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Hooked On Disgaea

Heh, great. First time in a while that I can't think of anything to extend this out to a ninety paragraph blog. Aren't you guys happy? >=P Hm .. let's see, nothing new except that I found out that there's ANOTHER game I haven't beaten, or for that matter, played. Disgaea. My god- this is easilly my favorite RPG this generation .. or one of them at least. Just pure awesomnessness.

Hm. And uh, yeah, mostly I've just been playing video games and relaxing. My brain's exhausted. .__.

Also, I just took a look down at my Metal Gear Acid review. 10 Users RECOMMEND it o_O It's pretty cool. Usually my reviews are just there to gain quick Exp, but it seems that for that certain one is actually liked. If what I've seen is correct, it's the top MGA2 review. Maybe that's a sign that I should actually put some thought into my other and future reviews. Hm..

In Response to the "Hate Mail"

1) Because of the fact that I wasn't exactly in the best mood, it probably came off as a lot more aggressive then it was meant to be. I'm not "laughing" that he died and I'm not saying "hahaha yay lolz" What I was writing about, or rather what I failed to convey, was the fact that it seemed a lot of people were sad that he was dead- whilst so many people in the zoological community seemed to just be going "yup, whatever, figured he'd die doing something stupid". Sure, I bet there's a herpotologist, or a geologist, or a who-whatever-cares that's sad, but that's not the point.

2) My parents are actually dead, so the "hope ur parnts die too!!!!! >=(" comments don't do a thing. For the "hope ur sizter dies", couldn't care less. For the "hope u die" ones *shrugs* Whatever.

3) Uhm .. let's see, oh yeah, you guys were blowing what I was saying out of proportion. Or at least I think so. I haven't re-read it, and as I did state, I wasn't in a good mood when I decided to write a blog. so it might've- as I said- come out way more aggressive than it I meant it too.

4) I saw a couple people that tried the whole "bet ur famly culdnt pick up a snake!!!/afraid to!!" When I was around 5, we had at some point 30-something snakes.

Anyways, to sum it up: I don't care whether or not you were a fan of his show, or that that he actually was intelligent, or thought he was a beaver. I don't care whether or not you think this is the world's greatest tragedy. What I blogged- or intended to- was this "For my whole life, internationally and local, I heard many many times about 'the newest dumb thing he did'. Quite a few people I know found it ironic the way he died, nobody actually "laughed"necessarilly- but he was sure to have died. No matter what anyone says, he did do quite a few stupid things. Maybe he wasn't a complete idiot, but there was a high chance that one day he would've gotten killed doing what he did."

So, yeah, usually, when there's the chance that somebody is going to get upset, or angry, or whatever, I tend to keep my opinions to myself- because usually if you say something negative, it'll get blown out of proportion or people will just get incredibly offended, so .. yeah. My apologies.

Frosted Flakes and Sigmund Freud

Frosted Flakes > Simgund Freud, or so my conclusion has led me to believe. While Frosted Flakes are both filling and tasty, the writings of Sigmund Freud leave you going "meh" and "my stomache finds repulsion in this balding gnome". Honestly, I don't care much for Freudian theories. Overall, something just bothers me about that man. Mostly it was his belief of "the illusion of free will" and other such things that all apparently lead to sex. You see, I might buy some of what he's saying if the damn man would just stop trying to prove his hypothesis. It seems that in everything he did, Freud would go "I believe that people forget certain things because of repressive manners in their minds or whatever. Now, instead of trying to decide whether or not that's true, I'm going to try and make very loose connections and prove that I am correct."

I mean, I got a couple giant thousand page books called "The Basic Writings of ..." Wherein it's a giant ass compilation of .. well, books, essays, and letters from specific authors- in this case psychologists. I decided to start on Sigmund Freud, since he seemed the most accessible. While I just finished the thing today, I can certainly say he's pretty special. But, yeah, mostly my main complaints was his theorums themselves. I hate it when wannabe-psychologists try to say "you only hate them because they're the truth and the truth sickens you!" F*ck you. And I suppose simply accepting anything Freudian as the truth makes you intelligent? Up yours. Whatever it is, something just doesn't ring in the belief that everything stems from wanting to be castrated, having sex with your mother/killing your father, or just sex in general. Honestly, I can barely recall most of what I read when it came to The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud, though. I guess my first read through was the "basic understanding" and my second read-through will be where I can thoroughly examine all of what he's saying to get the whole gist- that way I can properly mock him.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what's up with the Frosted Flakes thing, it was just me playing on the fact that it's as connected as most of Freud's theories. "Okay, so, you forgot how to spell the word "glass" because you once had an experience where you cut your finger on some glass and it took place at your house and your house was where your dad accidently kicked you in your balls and your balls are connected to your penis which is a sexual organ, which means you want to have sex with your mother but you know she wouldn't like that which leads to why your repressed the spelling of glass." Meh. Plus, my eyebrow cringes every time I hear "Freud was a genius" in any discussion of psychology. Please, I officially can state now that I respect Dr. Phil more than Sigmund Freud.

Next up is "The Basic Writings of CG Jung", wish me luck. I've heard it's .. uhm, 'better'. >_>

The Last Exciting Thing for a While

As the topic states, I have no more free time after this to mess around (which usually leads to somewhat interesting blogs), so this'll probably be the last one for a bit that's awesome.

So, I'm walking by a snack store, just waltzing down the street- thinking about what kind of TV I should buy with my newly "acquired" bundles of cash, when the "SALE" sign literally smacked into my head. Sooo, I look in, wondering what exactly is on sale. Apparetly, boxes of Koala Pouches and cream covered biscuit sticks. "Awesome", I think, "I love biscuit stuff covered in chocolate, strawberry, and nine other assorted flavors." It was really cheap too, so I bought two boxes of Koala/Pocky (I think each one has twenty four packages of each item.) So, after lugging the goods back to my home, I look around and jokingly think that I have enough snacks that I could probably set a few or so on fire since there's so much; lots of expendable little things.

Getting to the gist of it, I set a package on fire. Just to see what would happen. It. Was. Awesome. For the Koala Pouches- these absolutely awesome hollow biscuit crackers covered in chocolate- it was unbelievably fast. Pretty much, the second it touched the flame from the match, it just burst. Singed my finger a bit too, so that sucked. For the Pocky .. well, it just melted. >_> Not sure why, either. Sure, it's a different type of bread I assume made for them, and perhaps the cream is different, but they're very similar (though taste varies) so why didn't it explode as well? Or why didn't the Koalla Pouches just burn and "melt" like the pocky? Experiment and Research! .. Later, I don't feel like studying snacks right now.

In other news, Fei Fong Wang still sucks. In other other news, BDM666's advice on Xenosaga (which I have actually played) made me realize the third game's been out for a while and I need to get it. So I will. When I have money -_-;

Damn You Xenogears!!

What. The. F*ck? Pretty much what went through my head as I popped in the second disc of the RPG that was soon becoming, in my eyes, the greatest I've ever played. So yeah, whilst immensely convulated, the plot was getting good. Damn good. I mean, sure, the game was playing out just like every other RPG you played- although a tad too linear- but it was fun as hell at least! Then, in comes the second disc. What follows is a complexly stupid jumble of angst, despondency, betrayal, mental disturbance, psychological terrors and discomforts, religion, SHINY SHINY machines (our friends, the Gears), people taking three paragraphs just to say "Pull my finger", and fanservice. (Although, for the first time ever, Squaresoft decides to have the male leads scantily-clad as well. I approve) Oh, and the world gets saved in-between. Well, it is an RPG. All the while, I'm stuck - stuck trying to figure out what the hell the characters are saying (they say things in a manner that makes them seem more complicated or deep than they are), what the hell's going on - or rather, how each event connects to the main storyline (death, destruction, cousins marrying, and a city in the sky, none of which really ever even seem to connect to each other or the overall... well, whatever there is of the plot), and why I should care about the situations or characters. So, in other words, while the first disc was just awesome, the second disc goes on a complete tangent of crap. Not to mention, Fei was a wanker. Hated him. >_>

*sigh*! How could you have gone wrong with Xenogears? I mean honestly, aside from the extreme psychological and religious overtones, it has giant machines that make stuff go boom. Maybe Dan, whom you meet in the first few minutes, is an ominous sign of where Xenogears eventually goes and turns into. I mean, the beginning was promising, somewhat. Main character accidentally destroys the town and kills stuff. Oops. Exile time (he's also chewed out by previously stated psycho pervert 6-year-old balding midget-gnome-kid, Dan, whose sister died in the attack). But, sadly: Fei Fong Wong (...*snicker*) is, as I said earlier, a big whiny wanker who goes from Angsty to Angstier over the course of the game. You'll know him by the ponytail and enormous cowlick (and the fact that he's the hero, which makes me wonder why no one ever considered that during the course of the game and said "we're screwed"). His one saving grace is that you get to see a butt shot later on in the game, and the animators saw fit to give him a really nice ass. Unfortunately, this doesn't make him any more bearable - he spends half of the game in Angst!Mode, spouting out all manner of self-pity and whining about this and that. Surprisingly enough, everyone in the game puts up with him and looks up to him. No one has the decency to yank on his damn ponytail and say "JESUS CHRIST, FEI, SHUT THE HELL UP." In other words, his name should've been Fei Fong Wank .. (*snicker* That's never getting old to me.)

In other news, I have come to realize I have not beaten every game I own. I thought I did, but a quick glance through my game collection proved me wrong. So, lucky me, I at least have more stuff to play. In fact, in yesterday alone in four hours, I beat Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine, Resident Evil 4 for a second time, and Resident Evil 0. Resi 0 took only fourteen minutes. Apparently I was MUCH closer to the end than I thought I was.

Oh, and also, the secret word of the day is Llama.

Pretty Much Almost Sort of Close to So Totally back

Okay, well, because I don't have to energy to write out a long, descriptive, intelligent blog about how the house is coming along (which happens to be coming along nicely), I'll just say this: Internet's back. In fact, I'm back in my own house now. Problem is, it's empty as hell. With the exception of the attic, where half the stuff is being stored, the whole house consists of a mattress, a TV and my Playstation, and a computer. I'm gonna start moving stuff back into it eventually .. when I'm not .. uhm ... "busy", but until then, I've gotten addicted to Going Commando. So yeah, in a nutshell, I'm back mostly. Just won't be on frequently until I've gotten everything finished up..

And until I've found all of those crystals in the desert. >_> Damn Aboriginie-thingy with its googly eyes and funny way of talking. Till then, goodnight.

Internet Down

House being remodeled, shut down. See ya later.

EDIT: Might be around to post once or twice every now and then.

Paint the Walls Pink and Put On the Heels

First off, a really esoteric reference that I doubt any of you will get (regarding my blog's title.) Well, anyways, I had quite an interesting start to this day. As some of you understand from my implications in the last blog or so, I'm not liking my house too much. It's big. Too big. So big that it bugs me. So big and bright that it bugs me. I mean, I'd be fine in a house with two rooms. But two stories? A basement? An ATTIC? A garden entranceway out front? Hell no, sure there's only about three or four small rooms in each floor, but it's still too big. I'm single, I live alone. Ever since my sister moved out when I was sixteen a couple of years ago, it's been too weird. Problem is, I can't sell it and I can't exactly "downgrade" it. I can't move to the city because I refuse to. So, I simply decide this: make-over.

I'm going to paint, redo carpetting- including adding carpetting in areas that had tatami mats- switch around the rooms (not literally, just making a dining room a loft, or something, and etc), buy new furniture, the whole schmele. Problem is, I'll have to enter a bank to do so. There was an account made for me when I needed something like this done, but I'm worried that what I'm planning to do might be too much. After writing it all out, though, it's a lot less than what it appears to be. *shrugs* I'll have to be cautious then, I guess... Even though I'm sure my sister would help, it's her house mostly anyways. But, after all of that is done, I'm probably going to try to get a roomate .. or two. Pretty much just make it feel less big.

After all of this though .. I'm going to be so broke. After all those games (at least I won't have to buy any news ones for a while), a 360, and this .. Damn, yeah, my PS3Wii fund is going to be getting a considerably less monthly deposit. Still, I haven't ever really spent this much money in my life, so I doubt this will be something that occurs often ... >_> I'll just be sure to stop eating for a while .. and drinking water .. and paying the electric bills ..

Not to mention the worst of them all: I'll have to get a better job.

My Mac Gets to Suffer

Good news everyone. Unless you've read the topic, you probably don't know that my Mac very happilly deleted all files in existance that existed in a state of existing on it. By making an accidental Copy of the entirety of "My Documents" and deleting it, I apparently deleted the original folder as well. Upon some research, I found out that unlike Windows, which keeps everything in that awesome My Computer section, which is designed in the state of a large building with a basement and attic, Macintosh is designed to work like a table. Just like a table, everything you see if what is there. There is no "safe" in the computer. Just some ... table.

Oh, and on the subject, I hate how Macintosh writes itself off as simpler. You gotta be kidding me: let's make a comparison.

1. Right Click:

On Windows- Right click.
On Mac- Ctrl + Click

2. Open your bookmarks folder:

On Windows- Ctrl + B
On Mac- Ctrl+AppleKey+Shift+Up  ... What the hell?

3. Documents:

On Windows: is stored in the Program Files (name might vary depending on region..), can be copied to desktop, My Documents, or various other places.
On Mac- There is only one folder. It's stored either on your desktop, or in your Dock/Documents. All are connected and are shortcuts to the same thing, rather than being copies. If one is deleted, they all go down.

As you can see, Mac sucks. End point. Maybe I made a bit of a mistake on the things above, but that's the gist. Not easier, not better, not good in any way. Oh, wait, you get GarageBand! Wow. A free inferior music-making program. Oh, and let's not forget the other parts of iLife! It comes with a iCal (a calander), iCalc (wow, a calculator) an iTunes, and and and and .. you know, I think I could probably get this stuff for Windows. Online. Hell, this stuff even comes with Windows. Most of it.

Now, as I stated in my topic about this where I was asking for help to get the files I lost back, which didn't work, I'm going to make a user video of what gets to happen to the defiant Macintosh. Hammer or Acetyline Torch? Anyhow, yeah, back to Linux and Windows for me.

I'm Such a Horrible Person

Well, I did it. I gave in. I had the money, I was in the mood, and I just .. I just gave into tempation. I sat outside on the curb, sitting there for a while, wondering whether or not to go in and get my "purchase". Wondering whether it was worth it to degrade myself in such a way just for some pleasure. In the end, I said "I can't help myself" and walked through the doors. Exiting ...With an Xbox 360 and Chromehounds. T_T

More info later, for now, I'm busy setting it up.
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