But honestly,the only part I like of Marel is the whole "Weapon X Project" thing they had going.I find myself more interested in Deadpool (because he breaks the fourth wall,something most characters can't do) and Wolverine because their both products of Weapon X.Whatever...I like DC more anyway.