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I just recieved the Lara Croft - Tomb Raider game as well as the Abe's Exodus PS1 game that I purchased on ebay a few days ago. I also need to go to the post office to collect a parcel which I ampretty sure will be Crash Bandicoot. So much awesomeness. I whish I could play more than one game at a time.

Graphic Relevance

Yesterday, my mate brought me over his PS1, and after much frustration, I CAN NOW PLAY PS1 GAMES AGAIN! :D As I tested all of my favourite games; Spyro, Abe's Oddysee, Gran Turismo, etc. I began to wonder about how graphics affect a game. \Whilst I don't own a PS3, I have played one a fair bit, and the graphics amaze me, but do they add anything to the game? The way I see it, as long as the graphics are sharp and detailed enough that the game is efficient and not confusing or hard as a result of poor visual splendour, do grahics really matter? If I were forced to pick a game that gave me more enjoyment than any other, I would not pick MHF2U, despite its beautiful environments, or GT5 despite it's ridiculously realistic graphics. No, I would pick Spyro The Dragon (The first one for the PS1). So does that mean that once the initial wow factor of super-realistic special effects, CGI and 'graphics' wears off, as long as it is not a hindrance, graphics don't really matter anymore?

PlayStation 1

So, my PS2 stopped playing PS1 games all of a sudden. This made me extremely angry, as my PS1 broke a few years ago, and I don't have the money to buy a PS3. Because of my hunger for PS1 games, however, I decided to look on EBay to see if there were any PS1's for sale. There were; heaps of them. So guess how much money you have to spend to get a PS1 with 2 Dual-Shock controllers, a memory card, a game and the necessary cables? $10. Postage and handling was $12! That's more than the PS1! But wait, it gets better. Whilst at a friends place playing the PS3 (JEALOUS), I brought over my PS1 games, a few of which we played. We got on to the previously mentioned topic. One of my mates said that they had a PS1 that he had played less then 10 times as they never had a memory card and could not be bothered getting one. He said I could have it... FOR FREE. I think I'll buy him a box of Coke... The only problem is it will take about a week to get it out of storage, which would not have been a problem had I not JUST played Abe's Oddysee and JUST downloaded the Spyro soundtrack. The nostalgia beckons me to play. But I'm sure I can wait 1 week for a free, basically brand new PS1. Life is good.

Monster Hunting Camera's

That's it, I've had it. I was just reading the GameSpot review for the 'Monster Hunter' games and I have noticed one re-occuring comment. It's about the game not having a lock on system, resulting in the camera being too difficult to control. Up until now, I have remained quiet about this, but now I'm angry and can't stay quiet any longer. I love the Monster Hunter games. More importantly, however, I'm naturally terrible at all games (except car racing games) and even I have managed to master the MH camera, and when you do, it allows for far more freedom than most games. GameSpot game testers, it appears, need to become more skilled with the controls. I end with a question this little saga has brought to mind: Since when did people not enjoy games anymore just because they were challenging?